Monaco Grand Prix Live – Here you can see race updates, LIVE as they happen during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

Pit Lane now open with teams and drivers making their way to the track before the Monaco Grand Prix 2016.

Confirmation – The race will be starting behind the safety car.

Monaco Grand Prix 2016 

The race has now started behind the safety car.

Kvyat saying he is stuck in speed – problems already?

Lap 2 

Kvyat drops down to 16th place due to an issue, race leader Ricciardo followed by Rosberg and Hamilton.

Safety car still in the race.

Kvyat coming into the pits.

Lap 3 

Kvyat back out onto the track….

Lap 5

Kvyat back out onto the track after coming into the pits again – he’s now picking up speed and catching up to the rest of the pack.

Lap 6

There’s a racing line now appearing meaning we’ll be seeing some racing very soon….

Magnussen and Hamilton both asking to ‘race‘ as the track conditions are getting better…

Lap 8  

Race has now started with Ricciardo leading the race – Jolyon Palmer hits the barriers and the VSC (Virtual Safety Car) is bringing the drivers together again.


Lap 9 

Button in the pits – going onto the intermediates along with Nasr, taking advantage of the Virtual Safety Car.

Lap 10

Virtual safety car has ended, acing has started again with Ricciardo leading the race followed by Rosberg and Hamilton.

Rosberg lacking grip with Hamilton looking faster.

Lap 12

Raikkonen’s front wing is under his car as he makes way back to the pits…. causing damage to his car after he hit the wall – on his own.

Lap 13


Hamilton ‘sat’ behind Rosberg, he’s looking a lot stronger than his team-mate.

Sebastian Vettel comes into the pits to change onto intermediates.

Lap 15

Alonso pits from 7th place – going back onto the track, behind Vettel meaning he’ll be in 11th place – he can still do something from there.

Lap 16

Ricciardo is now 11 seconds ahead of the pack – Rosberg is still holding up his team-mate who is looking stronger.

Hamilton has just made his way past Rosberg setting the fastest middle sector time.

Lap 17

Hulkenberg almost hits Vettel by getting too close round the corners on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.

Hamilton setting fastest lap times….

Lap 20

Verstappen makes his way past Magnussen, Bottas overtook Magnussen but will have to give the place back.

Lap 21

Rosberg comes into the pits and rejoins the race, sun has started to shine in Monaco. Ricciardo still leading the race.

Magnussen and Kvyat came together with Kvyat hitting the side of Magnussen’s car and going into the barrier.

Lap 22

Drivers all pushing one another, especially in the middle of the pack, Ricciardo still leading the race with Hamilton in second place followed by Rosberg, Perez, Vettel, Hulkenberg and Sainz

Lap 24

Hamilton now leads the race with Ricciardo in second place.

Lap 25

Ricciardo now setting fastest laps of the race from second place – the Mercedes team is getting tyres ready…

Lap 29

Hamilton and Ricciardo both staying out on track even though Mercedes were getting ready to pit Hamilton and change tyres…


Lap 31

Ericsson going onto the ultrasoft tyres – the first time they’re being used in a Grand Prix.

Hamilton now comes into the pits for a tyre change going onto the ultrasoft tyres…

Lap 32

Hamilton leads the race after Ricciardo was left waiting in the pits for a tyre-change…

Lap 37

Verstappen out of the race after hitting the barrier.

Lap 39

Hamilton and Ricciardo almost come together, Ricciardo has more speed and is trying to get past Hamilton who’s not giving him the room.

Lap 40

Hamilton and Ricciardo are under investigation after nearly coming together.

Lap 41 

Vettel and Perez sitting behind Hamilton and Rosberg with Vettel setting fastest lap times on tyres that can take him to the end of the race, if he looks after them.

Lap 45 

No further action for Hamilton and Ricciardo after their ‘incident’

Lap 50

The Sauber team-mates come together after being told to switch places…


Lap 52

Race is now back on with Hamilton leading the race, Ricciardo still looking stronger however hasn’t managed to find a way past – yet…

Lap 54

Current top 5 – Hamilton, Ricciardo, Perez, Vettel and Alonso

Lap 55

Rosberg closing the gap to Fernando Alonso – Alonso is making things work, taking care of his tyres and angling his car the right way covering the threat….

Lap 60

Rosberg locks-up and gives the place back to Alonso, keeping Hulkenberg behind him – he’s locking up more and losing grip.

Lap 61

There could be a shower towards the end of the race, with around 8 laps to go till the finish – making it very unpredictable again….

Vettel setting fast lap times and keeping his car in the right place….

Lap 68

Ricciardo is closing the gap again to Hamilton – Ricciardo seems to have better grip but cannot seem to find a way through….

Virtual Safety Car deployed due to a wheel cover being on track.

Lap 70


Vettel still setting fastest laps – Alonso saying he can ‘see rain on visor’ as predicted…


Lap 72


Hamilton has just set the fastest lap time, Ricciardo has dropped back slightly but both drivers are making their way through and over-taking back markers….

Temperature has started to drop and conditions are changing towards the end of the race…

Lap 73 

Ricciardo has dropped back even more losing the gap to Hamilton – Hamilton still leading this race.

There’s a litre battle for third place too between Perez and Vettel – Vettel currently looks stronger.

Lap 76

3 lapes remaining till the end of the Monaco Grand Prix – anything can still happen….

Lap 78

This is the final lap of the Monaco Grand Prix – Hamilton still leading the race.

Lewis Hamilton wins his first race of 2016 – he’s the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix 2016!!!

Daniel Ricciardo in 2nd place and Perez in 3rd with Vettel closely behind in 4th followed by Fernando Alonso in 5th which is a great result for the McLaren team!

More to come with driver reactions and interviews plus a few posts from Monaco this weekend 🙂

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Image – Sky Sports F1 (Twitter) & Formula 1 (Twitter)


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