Formula 1 – Mercedes: ‘Ferrari have only shown glimpses of threat’


Formula 1 – Mercedes: There’s More To Come From Ferrari 

Many people (myself included) believe that due to the reliability issues Ferrari have been having, they haven’t been able to show their full potential. 

Toto Wolff (Mercedes Boss) has said ‘Ferrari have only shown glimpses of threat‘ in the opening two races of the 2016 F1 Season. 

A lot of you will be thinking that Mercedes are well and truly ahead – and they are! 

It’s their strongest start to any season and have only dropped three points from a maximum 86 in the first two races this season. 

However, as you’ll remember – Ferrari showed a lot of strength during pre-season testing, closing the pace on the Formula 1 World Champions. 

Even though it might not have been the best start for Ferrari this year, this is Formula 1 and we know that it doesn’t take a lot for things to switch!

 It’s still early days and once Ferrari are able to conquer the unreliabilities which they’re having, it’ll be hard to stop them! 

So before you ‘give up’ on this season – there’s a lot to come and it’s going to be exciting no matter who you’re supporting! 

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