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Formula 1: Ferrari has “raised it’s game for the 2016 season“, says the current world champion, Lewis Hamilton. 

Ferrari was really the only challenger to the Mercedes team in the 2015 season and in the 2016 pre-testing and testing showed that it does have strong pace. 

Lewis Hamilton continued by saying ” They did some incredible times at the last test in some of their long runs and they didn’t bring any updates to the yes days, so I imagine they will bring a good packaged to the first race” 

Teammate Nico Rosberg echoed what seems to be everyone’s opinion about the Ferrari team saying “It’s going to be extremely close and we need to be careful” 

Toto Wolff (Mercedes Motorsport Chief) said that he wouldn’t be drawn on where he believes the Ferrari team will be but that “people should be wary of drawing a conclusion from testing” – does that mean that Mercedes have something up their sleeve? 

It’s going to be an exciting start to the 2016 Formula 1 season and I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds at the Australian Grand Prix this weekend! 🙂 

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