Ferrari Not Dominant In 2018 – Says Vettel

Ferrari Not Dominant In 2018 – Says Vettel

Following the Mexican Grand Prix which saw Lewis Hamilton win his fifth world championship, both Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel have faced a lot of criticism for their season. As we remember, the 2018 Formula 1 season started off well for the Scuderia Ferrari team with Vettel winning the first race however fast-forward to the middle of the season and Germany is where we saw the season fall apart.

Personally, I believe that both sides are to blame – Ferrari didn’t provide the support and motivation for their drivers (Vettel and Raikkonen) and as a team, I feel that they were extremely inconsistent with their strategies whereas Mercedes managed to work around issues, strategies and worked better overall – as a team.

When you look at Vettel, he started the year with a lot of motivation, he was happy, calm and managed the first part of the year in a way that you would expect from a 4-time World Champion. In the middles of the year, things started to change and it seemed like the pressure was a bit too much for Scuderia Ferrari – especially when it came to their strategies.

Not forgetting the critical mistakes from Vettel which could have been avoided if more patience was involved but as we know – the drivers are all super-focused and when they’re battling, everyone wants to win.

In an exclusive interview with Autosport, Sebastian Vettel has said that doesn’t think that Ferrari had the most dominant car this year – even though people assume they did. Check out what the Ferrari driver had to say below….

Sebastian Vettel: “Last year, we had a lack of horsepower and that’s why the overtaking didn’t work. This year, we didn’t have that so I was able to benefit from the tow and I was able to pass.”

“As a matter of fact, Lewis was always one, two, three seconds behind – he had the same pace, we were driving to the same tenth and at some point, he gave up. This is why we won with an eight-second gap, for me – this wasn’t a dominant race (Mexican Grand Prix), it was just a very close fight.”

“Here is where my opinion is very different to the rest – it’s absolutely true to say that we have a very strong car but people’s perception that we had a dominant car, I don’t think that’s true. I think that if you look at the results – I don’t see where is the dominance.”

“In Spa, we didn’t have the pole – whatever the conditions. We got the win because of the way Spa is designed, with Eau Rouge being flat.”

“Overall, we were not fast enough – at the end of the day, you need to have the speed to fight for the championship. Last year, it was apparent that we were very good until midway of the season and then maybe some tracks didn’t suit us, some DNF’s that we had but then – we lost momentum.”

“This year, unfortunately, in some ways, it has been similar – we just didn’t have the pace compared to Mercedes. We were not able to get enough points so within two-three-four races, there was quite a big gap – it’s been a shame.”

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