F1 Continuing with Qualifying Format


F1 – The qualifying format that was heavily criticised by fans, commentators, drivers and even Bernie Ecclestone will remain for the Bahrain Grand Prix 

You’d think that Formula 1 would have listened to their fans, commentators and drivers but it seems that the new qualifying format with a ‘knock-out’ timer will remain for the 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix! 

Known to voice their opinions current world-champion Lewis Hamilton said it was “strange” that the decision has been made to keep this format for the qualifying this weekend. 

Echoed by four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel who said “it’s like an ice-cream shop selling a flavour no one wants”a metaphor to make his point…. 

I really don’t understand why they’re keeping this qualifying format – they showed in the first grand prix of the season that it simply didn’t work. 

Drivers didn’t enjoy it, commentators didn’t enjoy it and the fans didn’t enjoy it!

Formula 1 – why are you keeping this qualifying format which no one wants!?

The Formula 1 Girl 


Image – Sky Sports F1 


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