Daniel Ricciardo on pole for Mexican Grand Prix! 2018 Mexican Grand Prix QUALIFYING Report


Daniel Ricciardo on pole for Mexican Grand Prix! 2018 Mexican Grand Prix QUALIFYING Report

Race Location: Mexico

Session: Qualifying

Race Weekend: 2018 Mexican Grand Prix

Wow – this weekend the Red Bull Racing team have dominated the weekend and it looks like we’re going to have a great race on our hands tomorrow. Throughout the weekend, it looked like things were going in Max Verstappen’s weekend however his team-mate, now considered as the ‘dark-horse’, put in a stunning lap – setting a new track record too.

We know that both drivers will be battling for the place at the start of the Mexican Grand Prix tomorrow however, there’s a championship to be won with Lewis Hamilton in P3 and Sebastian Vettel in P4 so it’s going to be a very exciting (and nerve-wracking) start to the race tomorrow which should provide us with some great racing.

The result for Ricciardo has been a long-time coming, especially after the inconsistencies he’s gone through but it was a disappointing afternoon for Max Verstappen who was almost certain that pole would be his today.

Let’s take a look at what drivers and team members had to say after a wonderful Qualifying earlier today!

RED BULL RACING – 2018 Mexican Grand Prix QUALIFYING Report



Daniel Ricciardo: “As you can probably tell, I’m pretty happy right now. I know it’s only qualifying but actually it’s pretty special and this is only the third time in my career that I’ve been on pole.”

“Every other time was Monaco, it starts with an M but this time it’s Mexico. Putting the lap together right at the very end, when Max had dominated in practice and then Mercedes came on so strong made it even more exciting. I don’t think anyone expected me to do it but I knew there was some extra speed in me and I’m happy to have found it!”

“I knew I could clean up my first lap in Q3 and the first sector on my second lap was still average, but in the second sector I was building and I was pretty pumped up by the third. It feels awesome to be back at the front and it feels right. It’s been a challenging year and I’ve been wanting to finish on a high with Red Bull, so hopefully my run of poor fortune has come to an end and we can deliver what we all want tomorrow.”

“This is the first front row lockout for the Team since 2013 so it’s a really big day for us all. I don’t think it will be a straightforward race and it will certainly be interesting, but hopefully it will be interesting for all the right reasons.”

“It’s going to be a good fight with Max, Lewis and Seb but if we can convert a double front row into a double podium then the entire Team will leave Mexico very happy…!”



Max Verstappen: “It’s really disappointing to be consistently the fastest all weekend, and then not when it counts. I felt comfortable going into qualifying but I soon experienced similar issues that I had felt in FP2, the rear was locking while I was off throttle during cornering.”

“I felt like I couldn’t push the car to its limit, which you need to do in Q3 as it is the most important session. I was surprised to be on top of the time sheet at the start of Q3 but in the end it wasn’t enough to take the pole. The issue should be less influential tomorrow which means we can both have a good race.”

“Given today’s frustration we are still in really strong shape going into Sunday, it’s just a shame to miss the pole. The fact we have locked out the front row for the first time in years is a brilliant result for the Team, you can’t beat first and second.”


“Amazing! An incredible last lap from Daniel which really seemed to come from nowhere. On the last run to be able to string together a perfect lap was a mighty performance.”

“Another great lap from Max, who has looked so competitive all weekend meant we locked out the front row for the first time since Austin 2013, a phenomenal team performance.”

“Our priority now has to be to try and convert these fantastic grid positions into a haul of points tomorrow.”

“The team has worked very hard for this so it is crucial that we now make the most of it.”

MERCEDES – 2018 Mexican Grand Prix QUALIFYING Report



Lewis Hamilton: “I want to say thank you to everyone at the factory and the team here at the race track, everyone has worked really hard to get the car to where it was today.”

“Red Bull were really fast in the middle sector, the Renault engine seems to be working well in the high altitude and so does their high-downforce package.”

“I think they were probably in a league of their own today, so I’m happy to be as close as I am. Our race pace was not bad on Friday, but again Red Bull seemed to have the upper hand.”

“We were able to improve quite a bit since yesterday, so I’m hoping that we will be able to fight them and maybe gain some ground at the start.”

“Mexico is a great place to be and a great place to race, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Game on!”



Valtteri Bottas: “The entire team did a really good job last night and today – It didn’t look great for us yesterday, but the car felt a lot better today; we were able to recover a lot of our performance.”

“I also want to say thank you to our mechanics, they did an amazing job. In less than one and a half hours, they managed to take the car apart and change the engine – and the car worked well afterwards.”

“Qualifying was pretty straightforward after the car was fixed, but I didn’t get a perfect lap together in Q3. It never felt as good as it did in the previous qualifying runs, but at least we’re a lot closer to the front than we were on Friday.”

“The first row was probably out of reach for us today, but at least our times were very close to those of Ferrari.”

“There’s a long straight here at the start, so not starting from the front might actually be an advantage if we manage to get a tow from the cars in front of us – the race tomorrow should be good fun!”

FERRARI – 2018 Mexican Grand Prix QUALIFYING Report



Sebastian Vettel: “I was pretty happy with my first run in Q3, but I knew that in order to beat the Red Bulls I would have needed probably a couple of tenths more.”

“So, I tried to push harder in my last attempt and it didn’t work, the lap was not so far away from the previous one but not a very clean one, either, and I lost a bit of time in some places.”

“This is a track in which aerodynamic efficiency is probably not so important, you try to throw in all the downforce you can, and I could see that we were fast in the first sector but losing out elsewhere.”

“Anyway, it will be a long race tomorrow, and again I think strategy and tyre management will be the key to succeed…”



Kimi Raikkonen: “Today, the overall feeling with the car was better than yesterday; we improved  and that’s a positive fact. In qualifying  some laps were pretty good in some places  and in the next one they were better in other places, so it was hard to put the lap together.”

“In the cooler conditions of this morning it seemed to be much easier. For sure it was not the easiest qualifying, but this is how it goes sometimes.”

“It’s going to be a long and difficult race for sure. The top three teams start with the same tyres, so we’ll see how it pans out.”

“There’s a long run down the straight to the first corner; we’ll try to make a good start and stay out of any issue. The first corner is usually quite hectic and tight: if you manage to get a good tow, it makes a massive difference.”

“Then we’ll see what happens in the race . The tires management will be the key..”

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