Christian Horner – Understanding How Tyres Are Operating


Christian Horner – Understanding How Tyres Are Operating

It was a frustrating race for the Red Bull Racing team who expected better results at the European Grand Prix in Azerbaijan at the newly-designed Baku City Circuit.

Christian Horner – Red Bull Racing Team Principal discusses how the tyres behaved during the race, how they were operating and what their actual expectations were.

Christian Horner – Understanding How Tyres Are Operating

“Ultimately, this is a disappointing result after having started on the front row of the grid. The supersoft and the soft tyre for both drivers today appeared to get into quite a lot of degradation as early as lap four and five.”

“This situation didn’t change after the first stop onto the sort tyre and again, both cars were reporting high degradation very early on a tyre that was supposed to go to the end of the race.”

“It was only then that we made an unplanned stop to go onto the medium tyre and that started working with the car in a much better working range. Both drivers were competitive thereafter, ultimately coming through to finish seventh and eighth.”

“Getting an understanding of how the tyres were operating in this grand prix is imperative. It was a frustrating race to say the least but we got both cars to the finish and we extending our lead over Williams in the contractor standings too.”

Christian Horner – Understanding How The Tyres Are Operating – Overall

So, there we have some insight from Christian Horner, team-pricipal of Red Bull Racing as to understanding how tyres are operating during a race.

It’s not as easy as some people think – there’s so much more to think about including race strategies, drivers, pit-stops and how other teams are doing during the race and as we saw in Baku – you have be prepared for the unreliability of tyres not behaving in the way expected.

We have lots more to come soon but I would love to know what you think about the tyres this year and what your thoughts are for the season ahead….

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Thank you to Red Bull Racing for providing the interview & images.



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