Aston Martin – What’s The Target For 2023?

The Target For Aston Martin For 2023

2023 has been a great year for the Aston Martin team and even though they have had a dip in their results, the team are still ambitious with their targets for the remainder of the season.

Aston Martin Targets and Drivers

When Fernando Alonso made the announcement of joining the team last year, it was heavily reported that the team were expecting to see these type of results from 2024 – onwards.

However, it does seem like Alonso’s arrival to Aston Martin has given them all a much-needed motivational boost and brought the whole team together.

His expertise and experience is essential with Alonso also advising his team-mate (Stroll) making the driver-pair a balanced duo. 

In effect, this allows the team to focus on the car and it’s development.

(Of course, it wouldn’t be the same story if the two were battling for the championship.)

Aston Martin – Development

Aston Martin is a key team going forward.

They’re definitely not a team to be overlooked as the development of their car is showing that they’re on the right track.

Now, during the Singapore race weekend, Aston Martin have set themselves a target of getting back to second position in the constructors’ championship – ambitious?

It depends…

As we now move on from the European side of the races, things change and the end of the season starts to appear, in the distance.

Tom McCullough: “The target is to try and get back to second on the constructors’ championship. That’s a brave target, against some fierce competition.

“Mercedes have had some strong events and Ferrari had their strongest event of the year at Monza, their home race; we’re now hoping to be a more competitive as we return to some of the higher-downforce tracks, going forward.”

“Margins are fine at this stage of the season and it now comes down to who can bring in a few more developments to the track and who can execute the best weekends – operationally, and from the drivers’ side as well.”

“We (Aston Martin) have been on the same development path for 18 months.”

“Those philosophies haven’t really changed and we’re still bringing parts to the track between now and the end of the year.”

“A lot of parts have been released a while back and by the time we get to the track, a lot more come along.”

Even though the European leg of the season has finished, we’re stilling bringing parts to the car.”

“It’s not as easy to bring those parts to the track for flyaway races and we have to account for the delivery time.”

“We will have a late freight that arrives to the track, all the way until Friday mornings – sometimes spares of updated parts arrive even later than that.”

“It can be a real logistical challenge and some countries are harder to deliver to than others – but it’s all well planned for.”

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