2019: Formula 1 Tyre Talk With Red Bull Racing


2019: Tyre Talk With Red Bull Racing

Are you wondering “what are the 2019 Formula 1 tyres” – look no further! Thanks to Red Bull Racing, you can find out all the details about the tyres for the new season and things aren’t as complicated anymore…

There isn’t much longer until we see the cars on track for the very first time in testing but if you’re wondering about the new tyres for the season, the Red Bull Racing team has you covered.

Remember the days of purple, pink, ice blue and orange tyres? Yep – they’re not going to be around any longer with Pirelli going back to basics.

White – Hard Tyre

Yellow – Medium Tyre

Red – Soft Tyre

It seems simple, right? There’s three tyres along with an intermediate and extreme wet tyre which will be used as when they’re needed and for fans of the sport, that’s more or less what you need to know about the tyres.

If you’re a fan who wants to know more about the compounds – things aren’t as simple so take a look below for all the details…

Compound Interest

Colour-wise, things are simple however despite Pirelli bringing the three-colour-tyres to every event, the compounds for the tyres will be slightly different depending on the circuit and race track.

There’s five different compounds ranging from C1 to C5 – C1 is the hardest and C5 is the softest. I thought it would have been the other way round but oh well!

How It Works

Slightly confused?? Don’t worry – here’s more information for you!

The first four races of the season, the tyres have already been announced by Pirelli.

In Australia for example, the three colours will be available however the white (hard tyre) will use compound C2 which means it’s pretty durable and long-lasting. The Yellow (medium tyre) will be C3 and the Red (soft tyre) will be on the C4 compound.

In Bahrain, it’s a different story – the compounds used for that race track are C1, C2 and C3.

In Shanghai, we’ll see similar tyres as Australia – C2, C3 and C4.

As it was last season, the teams are all required to select sets (from 13 dry tyres from the three compounds on offer) no less than eight weeks before the start of each event which is held in Europe and 14 weeks before the start of each event held outside of Europe.

Is It So Different?

Yes, there are now five compounds available for the teams rather than seven however despite colours now taking a back seat, fan analysis and strategy will spend hours debating the performance gap between C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5!

Any Other Changes We Need To Know About?

Yes! The tyres are moving to a thinner tyre tread in 2019 and this is all to help combat blistering problems which was seen throughout the last couple of seasons.

So, even though we have less colours to go through – there’s much more information to analyse and learn!

Is it simpler? Not really but is it better? If it provides us with better racing, we’re all happy with that!

Thank you to Red Bull Racing

The Formula 1 Girl 🙂

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