2019 British Grand Prix Qualifying: LIVE

2019 British Grand Prix Qualifying 

Circuit: Silverstone

Location: United Kingdom

Session: Qualifying

It’s time for the 2019 British Grand Prix Qualifying session with live updates as they happen and in true Formula 1 style, the atmosphere is always incredible at Silverstone.

Here are what some of the drivers had to say this weekend.

Lewis Hamilton: “The Ferrari’s are quickest on the straights as they were last year but I’m happy being here and there’s no where better to be at Silverstone with the support of the British fans.”

Max Verstappen: “We won’t be as dominant I don’t think but we will definitely try again and see what we can do. It’s going to be much colder here than compared to Austria but we will see how we do.”

Sebastian Vettel: “This year has been very up and down for us but lets see where we are. We are quite optimistic overall following the result from last year so we will have to perform and take things from there.”

Charles Leclerc: “We seem to be better here but we will have to see how we go here as I expect Mercedes to still be really quick.”

Drivers are now in the garages and getting ready for Qualifying.

The green light is on and drivers are now making their way out onto track.

Q1 – 2019 British Grand Prix Qualifying

There’s a new surface at Silverstone this year – as the session progresses, so will the times.

Drivers are making their way round the circuit.

Wow! What a lap from Lewis and in Q1!

He’s now first fastest with a 1:25.513, Leclerc in P2 – at the moment.

Vettel down in P5 at the moment – there’s another 5 minutes to go until the end of Q1.

Teams are keeping an eye on the weather radar – there’s a 25% risk of rain!

Q1 – Knock Out Zone






Drivers are now making their way back to the garages and getting ready for Q2 – there’s a big cloud in the distance.

Could rain make an appearance towards the end of qualifying?

Q2 – 2019 British Grand Prix Qualifying

Drivers are now making their way back out on track – there’s clouds in the sky and as mentioned, teams are keeping an eye out on the weather radars.

Leclerc now at the top of the time-sheets with a time of 1:25.646

Bottas currently in P2 with Hamilton in P3. 

Vettel on the other hand is down in P8.

Q2 – Knock Out Zone






Drivers are now returning to the pit lane and their garages before they make their way out onto the track for the final session in Qualifying.

Vettel only managing to set a time for P5 – his team mate looking a lot strong at the moment.

Q3 – 2019 British Grand Prix Qualifying

Drivers are now out on track and it’s close between the Mercedes and Leclerc. 

More of a battle currently between Hamilton and Bottas. Hamilton topping the time sheet and quickly Bottas then setting the fastest lap time with a 1:25.093

Drivers are now back in the pits and getting ready for their final runs in Q3 – Ferrari are the first drivers back out on track.

BOTTAS takes provisional pole – just pushing Hamilton to P2.

Lets take a look at Leclerc…. round the final corner.

No – it’s Valtteri Bottas who’s on pole!


Lewis Hamilton in P2

Leclerc in P3

Verstappen P4

Gasly P5

Vettel P6

Ricciardo P7

Norris P8

Albon P9

Hulkenberg P10

Bottas: “Through the first lap, things were good but I should have improved more in the second run. It’s not easy to get a good lap together and it’s easier to make mistakes.”

Hamilton: “Valtteri did a great job and he’s worked really hard throughout the weekend. It’s just at the end that I didn’t get it together and Valtteri did the better job but it’s a long race tomorrow and we have so many amazing fans here, it’s amazing – it’s the best Grand Prix of the year as these fans are something else, without people like this, the sport would be nothing!”

Leclerc: “We were quite good throughout the session but in the end, they (Merecdes) were just that little bit better but overall, we are happy and we are looking at the state of the tyres to prepare and get things ready for tomorrow.”

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