Valtteri Bottas Takes Pole In Qualifying For The 2018 Russian Grand Prix (DRIVER INTERVIEWS)


Valtteri Bottas Takes Pole In Qualifying For The 2018 Russian Grand Prix

Location: Sochi, Russia

Race Weekend: 2018 Russian Grand Prix

Another race weekend is upon us and we’re now looking towards the Russian Grand Prix where it’s normally a great rack for Valtteri Bottas and the Red Bull Racing drivers.

Earlier today, we had Qualifying which saw Valtteri Bottas take pole for the race tomorrow, closely followed by Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in P3 – following the Singapore Grand Prix, things are taking a turn in favour of Hamilton who seems to have a more comfortable / confident approach in the championship battle but one thing we do know – the battle continues and it’s going to be a fun part of the season.

Take a look at what the drivers had to say following Qualifying – along with a few photos from the weekend! 🙂




Valtteri Bottas: “It’s been a long time since I took pole in Austria this year so this feels very good! We made some changes after FP3 and the car just felt so much better in Qualifying – I managed to find the time in almost every run in Qualifying and I just put it all together in Q3.”

“Our pace has looked good so far and hopefully we will have a competitive car tomorrow. The Ferrari’s will be strong as well but we should have a competitive car and this should give us a chance to fight for the win – the start will be decisive and we need to aim for an initial good getaway!”

“Today, it was a good start to the weekend and puts us in a good position for tomorrow.”



Lewis Hamilton: “This as never been the strongest of circuits for me but Q1 was really good – my run on the Hyper-sot at the end of Q2 was a great lap but then I couldn’t repeat it in Q3.”

“On my final lap, I made a mistake – I went quite wide and then the back stepped out at the next corner. I think I had the pace for pole but Valtteri did the better job this time and it’s great for the team to have a 1-2 here.”

“We’ll try and convert the into the race tomorrow – we’ve made some big improvements to how we use the tyres and how we set up the car and it’s showing – it’s tough to overtake here s the race is all bout tyre management and who gets the best start so Ill be pushing hard!”


Toto Wolff: “We can be happy and proud with that result and our pace today – it’s the achievement of a lot of hard work over the past few weeks.”

“We have a car that looks really competitive around Sochi which is especially good after the struggles we had last year – today, it’s only Saturday so while being on pole and locking out the front row is a massive satisfaction for us, we know that the slip stream around this track will play a big role tomorrow.”

“We will try to have a good start to stay in front and then control the race from here. We should have the pace in the car – it’s all about getting off the line well and keeping the position.”




Sebastian Vettel: “We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Obviously it was important to get as close as possible to them, and then we’ll see.”

“It’s true that they have been very quick so we’ll see – tomorrow is a long race, we’ve seen that the tyres are very important. For today, I think it should have been a bit closer.”

“We had the gap closed but not enough to be a threat to them – I had a tiny mistake in the last sector too which didn’t help.”



Kimi Raikkonen: “There is always work to be done and this is something that we always learn from during the weekend but the main thing is tomorrow – the race. This is what counts so we will see what happens and what we can do.”




Fernando Alonso: “In qualifying today, we didn’t use our full potential because our starting position is already fixed due to the grid penalties which we will receive.”

“That meant that I hd two objectives this afternoon – setting a lap within 107 per cent limit and helping Stoffel with a tow along the straight. I didn’t go for a performance run – I used the engine in safe mode.”

“Much of our focus has been on our race pace and hopefully, we can execute a good strategy. Looking after our tyres and look to be close to the points tomorrow.”

“The tyres are looking a little tricky around here as it seems to be hotter than usual – we believe the softest tyres will suffer a little bit so hopefully we will be in a position to benefit that from the race.”



Stoffel Vandoorne: “It was always going to be difficult for us around here this weekend – in FP3 this morning, I think we saw that the pace of the car wasn’t looking very strong. Going into qualifying, our target was to try and get of the Williams’ team – we managed to beat one of them!”

“I’m not too sure where that puts us once the penalties have been applied though. Overall, our car is lacking performance in a number of areas but the balance isn’t always perfect but it feels OK, it feels reasonable but we just lack overall.”

There’s still more to come from teams and drivers so this should be updated with more interviews this afternoon but in the meantime – here’s your Top 10 drivers for the race line-up tomorrow.

1. Valtteri Bottas
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Sebastian Vettel
4. Kimi Raikkonen
5. Kevin Magnussen
6. Esteban Ocon
7. Charles Leclerc
8. Sergio Perez
9. Romain Grosjean
10. Marcus Ericsson

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