QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

Session: Qualifying

Location: Singapore

Race Weekend: Formula 1 2018 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix

We’re now getting ready for Qualifying Live in Singapore and as always, the weather temperatures are higher and this is one of the most difficult circuits for drivers but also one that is loved by Formula 1 fans around the world.

Both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have come into the weekend with a relaxed approach – slightly more on edge is Sebastian Vettel who said “I am my biggest enemy” but his focus is on getting through each race.


Lewis Hamilton: “There’s still a lot of points available and we all know that anything can happen – all it takes is one race to change things but we have to look at the opportunities presented, focus on our races and keep working hard.”

Sebastian Vettel: “We are just focusing on the races. I am my biggest enemy – no one else. There’s a lot of points to get until the end of the season so we will do our best.”

Both Kimi Raikkonen and Charles Leclerc have spoken about their seats for the 2019 season this weekend but here’s what they had to say earlier today.

Kimi Raikkonen: “I have seen a lot of things happen in F1 in the past and I am always wary of that. To say that I am sad – no, it’s just a different team with a new start next year.”

Charles Leclerc: “My target is to achieve as much as I can, I have seen a lot of people doubting me about the season and I completely understand that. I will try to prove these people wrong and do the best I can.”

Another driver who’s going to be joining Formula 1 for the 2019 season is Lando Norris, he’ll be driving at McLaren and here’s a little interview of what he had to say about the season ahead.

Lando Norris: “It’s going to be a long journey. They were at the top of the game (McLaren) and now, they’re at the bottom of the game but anything I can do, I will do for the team and I will race and battle and do all I can. I know it won’t be easy but I can win battles and I’m looking forward to the future.”


Carlos Sainz: “I have always had this in mind and I didn’t know that this would happen so early so I can’t wait to join the team (McLaren) to learn the engineers and see the whole atmosphere at the factory. I have been in touch with McLaren for the last year and a half – the decision with Fernando a little while ago and for me, that he is leaving the sport is not good – we are losing one of the most talented drivers.”

We’re all getting ready for Qualifying live as are the drivers who are preparing for the session ahead.

NEWSSebastian Vettel’s Ferrari has been worked on, the floor has been removed and the team is working on the battery. There’s an issue on the car but the team seem to have things under control.

Update – Vettel is now in the car.


Q1 – Qualifying Live Singapore Grand Prix

 Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are now in their cars – they’re still in the pits but drivers are making their way out onto the track.

 Raikkonen goes fastest, setting a time of 1:38.534

Vettel is now on the circuit – going fourth fastest which is quite a difference compared to his team-mate. The Mercedes’ drivers have now started to make their way out onto the track.

Ricciardo now going fastest with a time of 1:38.153 – his team-mate, Verstappen going third fastest. Red Bull’s are traditionally good on this circuit.

Sebastian Vettel now making his way round the circuit again – it looks like he’s improved, going second fastest.

It’s Ricciardo, Vettel, Raikkonen, Grosjean and Verstappen who make up the top 5 drivers – Hamilton and Bottas are now re-joining the track for the last run in Q1 to improve on their times.

Q1 Knock Out Zone






Drivers are now making their way back to the garage and getting ready for the Q2 – Hamilton on team radio telling his team he couldn’t go faster on the previous tyres he was on.

Q2 – Qualifying Live Singapore Grand Prix

Drivers are now getting ready for Q2 – it’s a slow start. The Ferrari crew are looking down the pit-lane and the first car coming out is Kimi Raikkonen.

Lewis Hamilton now makes his way out of the garage, driving down the pit-lane.

Other cars are now making their way out onto the grid – this should be a good session.

Verstappen isn’t happy with his car at the moment – he’s not happy with the engine and how it’s performing but Red Bull are happy and think he’ll be OK for the weekend.

Hamilton now sets the fastest lap time with a 1:37.344 – Bottas right behind with Hulkenberg in P3, Vettel in P4 and Raikkonen in P5.

Verstappen now beats Lewis Hamilton’s time – 1:37.214

Kimi Raikkonen saying the tyres he’s on are “way too slow” the team asking him to box.

Sebastian Vettel is now making his way back out onto the track following a stop in the pits.

At the moment, it’s Verstappen, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Perez and Bottas who make up the top 5 but that’s all about to change with around 3 minutes to go until the end of Q2.

 Raikkonen now setting the fastest lap time of 1:37.194

Vettel: “That was a nasty spot” in regards to being caught up behind cars seeing him go fifth fastest but that’s about to change.

Q2 Knock Out Zone






Q3 – Qualifying Live Singapore Grand Prix

 Drivers are now cooling down in the garage and getting ready for Q3 – the final (and most important) run ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix tomorrow.

Drivers are now all out on track with Kimi Raikkonen leading the way – he wants to get the job done but don’t forget, there’s the Red Bull’s in the mix who are looking strong along with Mercedes.

Raikkonen sets a time of – 1:37.403

Hamilton now sets a fastest lap time of 1:36.015

It’s close between Bottas and Vettel – Vettel just ahead in P2.

Verstappen now sets another great lap time – he’s now in P2.

It’s Hamilton, Verstappen, Vettel, Bottas and Raikkonen who are making up the top 5 drivers.

Team to Hamilton: “That was an astonishing lap Lewis.”

It’s close and this is going to be a brilliant Qualifying session as cars will be making their way back out on track shortly.

Vettel: “Try to get me out on a good lap time – the Mercedes are slower than us.”

Lewis Hamilton has now made his way out of the garage – he’s on his out lap, followed by the Ferrari’s.

 The Red Bull’s are looking strong and both drivers are now on their out lap for Q3.

Kimi Raikkonen lost time on his lap but miraculously – no one managed to improve on their time!



Lewis Hamilton: “Wow. Wow! That was a hard qualifying session – that lap felt like magic. I don’t know where that came from but naturally, I want to say thank you to the team. They are working so hard back at the factory and it’s a beautiful track here – I’m overwhelmed, I might have an anxiety attack in a second.”


Max Verstappen: “Honestly, this feels like a victory – this is amazing as I had many problems today. To be second today shows that we have a amazing car. We just have to make sure that have a clean start – we also have to sort out the engine for tomorrow but that’s good.”


Sebastian Vettel: “It’s not ideal, we wanted to get pole – we didn’t. It was a messy qualifying session so no better than third. It’s not ideal when you have mini races on your out lap and you can’t blame things on that because we had two laps that were not good enough. I think it’s a bit more difficult but we have a good car.”

Brief Driver Interviews – Qualifying Live Singapore Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen: “I just finished in fifth. It was trickier than we expected but it’s good to see lap times and things change quickly so this is what happens. The tyres were not working as much as wanted. Everybody seems to be pretty close to each other and everyone will be close – I think we will make the right decision and have a good race.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “At the moment, I don’t have an answer – as a driver, you don’t know immediately but we looked like we had a good drive and I had good lap times but we just didn’t move – we didn’t find the time and we stayed where we were.”

There’s LOTS on the way including interviews, plenty of photos and hopefully videos from today so make sure you check back for all the latest!

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