QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Italian Grand Prix

Italian grand prix

QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Italian Grand Prix


Circuit: Monza

Monza – this is one of the most loved circuits on the Formula 1 calendar and it’s a weekend unlike any other for the Scuderia Ferrari team where the support is never-ending. A few days ago, we also had the Formula 1 live event taking place with Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Maurizio Arrivabene making an appearance and putting on a show for fans.

Today though, we’re all very much focused on Qualifying ahead of the 2018 Italian Grand Prix this weekend.

This weekend, Sebastian Vettel also held his first interview in Italian with Sky Italy and earlier today, this is what he had to say about the season so far, the team progression and the car.

Vettel: “I think it’s quite even between us (and Mercedes). We started the season quite well and then we have managed to improve our package. It’s a car that works on all tracks and we’ve made big steps this year. It’s more special to win here than anywhere else – you can’t see other colours here as it’s dominated by the red. (laughs)

There’s light rain making an appearance and clouds have gathered but the forecast is saying that the rain should be light…. it’s time for Qualifying ahead of the 2018 Italian Grand Prix this weekend – who’ll be on form, who’ll be on pole?


Sebastian Vettel is making his way to the garage and getting ready for Qualifying.

80% chance of rain

GREEN LIGHT ON – Pit Lane is now open!

 Drivers are now starting to make their way out onto the track – to the cheers of fans in the Grandstands!

Vettel and Raikkonen are both on the grid – cheers from the crowds.

Vettel sets the fastest lap time however his team-mate goes even faster! Kimi Raikkonen’s time – 1:20.937

 Lewis Hamilton now goes second fastest with his Bottas right behind in P4.

Sebastian Vettel now sets the fastest lap time – 1:20.758

Hamilton: “Where is everyone?”

Team to Hamilton: “Erm…. They’re all behind you in a big bunch…”

5 minutes to go and at the moment Sebastian Vettel is in the lead. Lewis Hamilton out on track trying to improve on his time as he’s currently in P3.

With 2 minutes to go, Lewis Hamilton comes into the pits.

Team to Vandoorne: “We are out I’m afraid – we are P20”

Vandoorne: “****”

Q1 Knock Out Zone







The session has resumed, the green light is on and cars are now making their way back onto the grid.

Kevin Magnussen is late on the brakes, he goes off-track slightly and ruins his lap.

Lewis Hamilton sets a great time – in the 1:19’s, his lap time is 1:19.798

 Sebastian Vettel now sets a fastest lap time of – 1:19.785

It’s a close qualifying session throughout the pack and as things stand, Q3 should be good.

Team to Hamilton: “OK Lewis, thats a good time – Vettel has just gone faster, it’s close with the times.”

Drivers are now back in the garage and waiting to go out for he last few runs in Q2 – it’s very close.

Alonso and Magnussen nearly hit one another as Magnussen tries to overtake whilst Alonso closes the gap to turn into the corner.

Alonso: “Ahhhh – it looks like Magnussen wants to race…”

Magnussen: “What the hell is he doing…?”

Q2 Knock Out Zone








Drivers are in the garage and waiting – this is Sebastian Vettel.

The Green Light is ON!

Drivers are now making their way out onto the grid – the sun has started to shine and it looks like there will be NO rain for Q3.

The Ferrari’s are the first drivers out on track – cheers from the crowds. The Mercedes drivers come out further behind and as mentioned above, the sun is shining.

 Lewis Hamilton setting a new track record – he’s at the top of the timesheets for now with a time of 1:19.390

Lewis Hamilton’s lap is the fastest lap in F1 history!

With around 2 minutes to go, drivers have now started to make their way back out onto the grid for the final few runs in Qualifying – who will be on pole for the 2018 Italian Grand Prix.

RAIKKONEN ON POLE FOR THE 2018 ITALIAN GRAND PRIX – he sets the new lap record of 1:19.119 – incredible times!

Driver Interviews

Kimi Raikkonen: “It’s great for tomorrow but it’s only the job half done – it will be better to be on pole tomorrow for all of the Tifosi. Hopefully everything will go well tomorrow and we will be in the same position. It doesn’t matter where we go around the world, we have the Tifosi – hopefully tomorrow will be as good as today.”

Sebastian Vettel: “It’s unbelievable to see the amount of support around the track. Not entirely happy for my front but we will do what we can. It’s always like this in Monza, my last run was ok but my lap overall wasn’t good. it’s great to have both cars in front.”

Lewis Hamilton: “We did everything we could but we will still do what we can. As you can see, this is what’s great for the sport and even though they’re all Ferrari fans, we did what we could and we will continue.”

There’s lots more on the way this evening so make sure you check back for all the latest!

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