PRESS CONFERENCE – 2018 Singapore Grand Prix


PRESS CONFERENCE – 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

Race Weekend: Formula 1 2018 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix

Driver from Left to Right – Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel

Question: Congratulations Lewis, you are a serial winner. That’s your 69th victory

Lewis Hamilton: “I’m spent. That was a tough race. But I have such great support here. We had a great start. The team have just never given up faith and belief in me and in Valtteri and in our ability, and it is a blessing.”

“It was a long race. That felt like the longest race of my life, so I’m glad it’s over.”

“Max put up a good fight as well, but what a day, what a weekend. I feel super blessed.”

Question: My knees can’t take this, can we stand? A man of a certain age. It got interesting around lap 38, there was a little bit of traffic there and they were in their own battle. You had to go defensive with Max, tell us about that moment?

Lewis Hamilton: “Yeah, I was a little bit unlucky with the traffic.”

“These guys were moving around, it was quite difficult to follow. I think Max was a little bit luckier getting by some of the guys in terms of what point on the track and the guys weren’t letting me by.”

“Jeez – it was definitely close and my heart was definitely in my mouth for a minute but once I got clear of them I was able to put the pedal down and pull away.”

Question: This has been an incredible September in your life, in all of the Septembers you’ve lived. You’ve won the Italian Grand Prix, you’ve been off launching fashion lines, you’ve come here and you’ve now taken the lead to 40 points over Sebastian Vettel. It doesn’t get much better.

Lewis Hamilton: “Definitely not. I mean they put up a good fight this weekend and I’m not really quite sure where their pace disappeared to, but as I said, I’m just grateful for everyone’s hard work, and the fans here.”

“A lot of British flags come out Singapore, so thank you guys, love you, team LH all the way.”

Question: Enjoy the moment, congratulations, fantastic moment. Max, come and join me up here. A brilliant result.

Max Verstappen: “Yeah, it was not bad. A shame from the first lap, but you can clearly see we miss top speed. But from there on the team had a great strategy so we could get back into second.”

“Basically we did our own race, tried to follow Lewis a little bit and at the end we knew second was going to be result so you just bring it home.”

Question: We saw you have a little stumble as you were coming out of the pit box, it looked like you were between gears, you were in second and then you went down to first. Even with that you still managed to get out in front of Seb.

Max Verstappen: “It was not a perfect getaway, but also behind the safety car it was almost bogging down, false neutrals, so a lot of problems but still, very happy with second.”

Question: Well done, Max, great result. Seb, congratulations, but I’m a little bit confused. You were quick all through free practice on a track you’ve been exceptional on in the past, it just didn’t seem that you were in the fight today. Any ideas?

Sebastian Vettel: “Yeah, it’s true. I think overall we were not fast enough. We didn’t have the pace in the race. But also I think we tried to be aggressive in the beginning and obviously it didn’t work out.”

“After that I think I had a different race from the other guys, on a different tyre, and I wasn’t very convinced that we could make it to the end, but pitting wasn’t an option because you lose too much time in the pit stop.”

“So we just focused on making it home.”

Question: The hopes of the tifosi rest with you. Have you got some light at the end of the tunnel? Lewis has started to open that gap up and time’s running out. How optimistic are you for the future races?

Sebastian Vettel: “It doesn’t help. Obviously I’m mostly thinking about today’s race. I think today with the way we raced we didn’t have a chance.”

“There might be something extra in the fact that maybe we were not quick enough but I think I said before the weekend we can only beat ourselves and we didn’t get everything out of the package.”

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