Max Verstappen: “I don’t agree” After Losing Podium


Max Verstappen: “I don’t agree” After Losing Podium

Max Verstappen, he’s one of the most-talked about drivers on the grid and known for speaking his mind and this is exactly what happened following the 2018 Italian Grand Prix where a battle (and contact) turned into him losing out on the podium.

Following the incident, the stewards got involved and investigated the action by reviewing the footage and in turn, handed Verstappen a 5-second times penalty – as well as 2 penalty points on his license. He now has 5 penalty points on his license.

As many of us saw, when the team told him the news over radio – he wasn’t a happy driver and below, you can see what he had to say about the result.

Max Verstappen: “I gave him a car width of space on the left near me. Then, he clipped my wheel and he had to go straight. I don’t agree with it. Maybe they took the penalty because in the middle of the race when he first tried to overtake me, I went a bit wide – maybe that’s why they gave it to me but even then, it’s not fair because they gave it straight away.”

“It’s just a shame but looking at the positives, the car was working really well.”

On the other hand, Valtteri Bottas was quite calm throughout the whole situation. Playing his role for the Mercedes team and holding off Kimi Raikkonen throughout the race all to support his team-mate with a great result for the team – keeping the championship battle well and truly alive!

Valtteri Bottas: “The first time I tried, he cut the chicane, the second time I was going on the outside as he was defending on the inside and there’s a very clear rule that says you have to leave a car’s width on the outside but he didn’t so we touched – he got a penalty for that, which for me is fair enough.”

“For sure, it’s good to be back on the podium, it’s been a tough period of races and it wasn’t an easy race today for me. We opted to go for a long stint because the tyres were holding on well. It was good for me, but it was also good for Lewis that I could keep Kimi behind, slow down a little bit.”

“In the end, I still had a chance with Verstappen to attack with fresh tyres and this was quite interesting but year, to get third place is good!”

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