Race: 2018 Italian Grand Prix

Circuit: Monza

We’re back for another race and it’s none other than the 2018 Italian Grand Prix where you can see LIVE updates as they happen. This is the 69th home race for the Scuderia Ferrari team – only one of the races hasn’t been held at Monza, instead taking place in Imola.

Without a doubt, this is a special race for the Scuderia Ferrari team and it’s a track which is completely dominated in red thanks to the ever-present passion from the Tifosi!

Weather conditions at the moment – it’s stable but there are clouds over the circuit.

Kimi Raikkonen: “It’s amazing, everyone is so happy and now we will try to do the best. Not just for us but for the crowd and fans as well. This is too emotional – no I’m only joking, it’s lovely to see.”

Sebastian Vettel: “It’s going to be a long tiring race but we will do all we can to win the race and do well for the Tifosi. It’s unbelievable, I can’t hear everything – thank you to everyone for the support, for shouting, for all the support!!”

Esteban Ocon: “We have the speed today. 6th place is the target today so hopefully we can get there. With the speed we have, we should manage to overtake so we will see.”

Romain Grosjean: “We will stick to our position and see if we can get any opportunities throughout the race.”

Weather Update – The sunshine is making an appearance but so is the rain. There’s light rain around the track with a touch of sunshine so it’s a mix at the moment!

The grid is now being setup for drivers to make their way to the grid ahead of the 2018 Italian Grand Prix – the weather conditions are the same as earlier, clouds are over the circuit.

As the grid is getting setup – so are the Scuderia Ferrari drivers. Image – Scuderia Ferrari F1

PIT LANE NOW OPEN – Italian Grand Prix

Drivers are now making their way out of the pit-lane.

Drivers are now making their way to the front of the grid for the national anthem – the weather has remained the same, there’s clouds around the circuit but overall, it’s dry – for now!


Drivers are now making their way back to their cars and getting ready for the formation lap which will be taking place shortly, you can see all the live updates further below.



WEATHER UPDATE – The clouds are around but at the moment, no rain is being forecast however it could change. At the moment NO rain but clouds are over the circuit.


 Team to Hamilton: “There’s no reports of rain on the radar, there may be a few spots of rain on your visor but nothing to report.”

Drivers are now making their way round the track for the formation lap and getting their cars ready for the start of the Italian Grand Prix – it’s going to be a good one!

Lap 1

Raikkonen gets a good start and remains in P1 – there’s battles ongoing as the drivers make it round the first few corners.

Suddenly, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel come close and both try to make their way round the Turn – bumping with Sebastian Vettel spinning and ending up at the back of the grid.

Vettel: “That was silly. Where did he want to go?”

Drivers are now coming into the pits under the safety car – Vettel in the meantime comes into the pits to change his front wing.

UNDER INVESTIGATION – The incident between Hamilton and Vettel.

Lap 3


The race is back on – Hamilton makes his way past Raikkonen and takes the lead.

 A few corners later, Raikkonen battles with Hamilton and Raikkonen re-claims the place.

Lap 4

Raikkonen is back in the lead. Its a battle between the Ferrari’s and Mercs – what a race this is turning into!

Vettel is currently back in P18 following his disastrous start!

Lap 5

Team to Hamilton: “There’s possible debris…”

Lap 7

Kimi Raikkonen setting the fastest lap times – he’s looking strong this weekend. Let’s see how the Scuderia Ferrari team strategy plays out as this is one of the teams weak points.

Raikkonen, Hamilton, Verstappen and Bottas make up the top 4 drivers.

Ricciardo slowly making his way through the grid, he’s back in P14. Sebastian Vettel has managed to climb up to P15.

Lewis Hamilton now sets the fastest lap time – it’s close between Ferrari and Mercedes.

Lap 10

FERNANDO ALONSO OUT OF THE RACE – he’s retiring due to an issue.

There’s battles ongoing around the track but it’s Raikkonen and Hamilton who are the top 2.

Lap 14

Vettel: “I still think there’s some damage…”

 He’s now up in P10 – slowly making his way through the grid.

Lap 18

Despite him saying that there’s damage, Vettel has now made his way up into P8

The team and Hamilton are talking throughout the race – updating each other in terms of the tyres.

Hamilton is right behind Raikkonen – putting the pressure on Ferrari however Raikkonen has him just covered.

Lap 21

Raikkonen now comes into the pits – the Mercedes crew also comes out but no one pits. Was this the right move?

Team to Hamilton: “Hammer time Lewis.” – Meaning, push!

Lap 22

Team to Hamilton: “Stay out – stay out! You have pace.”

Lewis Hamilton setting the fastest lap time.

Team to Raikkonen: “Kimi, Lewis has stayed out  – we need to push.”

Lap 23

Lewis Hamilton remains out of the pits – he’s got pace and is keeping the distance between himself and Raikkonen.

The team is encouraging Lewis Hamilton during the Italian Grand Prix – they’re trying to make things work.

It’s now Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas and Raikkonen who make up the top 4.

Lap 24

Raikkonen: “There’s rain at the back of the circuit.”

Lap 25

Oh no! Ricciardo has an issue – he’s pulling up to the side of the track as his car has a problem.


Max Verstappen now asking about his engine.

Lap 26

At the moment, there’s no safety car.

Lap 28

Team to Bottas: “Keep Kimi behind you.”

Lap 29

Hamilton comes into the pits and it’s now Bottas in the lead with Raikkonen behind and Hamilton in third – Kimi Raikkonen setting the fastest lap time.

Lap 30

Sebastian Vettel now comes into the pits – he’s on the SuperSoft tyres and is coming back out onto the track.

Lap 31

Kimi Raikkonen hasn’t closed the gap to Bottas and is struggling to make his way past the Mercedes driver leaving him in P2 – for now.

Lap 33

The team telling Bottas that he’s doing a good job – Kimi Raikkonen has a blister on his tyre.

Lewis Hamilton has now closed the gap – it’s Bottas, Raikkonen and Hamilton who are the top 3 – a little train!

Lap 34

It’s tense at the moment. It’s Bottas in the lead of the Italian Grand Prix followed by Kimi Raikkonen who has a blister on his tyre and then followed by Lewis Hamilton who’s closed the gap…..

Lap 35

The train continues – no overtakes. Everyone is being calm and staying in their positions….. for now!

Bottas, Raikkonen and Hamilton.

Lap 37

Bottas now comes into the pits

Raikkonen is back in the lead closely followed by Lewis Hamilton!

 Team telling Kimi Raikkonen to try and manage his tyres as best as he can.

Lap 43

Bottas goes off-track trying to go past Verstappen. Verstappen and Bottas bump wheels – Bottas takes the long route round the track.

Under investigation.

Lap 44

Wow – Hamilton tries to overtake Raikkonen. It’s a close battle between the two however Hamilton just manages to squeeze past and takes the lead in the Italian Grand Prix.

Hamilton now making his way out in the lead – he’s widening the gap to Raikkonen who’s in P2.

Lap 46

Max Verstappen receives a 5 second penalty for causing a collision in regards to his coming together with Bottas (pictured above).

Lap 48

Team to Verstappen: “Max, we have been given a timed penalty – push on.”

Max Verstappen: “What! What do you mean don’t worry – no…. **** ****”

Lap 49

Bottas is right behind Verstappen – it’ll be a little battle between these two!

Lap 50 

Verstappen: “I know that I’m losing time to Vettel but I really don’t care…”

Vettel is back in P5 behind Bottas and closing in to Bottas.

Lap 53


Due to Verstappen’s 5-second penalty, Bottas will be taking third place despite not ending the race in P3.



Lewis Hamilton: “First of all, I want to congratulate Ferrari – a great fight with them and a big thank you to the team for a great car. Without the team, I wouldn’t be able to be here right now. Despite all the negativity, I want to say thank you to everyone that is here for supporting me. I was pointing them out on social media.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “I think we were quick enough but our tyres were not great and there wasn’t much we could do – it was impossible in the end but this is what we got today and we tried to get the maximum. For sure, we tried but at least we take the second place and we will still keep fighting.”

Valtteri Bottas: “I was trying to do everything I could to get to the podium. It was hard racing and this is what I was hoping for, we will take this place and hopefully we can enjoy the podium.”

Lots more coming this evening with driver interviews and press conference features!

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