Kevin Magnussen: “I can’t wait for him to retire” After Fernando Alonso Incident In Qualifying


Kevin Magnussen: “I can’t wait for him to retire” After Fernando Alonso Incident In Qualifying

Kevin Magnussen is considered to be the ‘bad boy’ in Formula 1 and he doesn’t seem to be making any new friends following an incident between himself and Fernando Alonso yesterday during Qualifying – ruining both their laps ahead of the Italian Grand Prix which is taking place today.

Over radio we heard a cheery Fernando Alonso talking to his team about the incident, joking that Kevin Magnussen “wants to race…” however after the incident, it seems Kevin Magnussen can’t wait to see the back of the 2-time World Champion saying “I can’t wait for him to retire” in the media interviews following Qualifying.

Kevin Magnussen: “We were six or eight cars in a big group and in the exit of Ascari, Fernando was warming his brakes I think, not going fast and I was going fast so I cruised past him.”

“Then for some reason, he tries to accelerate and get close to me instead of creating a gap like everyone else is doing and obviously, he got a perfect slipstream and thought that he could overtake into Turn 1 but I’d rather hang myself.”

“He thought he could have the perfect slipstream, overtake me and then gain – I’m not going to let him past me and sacrifice my own lap. No way – he think’s he’s God but no way!”

“It’s outright disrespectful, I can’t wait for him to retire. I don’t care to speculate why he did it, I think it’s just pretty stupid and not necessary.”

Fernando Alonso: “I think that on the out lap, we were all together with three and four seconds between the cars. At the last moment inside the Parabolica, he decided to fill the gap and I was opening the car in front and we started the lap together.”

“You arrive in Turn 1 together and it’s not a very clever move – for me, this doesn’t change much because I probably couldn’t be in Q3 anyway with the performance but for him, he could be in Q3 and decided in the last moment. That is maybe not very clever.”

Oh oh – more drama in the world of Formula 1!

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