Sebastian Vettel Explains Monza – Video Feature

sebastian vetee video for Monza

Sebastian Vettel Explains Monza – Video Feature

Back from the summer break and we’re already heading towards the second half of the season. It’s without a doubt one of the most popular circuits on the Formula 1 race calendar and stating the obvious – a special one for the Scuderia Ferrari team.

This is the 69th home race for Ferrari (only one of them hasn’t been held at Monza, instead taking place in Imola) but this something special for the Ferrari team, normally a race track which is totally dominated in red with the ever-present passion from the fans.

For all Ferrari fans, you’re going to love the video feature below. An exclusive video thanks to Scuderia Ferrari where you can see Sebastian Vettel talking about the Monza Circuit in his guide to Monza. Click HERE to subscribe to The Formula 1 Girl’s Youtube Channel 🙂


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