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Race Weekend: Formula 1 2018 Johnnie Walker Belgian Grand Prix

Location: Belgium

Circuit: Spa-Francorchamps

Formula 1 is back and today – it’s race day! Here, you’ll be able to see everything as it happens including driver interviews before the race and of course, LIVE race updates as they happen. Sit back and relax.

The drivers are now making their way out onto the track for the track parade – the weather conditions are similar to yesterday, the sun is shining however the temperature is cool. Drivers are all wearing thicker jackets.

Here’s a fun photo from McLaren’s Twitter page – Stoffel Vandoorne is showing a fan around the McLaren garage.  Photo – McLaren F1 Twitterstoffel vandoor

As mentioned above, the drivers have now started to make their way out onto the track for the track parade and below, you’ll be able to see some of the driver interviews.

DRIVER INTERVIEWS – LIVE 2018 Belgian Grand Prix

lewis hamilton interview

Lewis Hamilton: “We have a lot of fans here, it’s a beautiful day and there’s 44 laps to go so we will see what we can do. Naturally, we will have a go at the starts and see if I can hold them off – there’s restarts to think about potentially too so I’ll do what I can. Every Sunday feels different and you never know what can happen – it a special place and I hope it’ll be a fun race.” (Shop the Lewis Hamilton Limited Edition Cap)

max verstappen

 Max Verstappen: “This is all crazy to see, it gives me goosebumps but it’s overwhelming. (Laughing) – this is great and hopefully today there will be a better result. It would be interesting to have some rain, it’s a beautiful day so this is great for the fans. We will hopefully have a bit more fun today.”

Fernando Alonso: “Sometimes, everything comes your way and you start recovering places. Sometimes you get stuck in traffic – I will try to attack and I will try to gain a few places and try to run in the group of points as there’s many things to take advantage of with the penalties. We haven’t been really competitive so points will be the ultimate target but we may need to say that this won’t be possible today so we will see.”

Stoffel Vandoorne: “The support here is amazing and always nice to feel. I don’t think that today there will be any miracles – the only chance for us will be rain and at the moment, it doesn’t look like there will be. There’s a lot of people out of position and maybe that will cause havoc at the start so maybe we can maximise on that.”

PIT LANE OPEN – LIVE 2018 Belgian Grand Prix

Drivers are now making their way out of the pit-lane and joining the grid, they’re all getting ready for the race which will be starting soon.

Weather Update – A slight show of rain has been seen on the weather forecast radar so we could be seeing some rain soon.

Valtteri Bottas: “I’ll definitely go for it today, it’s a track which is good when you have a good car. I hope that I can be up there at the end – that’s my goal.”

National Anthem

The drivers are now making their way back to their cars and getting ready for the formation lap which will be taking place shortly.

LIVE 2018 Belgian Grand Prix


 The team is telling Hamilton about the track conditions as drivers are now getting ready, getting their helmets on and getting into the cars.

Kimi Raikkonen on the other hand is telling his engineer to get out of the car, he wants to get in and get settled before the start of the race.


Drivers are now making their way round the track for the formation lap. The team telling Ricciardo about weather and wind conditions at different parts of the track to be aware of.

Everyone’s doing what they can to prepare their cars in the best way possible for the start of the Live 2018 Belgian Grand Prix.

Lap 1

Wow! On the opening lap Lewis Hamilton gets a good start – a massive crash at the back of the grid which sees Fernando Alonso and Hulkenberg out of the race.

Sebastian Vettel now gets ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen has a puncture – slowing down and making his way round to the pits.

As we look back at the replay, Hulkenberg went straight into the back of Fernando Alonso who goes over the car of Charles Leclerc – a huge crash!

fernando alonso crash

Lap 3


These opening laps show just how dangerous this track can be!

Lap 5

The safety car is ending this lap and we can resume with racing again! Sebastian Vettel has a lot of speed so let’s see what will happen.

It’s close! Lewis Hamilton putting the pressure on Vettel who covers him off and keeps his place, leading the race.

Lap 6 

Vettel manages to get some distance between himself and his rival Lewis Hamilton, it’s close between the drivers but theres a long way to go!

Lap 7

Max Verstappen now makes his way past Ocon – a great move and something the fans will be loving!

Sebastian Vettel leading the race, his team-mate on the other hand is near the back of the grid following the start where he picked up a puncture too.

Lap 9

Sebastian Vettel leading the race – setting the fastest lap times and maintaining the gap between him and Lewis Hamilton who’s close behind.

Lap 10

 Kimi Raikkonen is in the pits – he’s been brought into the garage. He’s now retiring from the race.

Max Verstappen is making his way through the grid and has just managed to make his way past Perez too – much to the crowds delight who are cheering in the grandstands!

Lap 12

Sebastian Vettel still leading the race – he’s maintaining everything and it’s a steady race for him. Lewis Hamilton is behind but not close enough for any overtaking – it looks like they’re both managing their tyres and focusing more on the strategies towards the later parts of the race.

Valtteri Bottas is slowly making his way through the grid – he’s closing in on Stroll who’s in P10 and he now manages to make his way by claiming the position.

Daniel Ricardo has now started to un-lap himself.

Lap 14

Everything is steady at the moment – there’s not too many battles, everyone is behaving following the chaotic start fr the Live 2018 Belgian Grand Prix!

Lap 17

Lewis Hamilton has now started to put the pressure on Vettel by setting the fastest lap time – he’s pushing.

Sebastian Vettel maintaining the gap and looked comfortable / relaxed at the front.

Lap 20

Ferrari are leaving Vettel out however Hamilton has now started to put the pressure on him – will Ferrari’s strategy work?

Team to Hamilton: “Let us know about the tyres when you can.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Feels good.”

Lap 22

Lewis Hamilton now comes into the pits for a tyre change.

Ferrari now telling Vettel to come into the pits – not sure this will work for Ferrari!

Lap 23 

Vettel comes into the pits and manages to stay out in the lead but – only just! Lewis Hamilton makes his way past Verstappen (who hasn’t stopped for a tyre change) and it’s now Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen who are the top 3 drivers.

Lap 24

Lewis Hamilton now setting the fastest lap time – he’s trying to close the gap to Vettel and reduce the advantage.

Lap 25

Esteban Ocon now comes into the pits for a tyre change.

Fernando Alonso: “It was bad – he was coming down the straights and locked up with very high speed, he (Hulkenberg) missed the braking point and couldn’t stop the car so he went into the back of me, it was a big mistake but the positive side is that we are all OK and it’s a good thing that with the halo we are all OK.”

Lap 29

Everything has remained relatively calm for now. Sebastian Vettel is still in the lead with Lewis Hamilton right behind along with Max Verstappen who has had a positive race so far in P3.

Valtteri Bottas on the other hand has managed to make his way through the grid and is behind Verstappen in P4.

Lap 31 

Daniel Ricardo has been retired from the race. He had damage from the start of the race after an incident and hasn’t really been able to recover from then.

Lap 34

Sebastian Vettel has led the race in a great manner, he’s calm and maintaining the speed – the gap between him and Hamilton has opened again and it looks like he has the afternoon under control.

Lap 40

belgian grand prix race photos

Bottas has now managed to make his way past Perez and has moved up into P4 – Sebastian Vettel is leading a very comfortable race, he’s maintaining the gap to Hamilton.

Vettel, Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas make up the top 4 drivers and for Bottas, it’s a great result from where he started, For Max Verstappen – it’s a wonderful result considering the amount of support he has here.

FINAL LAP – LIVE 2018 Belgian Grand Prix

The final lap has started of the 2018 Belgian Grand Prix and Sebastian Vettel is making his way round the circuit following a very calm and controlled drive. He wasn’t really challenged and the strategy worked out perfectly for the Scuderia Ferrari team who have been the stronger team throughout the weekend.


Sebastian vettel and media

Sebastian Vettel: “I mean, more wins than Alain (Prost) wow – I had a great first lap. In the start Lewis pushed me quite far to the left and I think I timed it well and it was a better race this year. Timing is crucial and I thought I timed it all great but ten the Force India came along and then the safety car came along. After that it was a very smooth race – Lewis pushed very hard n the first part and it was a great weekend.”

“Going through traffic I was fortunate as I got them on the straights and I could see in the last 15 laps he (Hamilton) wasn’t pushing so I could relax and now I’m looking forward to next week.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Congratulations to Seb – I did everything I could and he drove past me like I wasn’t even there on the straights so we need to do what we can and keep going. I think I could have snuck by but he would have sailed past me down the straight – they have great things in their car and we have to keep working.”

Max Verstappen: “After the first 10-12 laps initially it was chaotic but after that we did our own race and of course, very happy that we’re on the podium here. We have been unlucky before but I’m very happy with today.”

Driver interviews and reaction will be online this evening along with plenty of photos so make sure you check for all the latest!

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