Fernando Alonso and Christian Horner – Alonso demands apology from team principal


Fernando Alonso and Christian Horner – Alonso demands apology from team principal

This is a hot topic and something which has been making the rounds in the paddock – with remarks being made between the pair, Fernando Alonso had now demanded an apology from Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s tea principal for denying any contract negotiations.

The whole dispute between the pair was fuelled when Christian Horner made remarks about Fernando Alonso, his style and basically saying that Fernando no longer had a career within the sport when we know that given the right car, he would be up there, battling.

Christian Horner: “Our preference is to continue investing in youth rather than taking on a driver who is obviously close to the end of his career.”

Adding: “Fernando causes chaos wherever he goes….”

In reply to this, Fernando Alonso has now asked for Christian Horner to apologise for his remarks (and rightly so) – this is a sport which is considered to be professional and remarks or comments like the above should be thought about prior to being made – especially when they are coming from a team principal.

A team principal is there to manage a team and deal with situations in a professional manner, not fuel things further…

Fernando Alonso: “I am surprised about the comments from Christian Horner and Mr Helmut Marko, they are completely out of context and surprise me about creating chaos and that I am a difficult man to work with – one, they have never worked with me and second, they have been chasing me for five of six occasions in the last seven years and now they say that they are loyal to their programme and their commitments to their junior drivers?”

“It’s weird and they have been unfair to me, I have written to Christian after his comments this summer and he apologised through email but hopefully he will apologise again this weekend.”



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