Race Weekend: 2018 British Grand Prix 

Circuit: Silverstone, United Kingdom

We all expected a great race and what a race we had – Silverstone lived up to it’s expectation with a start that could have been a lot worse for Lewis Hamilton after getting hit by Kimi Raikkonen on the opening lap.

Throughout the race, we also had plenty of battles and of course – the Safety Car made it’s appearance too, on one occasion Vettel actually asking the Safety Car to “slow down”…..something we haven’t heard before.

Overall, the Scuderia Ferrari driver brought home the win for the team, now leading the Drivers World Championship by 8 points – what a season this is turning out to be….?

Let’s catch up with all the driver reaction below.

FERRARI – Driver Interviews – 2018 British Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel: “Every race is a team race, but today it was even more important for us to win here, because the last few years had been very difficult to us.”

“This year we have proved to be strong every time on every track so far. The most important thing is that the car is strong and fast. The new updates that we brought here have worked very well through the whole weekend.”

“In qualifying we were just a little bit slower, but during the race it was just great. Today during the first stint I probably pushed too much on the Soft tires, but during the second one I had everything under control.”

“The Safety Car made everything more exciting, but even more tricky. However, the strategy with the tires was great and at the end we got a fantastic win as a team.”

“I really enjoyed this race and I am happy for me and for the team. Also, the start was very important for us and it was great.”

“Now it’s important to keep working. I say thanks to the whole team for this win!”

Kimi Raikkonen


Kimi Raikkonen: “My start was not perfect; in turn 3 I locked the inside wheel, lost a bit of grip and couldn’t slow down as much as I wanted. So I ended up touching Lewis’s rear wheel and unfortunately he span.”

“I had to serve a ten seconds penalty and after that my race was a bit messy.”

“Overtaking was difficult, and I fought against the Red Bulls for many laps. When I was on my own the speed was ok, but once I was behind them, their wake seemed to affect my car a lot more than the Mercedes did; I was losing a lot of downforce and that upset the balance of the car.”

“We were quite a bit faster, but it was really tricky for us to follow them. It was a close fight for quite a lot of times, at the beginning and at the end of the race.”

“Finally we managed to pass them and then I overtook one of the Mercedes. It was not an easy day, but I gave my best and made a decent comeback.”

MERCEDES – Driver Interviews – 2018 British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton: “It was a difficult race, I gave it everything I could and I’m just grateful to make it back up to second . It was eventful from the start but in the final laps, I just didn’t have the pace of the Ferrari’s on the fresher tyre.”

“I’m very grateful that the car was in one piece after the incident and that I could continue the race, I was last at that point but I still believed that I could win – I needed that mentally to take me back to where I finished.”

“When the guys in front of me pitted under the Safety Car, it was an opportunity for me to get up to third – it was the right decision and if I had come into the pits, I would have come out behind and struggled to get by.”

“The fans have been incredible this weekend and I’m so grateful for all their support.”

Valtteri Bottas


Valtteri Bottas: “I’m very disappointed, leading the race and then dropping to fourth in the last few laps feels pretty bad. The others pitted under the Safety Car but we took the risk and stayed out to get ahead of Sebastian. It worked out initially but I had to push like in Qualifying and with about 5 laps to go – the tyres couldn’t take more.”

“I tried everything to not give up the lead but there was nothing I could do at that point but to defend against the others on the fresher tyre. I will continue to give everything and I’m sure that one day, it will all work out.”

Toto Wolff: “That was an incredible race – thrilling right from the start to finish and full of drama. For Lewis, it was an awesome fightback to second after running dead last on lap one – for Valtteri, we gave it everything to try and reclaim the win and arguably he would have done so without the first Safety Car period, as for losing on Sebastian at that point.”

Overall, we left with the feeling of “what might have been” after one of our cars was taken out for the second time in three races in lap one – now we need to get our head down, keep developing and putting the performance to good use.”

RED BULL RACING – Driver Interviews – 2018 British Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo: “We just didn’t have the legs today. The first lap was fun and a bit crazy for sure, I don’t know what happened to Lewis but I saw he was turned around.”

“Then with Max and Kimi we had some good battles. The re-starts were intense but we just didn’t have the speed on the straights to do much and behind Ferrari and Mercedes we were just too slow.”

“I think the car in clear air was pretty good, particularly in the second stint on the medium tyre when we were able to pull away from Kimi a bit and then start catching Max.”

“The team then pulled the trigger on a two stop strategy for me and then the safety car came out. We just got unlucky and lost track position.”

“We tried at the end to pass Bottas as he was struggling more with the tyres but as soon as I got really close to him I felt like my tyres were the same age as his, you just lose the downforce and really struggle.”

“It was a bit like last week following Kimi and I really needed him to make a mistake, otherwise on the straights, even with DRS they have a lot more power.”

“I guess since Monaco we haven’t really had things going our way. I’ll still take the Monaco win but I don’t want that to be the last hurrah!”

“I’m very excited to have a week off now, I like racing but I’m just going to put the car away for a week, let it think about itself and then come back in Germany (laughs). I might feed it some Schnitzel in Germany, maybe I said something wrong to the car. But for now, vamos a la playa.”

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen: “It’s not a nice way to finish the triple header but luckily last week was good and the two weeks before were also positive.”

“That’s racing sometimes. I’ve had it many times before and for sure it will happen also in the future, but of course I wish I would have finished fifth or at least collected some points – Because now we have nothing.”

“It was quite weird, because on lap one I had a brake-by-wire issue, the pedal fell to the floor in Turn 3 but then it recovered and everything was going fine after that.”

“Then after the second safety car I braked for Turn 16 and the pedal literally went to the floor, the rear brakes locked up and I spun off the track. We will now start to investigate what actually happened.”

MCLAREN – Driver Interviews – 2018 British Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso


Fernando Alonso: “It was a great race today, and a great show for the fans with a couple of Safety Cars that always mix things up. In a normal race, eighth would be great, but with the Safety Car and the yellow (Soft) tyres we decided to put on – and the others who didn’t pit – we had a clear tyre advantage at the end of the race, but couldn’t capitalise on that because we were stuck behind traffic.”

“Kevin (Magnussen) pushed us off the track at Turn Seven, and without that I think we could have probably been fighting with Esteban (Ocon) and Nico (Hulkenberg) for P6. However, no penalty was given so we had to fight back, and overtook Kevin on the last lap.”

“We have more points for the team, which is great, but hopefully we can reach that position in the future thanks only to our own performance.”

“Saturday seems to be the lowest point of our weekend in terms of performance, but then on Sundays we are in the same group as Renault, Force India and Haas, so we definitely need to find more performance in qualifying.”

Stoffel Vandoorne


Stoffel Vandoorne: “It was a very tough race for us, difficult to close up the gap with some of the competitors in front, and disappointing not to come home with points. From the start, I had the same feeling in the car as yesterday, so the conditions out there were really tricky.”

“On the positive side, the pace was probably a bit better today. We were able to stay with some of the points-scoring cars like the Force India and the Renault, and were more or less matching their pace.”

“The team looked over everything to try to find the cause of the issues we were having, but obviously in parc fermé you can’t really change anything unless you want to start from the pit-lane.”

“It’s been a tough triple-header, everyone is a bit tired at the end of these three races, so the mechanics deserve a good break. I’m sure they’ll check over everything and we’ll turn up in better shape in Germany.”

Race Photos – 2018 British Grand Prix



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