QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix


QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

Location: Hungary

Circuit: Hungaroring

Race Weekend: 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

Session: Qualifying

It hasn’t been the easiest of sessions this morning during FP3, especially for Valtteri Bottas who spun, went off-track and lightly hit the barrier. His team-mate, Lewis Hamilton also spun at the same place however didn’t go into the barrier – despite this, Bottas managed to get P2 on the timesheets.

Ferrari on the other hand have looked strong throughout the weekend and we all know that during Qualifying – the Ferrari’s manage to find the pace so we’re expecting some great lap times.

Don’t discard Red Bull Racing – they’re also in the mix and we should be in for a great Qualifying session ahead of the 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend.

Here are the results following FP3.


 Earlier, there were a few mentions of rain making an appearance during Qualifying however people were unsure, now – it’s started to rain at the Hungaroring. Will it last until Qualifying?

The rain is a lot stronger and at the moment, it’s forecast to stay around for Qualifying so this should be exciting.

The rain is continuing as the drivers are now making their way to the garages and getting ready for Qualifying for the 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Valtteri Bottas enjoying an Espresso before Qualifying.

QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix


Drivers have lined up and the light goes green in the pit lane – we have Qualifying.

Q1 – QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

Drivers are now leaving the pit-lane and all making their way onto the track, it’s wet however the weather temperature is warm with the pit-lane drying.

Team to Bottas: “Rain is coming”

Team to Hamilton: “Lewis we predict rain will be coming.”

Raikkonen: “It’s very dry in Turn 5 and 6 – it looks dry but I don’t know.”

Hamilton: “My tyres are falling apart.”

Team to Hamilton: “OK, cool them down.”

A flurry of team radio between drivers and their teams – part of the track is dry whereas rain is forecast.

Vettel: “A dry, A dry – all the back part is dry. Get another set of inters ready.”

Vettel: “There’s no rain, I don’t think we are far from dry tyres.”

Team to Vettel: “We have the rain forecast soon.”

Vettel: “How much? How soon?”

Team to Vettel: “Around 2 minutes.”

Vettel: “That’s too long.”

Sebastian Vettel now sets the fastest lap time in Q1. Turn 1 is the wettest part of the track.

 Ericsson comes into the pits and goes onto the UltraSoft tyres. Carslos Sainz is on the UltraSoft tyres and has just done a fastest lap time!

Now, the front of the grid (Mercedes & Ferrari) come into the pits for a change onto the UltraSofts – they reacted late.

Raikkonen: “The rain has started – it’s starting to rain.”

It’s a complete change in times – now Hulkenberg goes fastest! Scratch that, Grosjean goes fastest!

Now Raikkonen and Bottas go P1 and P2.

The times are constantly changing – Verstappen now takes P2. Sainz pushes and gets another fastest lap.

With 2 minutes to go, Vettel now sets the fastest lap time – it’s complete chaos due to the temperatures and weather conditions.

Vettel: “Do we have rain or not?”

Team to Vettel: “No more rain, no more – keep pushing.”

Ricciardo needs to find more pace – he’s not having the best of Qualifying sessions and is on the slower tyre.

Q1 – Knock Out Zone 






Drivers are now making their way back to the garages and getting ready for Q2.

Hamilton: “There’s something hanging off my car.”

Q2 – QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

Drivers are now ready – the Haas team is already at the end of the pit-lane and waiting for Q2 to begin.

The Ferrari garage are preparing the cars for Q2.

Team to Grosjean: “We’ll evaluate the first lap and then we’ll call you in for a tyre change if needed.”

Lights out and Haas are the first team on track followed by the Renaults and Ferrari.

Team to Hamilton: “We think there might be rain in the last sector but we’ll check and let you know.”

Vettel is on the intermediate tyres – the only driver on the tyres at the moment.

 There’s parts flying off Vettels car as he made his way down the straight. Max Verstappen has gone off-track around circuit. It’s a bit of a chaotic Qualifying session.

 At the moment, Vettel is the only driver who’s managed to set a lap time. Magnussen has gone off-track.

Hamilton has also gone off-track slightly as the rain has started to come down heavily.

Lance Stroll has gone off-track, he spins, hits the barrier and loses his front wing.

Hamilton: “It’s getting worse.”

Team to Hamilton: “OK, keep pushing.”

At the moment, Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo are struggling – they’re in the knock out zone.

Kimi Raikkonen spins out on the track.

Raikkonen: “Yeah, I spun – I spun.”

Kimi Raikkonen is now in the pits – it’s raining heavily. Kevin Magnussen is on the wet tyre (blue) – will other cars be choosing this tyre?

 Team to Alonso: “Fernando, do you think we should switch?”

Alonso: “I think we should go to the garage because even if we change – we are slower and if we can’t improve, there is no point.”

With 2 minutes to go, drivers are pushing their cars – most of them now on the wet tyres (blue) due to the weather conditions. Part of the track is dryer however the last sector is where there’s a problem with rain.

Vettel currently at the top of the timesheets with Sainz in P2 and followed by Verstappen in P3.

Q2 – Knock Out Zone






Drivers are now returning to the garage and getting ready for Q3 – the final run for today ahead of the race tomorrow.

Q3 – QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

The rain is falling again – Hamilton is looking slower round the track however, he’s just set the fastest lap time whereas Vettel now goes third fastest.

At the moment, Mercedes are looking stronger than Ferrari.

Sainz now goes third fastest – he’s having a great afternoon.

Hamilton now comes into the pits for a tyre change – at the moment, Kimi Raikkonen is on provisional pole.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are both on good lap times – they’re making their way round the track and Mercedes are looking stronger with more grip.


It’s Hamilton, Bottas, Raikkonen, Vettel, Sainz, Gasly, Verstappen, Hartley, Magnussen, Grosjean who make up the top 10 drivers after what’s been an unpredictable Qualifying session.

Hamilton: “It’s great for the team to have a 1-2, we couldn’t have expected this. Ferrari were quicker all weekend and then the heavens opened and changed the game.”

“It’s so tricky out there, at the beginning it was dry for a part of the lap so it was difficult to know what to do – when the weather keeps changing, you’re looking for the line and always feeling the movement for the car. I was up and down so it was a rollercoaster.”

“We are in a great position to work as a team and keep the red guys behind us.”

Bottas: “I thought I was on pole – Lewis had a better lap in the end and it was crucial as we had one go on that lap. As a team, a 1-2 is a great result as it could have been a lot worse. I’m looking forward to it.”

Raikkonen: “Obviously it’s not ideal but the nice thing is that the car was drivable and enjoyable today. We changed the tyres and we were behind the Haas and it made it impossible to see so with the conditions it’s good to be in this position. It would have been nice to be on pole but tomorrow is another day and we will see.”

Driver reaction and more photos will be online this evening.

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