LIVE 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 ROLEX MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2018

LIVE 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 ROLEX MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2018

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Circuit: Hungaroring

Race Weekend: 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 ROLEX MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2018

The weather is great today, the sun is shining and it’s warm – around 34 degrees is the air temperature and the atmosphere is electric at the Hungaroring as drivers are making their way to the circuit for the track parade for the final race before the summer break.

Here are the driver standings at the moment – this is going to be a great race!


TRACK PARADE – 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton: “It’s a long run down to turn 1 so it’s never comfortable. It’s such a great crowd here – the turnout is great and the weather is good, Budapest is such a beautiful place. I’m here to attack in the race.”

Sebastian Vettel: “The start is always important so hopefully we can stay consistent. I don’t know what tyres we are on – as long as I have four wheels, I’m happy.”

Max Verstappen: “I will try to go forward, we have to be at least 5th today. It’s good to see all the fans and it’s always nice to have the support so hopefully we can have a good race for them today.”

Carlos Sainz: “To be honest, I’ve never been worried about my future – I just push and always push. I was and have been happy with the team. At the moment, I am happy and I’m in front of the two Red Bulls but if I see that I am killing my tyres and compromising a good result, I will do what I can and have a good afternoon.”

Fernando Alonso: “I am 23, if I shave maybe 21 – no I’m older than that. We will try and do what we can today – points are the target and that will be a nice present. It’s quite hot today and maybe that will provide the opportunity with the tyres. As soon as the race finishes – we will all be going to holidays. I will go the airport, get on the plane and then start the birthday.”

Pierre Gasly: “What a crazy session yesterday! We had all the different tyres, it was a crazy performance and we are P6 and P8 so we will have to fight and get in the points. The Red Bull I think will catch us pretty quicker – the Renault’s also have more pace than us so we will do what we can.”

GRID – Hungarian Grand Prix

Drivers are now making their way to the grid as they get ready for the 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix and what an exciting race this should be.

The crowds are cheering, as you can see in the photo below, and the atmosphere is amazing.

There’s a minute’s silence for Sergio Marchionne as all the Ferrari team are wearing a black band on their arms – drivers have a black ‘band’ attached their racing suit for the weekend.

It’s time for the national anthem.


LIVE RACE UPDATES – 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

Drivers are now getting ready with last minute preparations ahead of the race – it’s warm and many drivers are wearing cooling body vests, walking around with damp towels on their head or walking around with umbrellas.


Drivers are now making their way round the track for the formation lap, getting their cars ready for the race start. The weather conditions, as mentioned, are warm – the sun is shining and it’s all about tyre management and keeping the cars cool during the race.

We should be up for a great race – the crowds are cheering and it’s exciting.

 Lap 1

It’s a good start for Hamilton who make his way down to Turn 1 closely followed by Bottas with the two Ferrari’s right behind who also have a great start. A better start for Raikkonen compared to Vettel however Vettel picks up the pace quickly.

It’s close for both drivers as Vettel and Raikkonen are battling for position – Raikkonen doesn’t gain the place as Vettel makes his way past, going round the outside.

There’s battles all through the grid but it’s a relatively clean start for the Hungarian Grand Prix.


Lap 2

Oh no!  Problem for Leclerc who’s out parked on the side of the track…..

Team to Ricciardo: “I think you have damage on the front left – check.”

Ricciardo: “Yes, I have damage.”

Team to Ricciardo: “Tyre pressure looks ok at the moment.”


Lap 3

It’s Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel, Raikkonen, Verstappen who are the top 5 at the moment.

 Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap time – he’s pushing.

Lap 5

So, the only car out at the moment is Leclerc despite his team-mate also coming into contact with Ricciardo leaving him with damage.

At the moment, there’s no damage on Ricciardo’s car but a definite bump for Ericsson following the battle at the start.

DRS has now been enabled.

Lap 6

Ricciardo is trying to make his way past Vandoorne – Ricciardo ends up going off-track and loses time. He’s in P14 at the moment.

Lap 7

Bottas is slower but it’s not sure whether he’s backing up the Ferrari’s or simply slower than Hamilton. Hamilton on the other hand is pushing – he’s now out of DRS range.

 Verstappen: “No Power!!!!!”

Team to Verstappen: “Yep”



Max Verstappen has stopped on the side of the track – what an awful result for the team who have been hit with a series of unreliabilities.


Some cars are now making their way into the pits for a tyre change – other cars are remaining out on track.

Christian Horner has confirmed it’s an engine issue.

Lap 8

Battles between Ricciardo and Alonso – Alonso however remains in the lead for the moment…

Lap 9

Ricciardo now makes his way past and takes the lead – despite Alonso trying to regain the place, the Red Bull has just that little bit more power, letting the Red Bull go.

Hamilton leading the race, he’s managing things and controlling the race at the moment – the top drivers haven’t come into the pits and everything is looking steady as drivers manage their cars.

Lap 11

Kimi Raikkonen asking if the team have connected his drink to the car or not – from what we can tell over the radio, he doesn’t have a drink available to him for the race but Raikkonen is questioning the fact whether his drink is going elsewhere in the car when the button is pressed.

Lap 12

Hamilton and Bottas are at the front of the pack at the moment, there isn’t much pressure from the Ferrari’s at the moment. It looks like everyone is managing the car and their tyres.

If you think about it, if the Ferrari’s put pressure on Mercedes – they’ll both burn out their tyres, if they don’t, Mercedes won’t have a problem so they’re both playing a waiting game and managing their cars.

Lap 15

Ferrari have brought in Kimi Raikkonen for a tyre change – it was a slow stop.

He’s back out on the grid in P6.

Lap 16

Bottas now comes into the pits – the soft tyres have gone on his car and it was a good stop for the team.

Bottas now makes his way back out onto the racetrack, ahead of Raikkonen – P4.

bottas hungarian grand prix

Team to Ricciardo: “It all looks like it’s going to kick-off so keep doing what you’re doing.”

Lap 17

It’s now Hamilton and Vettel in P1 and P2 – Hamilton leading the race and controlling the situation.

Will Vettel start putting the pressure on Hamilton? Will Mercedes bring in Hamilton earlier?

Lap 18

Team to Hamilton: “Good lap Lewis, keep them coming.”

Every time Vettel pushes, Hamilton pushes too – setting the fastest race time.

Lap 20

The track has started to cool – it started off at around 50 degrees track temperature and is now dropping to around the 46 degree mark which could benefit Mercedes and the tyres.

Vettel has just set a personal best lap time however Hamilton pushes that little bit more.

Lap 21

Ricciardo is now closing the gap to Magnussen – he’s trying to make his way past however Magnussen defends but closes the gap yet again. A good battle for P5. Daniel Ricciardo now makes his move on the outside of the racing line, claiming P5 after a great battle.

Lap 22

 Team to Hamilton: “Keep extending on these lap times, you’re doing good.”

Team to Vettel: “We are on Plan C, Plan C.”

Lap 24

Vettel pushing and putting the pressure on Hamilton however he goes off-track and loses time. The pressure is getting to Ferrari despite them having the better car, it’s like the cool nature of Mercedes has gotten to them slightly.

Hulkenberg now comes into the pits, a great pit-stop and comes back out in front of Sirtokin in P14.

Lap 25 

Team to Hamilton: “It won’t be long now Lewis, keep your head up.”

It looks like Mercedes will be bringing in the race leader soon as Hamilton starts approaching traffic.

Lap 26

 Lewis Hamilton now comes into the pits – he’s going to come out in P2, ahead of his team-mate. Remember, Vettel hasn’t come into the pits.

Lap 27

Vettel is now leading the race after Hamilton comes into the pits – he’s got clear air in front of him so let’s see what Ferrari can do for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Team to Bottas: “Lewis has come into the pits, Vettel will be out for another 10-15 laps so let’s see what we can do.”

Meaning for Bottas to put the pressure and close the gap.

Lap 31

Team to Vettel: “You are gaining on Valtteri Bottas, you are faster than Hamilton – keep your head down.”

Vettel is pushing the car as he leads the Hungarian Grand Prix.

It’s Vettel, Hamilton, Bottas, Raikkonen who make up the top 4 drivers – it’s an unpredictable weekend as you can see and we still don’t know what can happen towards the end of the race.

 Lap 33

Raikkonen has now started to put the pressure on Bottas. Vettel has started to approach traffic too as he’s started to make his way through the back markers which is costing him time.

Lap 36

Vettel: “OK guys, I need your help now – I need the blue flags.”

There’s a slight nervousness to his tone which is surprising.

The traffic is helping Mercedes overall however Ferrari, or Sebastian Vettel – sounds a little bit under pressure.

hungarian grand prix Sebastian vettel

Lap 38

Bottas is now within pit-stop range to Sebastian Vettel hence the reasoning why Vettel wanted to get thorough the traffic quickly. He needs a good few laps now.

Lap 39

The Ferrari crew is now coming out into the pits – Kimi Raikkonen pits again!

A fastest lap time for Valtteri Bottas who’s started to push!

Lap 40

Sebastian Vettel now comes into the pits – there’s a problem with his tyre!!!

Hamilton regains the lead of the race and Bottas is in front of Vettel!!!

Lap 41

Vettel putting the pressure on the Mercedes team, he’s pushing the car and closing the gap to Bottas who’s in P2.

A fastest lap time for Kimi Raikkonen who also changed his tyres before Vettel.

Hamilton leading the race as Vettel starts closing in on Bottas.

Lap 42

Raikkonen radioing his team about back markers not moving out of the way and how they’re positioning their car on the circuit.

Kimi Raikkonen now sets another fastest lap time – he’s looking strong however behind Ricciardo.

Lap 43

Sebastian Vettel trying to close the gap to Bottas – every time he pushes, Bottas pushes a little bit more. Bottas and Vettel now making their way through a small amount of traffic which is helping the situation.


Lap 44

 Kimi Raikkonen continuing to push – he’s looking happy on this tyre.

Lewis Hamilton leading the race – he’s now making his way through a little bit of traffic as Hamilton talking to his team.

Lap 45

Daniel Ricciardo now comes into the pits – he goes onto the UltraSoft tyres after a great result for him. He comes out on the track in P5 and it looks like the Hungarian Grand Prix is a good race for him, judging by all the battles and places he’s gained.

Lap 46 

 Vettel: “What’s the situation?”

Team to Vettel: “Bottas is going until the end – you have to pass him.”

Lap 47

It’s Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel and Raikkonen who make up the top 4 – they’re all pushing yet managing their cars at the same time.

Grosjean also asking the team “What’s the situation” for the Hungarian Grand Prix – it looks like the closing sector of the race could be exciting if people start to push.

Lap 52

Stoffel Vandoorne is going round the track really, really slowly – it looks like he’s out of the race and there’s a VIRTUAL SAFTEY CAR

Lap 53

The Virtual Safety Car is ending.

Lap 54

It’s Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel and Raikkonen – Vettel has started to push again but not too much.

 Lap 56

Vettel is right behind Bottas and he has DRS however he can’t make his way past the Mercedes driver – just yet.

 Bottas: “My rears are starting to get a bit uncomfortable.”

Team to Bottas: “Copy that.”

Lap 58

Vettel still behind Bottas – again, he’s closing the gap however can’t find a way past.

Team to Vettel: “Bottas starting to report that he’s losing his rear tyres.”

Lap 59

Raikkonen has now started to close the gap to Vettel – he’s putting the pressure on his team-mate and it’s not something that Vettel wants to think about at the moment, his focus is on Bottas and claiming P2.

Lap 62


With 10 laps to go for the Hungarian Grand Prix, the battle is on for P2 – Bottas is doing an amazing job despite his tyres not being great and is keeping the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel in P3.

As things look, Vettel has closed the gap but can’t manage a way past Bottas – which is rather surprising despite how strong they have looked throughout the weekend.

Add the fact that Raikkonen has closed the gap to Vettel due to Vettel being stuck behind Bottas.

In the meantime, Hamilton is in the lead.

Lap 64

Hamilton: “Hows Valtteri doing?”

Team to Hamilton: “He’s hanging in there on them tyres.”

Vettel is really, really close to Bottas however Bottas seems to be able to pick up the speed and pushes that little bit more.

Lap 65

Team to Vettel: “How fast can you go?”

It’s Bottas, Vettel and Raikkonen in a little group – all pushing however no overtaking from Ferrari.

Lap 66

Vettel hits Bottas!!! He closes the gap and turns into Bottas!!!


Team to Vettel: “Tyres are fine.”

There’s damage on Bottas’ car as he makes his way into the pit.

Lap 68


Ricciardo goes off-track however Bottas didn’t turn due to lack of downforce!


Lap 70


Closely followed by Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas – what a closing sector to the race!

Lewis Hamilton: “What a beautiful day, what a great crowd – to come out with these points, these are a bonus for us. I was sweating, it was so hot in this race. It was physical but it’s the last part that kills me. We deserve this holiday. I’ll be doing activities over the summer, I’m just so grateful for everyone’s efforts and work from the team – they always push and it’s great.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I don’t know, I was stuck and this was a tough race – we were out of the position for the speed that we had. I had a good start and then we did well but tricky to know when we should come in. We had an issue in the pit stop and we needed up being behind Valtteri. His tyres were getting worse and I knew how long he had – the result is not really what we wanted but it’s the best.”

“I was ahead and was surprised as I didn’t want to run too deep – I wasn’t too sure what was going on, I looked in my mirror and saw Valtteri there.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “This was the best that we could have done today – I didn’t have the ideal start and I need to work on those a little bit. There was the option to stop again and it was far from ideal, we had a good speed today and we take the results and the points and we move to the next one.”

Lots more reaction will be online this evening with your race report so make sure you check back for the latest!

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