LIVE 2018 British Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 2018 ROLEX BRITISH GRAND PRIX

LIVE 2018 British Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 2018 ROLEX BRITISH GRAND PRIX

Circuit: Silverstone

Race Weekend: 2018 British Grand Prix (Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix)

The sun is shining and the crowds are cheering, all getting ready for the 2018 British Grand Prix. The drivers were greeting fans and now, they’re all making their way round the track for the track parade and chatting to the media.

Track Parade Interviews – 2018 British Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo: “Hopefully today, we can overtake. It’s a tough race but hopefully we can overtake in different places round the track – it’s awesome here.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I think for today, it should be a good race we have great pace in the car – hopefully we can keep things like this until the very end, this is our ambition. If you’re fighting and it’s intense but it’s good. My neck is better today, it wasn’t good yesterday but it should be OK today.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Let’s hope we have a good race. It all depends on many things, the weather is nice and I think we will have a good fight. The long runs were OK but it’s different in the race so we will see what we can do here.”

Fernando Alonso: “This circuit is perfect for everyone and with this weather it’s different, we are exploring the maximum of the cars as normally we have rain, wind – I think it should be a good race, it’s quite different this time compared to what we are used to so let’s see as we have the third DRS zone so it could be a good race. Turn 1 – it’s not possible I think but after turn 1, you can open it (DRS) so it will be interesting.”

Max Verstappen: “It wasn’t easy with the rear tyres and there’s so many fans here and it’s a great place. Our car works really well here and we’ll give it a go and see what we can do.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I feel great – I’m standing here enjoying the weather, this is incredible. It doesn’t get old – you see all the British flags and it’s the best feeling ever. It was the hardest lap yesterday, it was close to the Ferrari’s – I would have been much more comfortable with the gap I had last year but a gap is a gap and I’ll take it.”

“We’ve had lots up and downs and with the team we have so much eagerness to get out there and get the points back but we know how tough the Ferrari’s will be. Yesterday, I didn’t get any of the brief done as I was watching the guys in Football – you feel such passion and I’m really proud of them and excited for what’s to come.”

PIT LANE OPEN – 2018 British Grand Prix

Drivers are now making their way to the grid, the sun is shining and it looks like it’s going to be a great race ahead.

Drivers are now lining up at the end of the grid for the national anthem.

LIVE 2018 British Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 2018 ROLEX BRITISH GRAND PRIX


 Drivers are now getting ready for the formation lap – some drivers talking to the media for last-minute interviews.

The temperature is warm for Silverstone, it’s 26 degrees air temperature, 55 degrees track temperature so the drivers and teams have a lot to look out for during the race.

Lewis Hamilton is aiming for a record 6th British Grand Prix victory.

These are the tyre options available for the 2018 British Grand Prix today – Hard (Blue) , Medium (White) , Soft (Yellow)


Team to Hamilton: “There will probably be tailwind into turn 4”

Both the Williams drivers will be starting from the pit-lane, they’re lining up on the pit-lane exit.

 Lap 1

Hamilton has a late start – Vettel gets past and leads the race, Raikkonen HITS Hamilton!

Raikkonen now makes his way past Ricciardo.

Hamilton: “Ah man! I think my car’s broken….”

Hamilton now making his way past Stroll and making his way through the grid.

Hamilton: “The rear is damaged man…”

Team to Hamilton: “Tyre pressures look OK but we’re looking into it.”

Lap 3

Sebastian Vettel is now in the lead.

Hamilton is now up into P14 – he’s making his way through the grid.

Raikkonen is asking the team if everything looks OK with his car following the contact with Hamilton.

Lap 4

Hamilton: “I’ve lost part of my floor – I’m sure.”

Team to Hamilton: “We are checking everything and reviewing but it all looks OK at the moment.”

Lap 5

 It’s Vettel, Bottas and Verstappen who are the top 3 drivers – at the moment.

Lap 7

Kimi Raikkonen receives a 10 second penalty.

Hamilton talking to the team about his car.

Lap 8

Lewis Hamilton has now made his way up into P9 – he’s making his way through the grid at a steady pace.

Raikkonen: “How is my front wing? Can you see anything?”

 Sebastian Vettel controlling the race and maintaining the lead and gap to Bottas.

Lap 9

Hamilton: “How am I doing with pace boys?”

Team to Hamilton: ” You’re doing good….” the team telling him the times.

Lewis Hamilton is now up into P8.

Lap 10

Hamilton is now closing the gap to Hulkenberg who’s in P6 – he’s making his way through the grid in a consistent manner and he’s looking ok for the 2018 British Grand Prix.

Lap 11

Sebastian Vettel is in the lead, maintaining and controlling the race.

Lap 14

Kimi Raikkonen comes into the pits and serves his penalty along with a tyre change.

Hamilton is now up into P5.

Sebastian Vettel is still in the lead.

Team to Hamilton: “Other cars seem to be struggling so you’re doing a great job.”

Lap 18

Verstappen comes into the pits and Hamilton has moved up into P4

 Lap 19

Ricciardo now comes into the pits and Hamilton has moved up into P3.

Ricciardo comes out just in front of Raikkonen.

Leclerc is off-track, it looks like there’s an issue with his tyres following his pit-stop.

Team to Leclerc: “There’s a problem, stop the car.”

Leclerc is out of the race.

Lap 20

 Sebastian Vettel comes into the pits.

Bottas, Vettel and Hamilton is how the top 3 drivers look – Neither Bottas or Hamilton have come into the pits yet.

Kimi Raikkonen goes off-track.

Lap 22

Bottas comes into the pits – it’s not Vettel, Hamilton and Bottas.

Hamilton: “Tyres are still good!”

Lap 24

Bottas has now made his way past Hamilton – Bottas is on fresher tyres and putting the pressure on Vettel, Hamilton hasn’t come into the pits yet.

Lap 25

The team telling Bottas that Vettel has a problem with his front left tyre – he’s putting the pressure on Vettel now.

Team to Hamilton: “Box, Box!”

Hamilton is now coming into the pits.

Lap 28

Following the pit-stop, Hamilton is down in P6.

Vettel maintaining the lead but Bottas is right behind, keeping the pressure on him.

Lap 29

Lewis Hamilton now setting a fastest lap time. He’s putting the pressure on Raikkonen.

Lap 30

Lewis Hamilton setting another fastest lap, he’s closing the gap to Raikkonen and putting the pressure on the Ferrari.

Team to Hamilton: “OK, you’re the fastest man on track.”

The team giving Hamilton the motivation to push.

Sebastian Vettel in the lead, Bottas is still right behind – the Mercedes are putting the pressure on the Ferrari’s.

Daniel Ricciardo now comes into the pits.

Lap 32

Hamilton improving with lap times – he’s faster than Vettel, at the moment.

Marcus Ericsson is OUT of the race – he hits the barrier.

Lap 33


Sebastian Vettel comes into the pits.

Bottas now re-takes the lead.

Verstappen and Raikkonen both come into the pit – Hamilton stays out.

Lap 34

It’s Bottas, Vettel and Hamilton

Lap 35

Hamilton: “I won’t be able to compete with these tyres.”

Team to Hamilton: “You are the fastest car on track so – it’s all there!”

Lap 36 

Vettel: “Tell the safety car to slow down a bit.”

Hamilton: “These guys with the fresh tyres, it’s going to be very hard to get past….”

Lap 37

Team to Hamilton: “Your tyre deg is very good along with your pace so everything is to play for – you can go for it.”

Hamilton: “On the last tyres, not these….”

Team to Hamilton: “It all looks good to me on here.”

The race is BACK ON – drivers are all bunched together and Bottas remains in the lead.

Lap 38

Raikkonen is right behind Verstappen – that was a close move, Raikkonen makes his way past Verstappen and Raikkonen reclaims the place!

Verstappen now goes off-track and is ahead of Raikkonen.

Grosjean and Sainz are both OUT of the race and from what we can see, Grosjean hits Sainz.

Lap 39


The second safety car for the 2018 British Grand Prix!

Lap 41

The safety car will be ending this lap…. we’re getting ready to go racing again.

 Bottas remains in the lead, Hamilton is right behind Vettel putting the pressure on him.

Lap 42

Raikkonen right behind Verstappen however Verstappen keeps his cool.

Vettel just tried to make his way past Bottas however Bottas remains in the lead – for now.

Hamilton is putting the pressure on Vettel too.

Lap 43

Raikkonen just makes his way past Verstappen – it’s a battle between the two. Raikkonen pushing!

Lap 44

Raikkonen is now starting to put the pressure on Hamilton.

Verstappen: “Do I have damage?”

Vettel trying to make his way past Bottas – Bottas remains in the lead, Vettel tries again however Bottas closes the gap and stays in the lead!


Raikkonen is now closing the gap to Hamilton however Hamilton blocking him.

Lap 45

Bottas still in the lead with a frustrated Vettel right behind.

It’s Bottas, Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen – all battling!

Lap 46

Verstappen spins – it looks like there’s an issue on his car.

Vettel now makes his way past Bottas and is in the lead! That was an unexpected move – a good, calculated move.

Lap 47

Team to Vettel: “Head down, head down.”

Max Verstappen is OUT of the race.

Lap 48

Bottas lets Hamilton get by – not too sure if Bottas’ tyres aren’t holding up as well however Hamilton is now up into P2. It’s Vettel, Hamilton and Bottas who are the top 3 drivers – at the moment.

Lap 49

Raikkonen makes his way past Bottas – he’s got a problem with his tyres. Ricciardo is now closing the gap to Bottas too.

Lap 52


It’s Hamilton and Raikkonen who are right behind.

Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen are the top 3 and it’s a great result for Hamilton following his start.


Sebastian Vettel: “The safety car spiced it up, Valtteri was pushing and it’s wasn’t too easy to find a way through I wasn’t sure I would make the corner but I did! Thanks to everyone who’s supporting me – yesterday, I was a bit damaged but a great race. With all the adrenaline going, I was fine – tonight, I think I’ll feel it though. I enjoyed it and I hope the people enjoyed it too.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Obviously on the third corner, I locked the wheel and ended up hitting him on the corner – that was my bad but that’s how it goes. It wasn’t a straight forward race. It was my mistake and I took the 10 seconds and kept fighting.”

Lewis Hamilton: “This is the greatest race of the year, this is the greatest crowd and I’m sorry that I couldn’t bring it home for you today. We will take it on the chin and I’ll keep doing what I can, doing my best. We all do what we can and I’m just so grateful for all the support – look at the crowd, it’s been amazing.”

 Lots more reaction later this evening!

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