Location: Hockenheim, Germany

Race: 2018 German Grand Prix

What a race we had today! The 2018 German Grand Prix was a race that we couldn’t have imagined – from the unpredictable weather conditions to the shock incident with Sebastian Vettel going off-track and ending his race.

There were plenty of battles throughout the race and despite the start being clean, we had the safety car making an appearance along with another retirement for Daniel Ricciardo, showing the unreliability for the Red Bull Racing team.

A frustrating afternoon for drivers and their engineers overall, especially Kimi Raikkonen who wanted the team to tell him directly to “let him go” in regards to switching places with Sebastian Vettel. Valtteri Bottas was also told to “hold position” in terms of Lewis Hamilton who was leading the race.

A great result for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team who yesterday, looked defeated and not positive about the race – it’s funny what 24 hours can do considering the terrible Qualifying session for Lewis Hamilton especially.

Below, you’ll be able to see driver interviews and reaction following the race.


Here you can see reaction from teams and drivers.


Lewis Hamilton – P1


Lewis Hamilton: “I’ve never experienced a race quite like this. I knew sitting on the grid that I had to catch the guys at the front – that was my goal.”

“I did a very long first stint, but I had to stop just before it started to rain as the tyre just couldn’t hold out any longer. It rained more and more and it was so tricky out there, but I’d come so far, there was no way I was giving it up.”

“To get the 1-2 for Mercedes, especially on a weekend when the Team showed their confidence in us by re-signing us, is tremendous. I would never have thought you could do something like that today but I just kept pushing, I kept believing and it happened.”

“I prayed as I always do before the race, and it feels like those prayers were answered. There was a lot of negativity this weekend, but I feel like the rain has come down and washed away all of that negativity.”

“It’s been a real dream and a day I’ll always remember.”

Valtteri Bottas – P2


Valtteri Bottas: “I would have loved to win this race, but at the moment I’m very happy for us at the team – it’s a perfect result here at the home race for Mercedes in Germany.”

“I was fighting for the win today and things started to unfold quite nicely for me towards the end of the race. But unfortunately I was a bit unlucky as the Safety Car did not come at an ideal time for me in terms of tyre age.”

“That’s where I lost the race. Lewis had a great comeback and drove a mega race – probably one of his best. In the end he was a bit more lucky with the Safety Car timing than I was.”

“I had a good opportunity at the re-start, Lewis and I had a great, fair battle – but he managed to stay ahead. It must have been quite exciting to watch – two of the same cars fighting it out on the track.”

“We decided not to pit for the Intermediate tyres; it was risky, but the team was comfortable that the rain would not last long. It turned out to be exactly the right decision, so I’m glad I trusted the team.”

“I will keep pushing hard and I’m sure my time will come.”


Sebastian Vettel – DNF


Sebastian Vettel: “There’s not much to say, I made a small mistake which had a huge impact on the result. I braked just a tiny bit too late for the corner, locked the front tires and then the rear ones, so that I couldn’t turn the car anymore.”

“I think I had managed everything right before that. We had the pace and we had been in control of the race up to that point.”

“It was my mistake, so I am disappointed, but I don’t think we still have to show what we can do. We’ve shown everywhere that we are competitive, so I am looking forward to Hungary next weekend.”

Kimi Raikkonen – P3


Kimi Raikkonen: “It was pretty difficult out there today. Surprisingly, in some corners there was decent grip and in some others there was none at all; we could feel the rain especially in Turns 2 and 6.”

“It was hard to tell when to slow down and where the grip was. Obviously, you had to make your decision before the braking zone, knowing that if it happens to be wetter than you expected, there’s not much you can do. It was not easy but we tried to make the best calls and I think we got it right.”

“The most tricky moments were before the safety car came in; it felt like it was raining a lot, somehow we had some decent grip and suddenly quite bad grip.”

“At one point I had a moment with some back-markers and unfortunately I lost second place. In many ways it could have been better today, but this is what we got.”

“I think that we made the most of it, considering the situation.”


Daniel Ricciardo – DNF


Daniel Ricciardo: “The first 10 to 15 laps were really hard on the Medium tyre and they were a handful. I think the race would have come to us but on the first few laps I needed to be really patient and pick cars off one by one.”

“Once I got into clean air I was able to do some low eighteens which seemed competitive at the time but we didn’t really get a chance to see what we could do today.”

“We could have gone long on the Medium tyre and I think the strategy would have worked for us towards the end. On lap 29 I heard something strange when I was downshifting for Turn 6 and then once I accelerated out of the corner I lost power and the engine started to sound pretty sick.”

“I got on the radio straight away and expected the team to ask me to pull over, which they did. I don’t know the specifics but it was some sort of engine failure which is obviously pretty frustrating after taking the penalties today.”

“Anyway, would have, could have, that’s racing and I feel like I have been in this position too often this season. It hurts, it always does.”

“I may not remember this race but I will remember the crowd, they all showed up today which was really nice to see and I guess they know it may be the last time we come here for a while, it’s been a good show for them, but not for me.”

“Hopefully I can go and win in a week’s time before we all head off for the summer break.”

Max Verstappen – P4


Max Verstappen: “After such a chaotic race I think finishing fourth is a good result and the car felt strong throughout the race. It was a hard day for decision making due to the late changes in the weather.”

“I had a small slide at Turn 6 when it first started to rain so I decided to pit for Intermediates. As soon as I came out of the pits and got to Turn 6 it was dry again. I knew it was not going to work, it could have done but unfortunately it didn’t continue raining enough.”

“Sometimes these decisions work for you, sometimes not as we experienced today. The safety car meant it didn’t impact the result but it was worth trying at the time.”

“The heavy rain came a fraction too late in the day, perhaps we could have done more but instead we had to settle for dryer conditions.”

“We should be in better shape to get a good result in Hungary so I’m already looking forward to next weekend.”


Fernando Alonso – DNF (Classified 16th)


Fernando Alonso: “It was a tricky race today. We bet on the rain and at the first drops we pitted for Intermediate tyres, expecting that it would rain hard in the following few minutes but it didn’t and we were out there on a dry track with wet tyres.”

We ended up killing them and then we had to stop again and get back onto the dry tyres for the track, at that point our race was compromised.”

“It was difficult conditions out there today but we weren’t in the points so we had to try and do something, disappointingly, the strategy today was the wrong one. At the end of the race, the team told me to retire the car as they probably saw on the data.”

Stoffel Vandoorne – P13


Stoffel Vandoorne: “It was a very strange race. We had a terrible first part, when we were almost last – as we’ve been most of this weekend, to be honest.”

“Then we had an engine issue; we thought we had to retire the car but then we found some settings to make it work again, even though with a little lower power than normal but at least it got ourselves back in the race.”

“When the rain came down we took the right decision by not pitting for Intermediate tyres, which got ourselves up a few positions.”

“Thirteenth was probably the best position we could’ve gained today and the most important thing now is that changing things around on my car and arriving in Hungary with a normal car to go racing.”

Photos from the paddock – 2018 German Grand Prix




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