Hamilton Takes Pole For The British Grand Prix – QUALIFYING REPORT (Includes Driver Interviews)


Hamilton Takes Pole For The British Grand Prix – QUALIFYING REPORT (Includes Driver Interviews)

Location: Silverstone, United Kingdom

Race Weekend: Formula 1 2018 Rolex British Grand Prix

Session: 2018 British Grand Prix Qualifying

It was an eventful Qualifying session at Silverstone today with the weather temperatures being at their highest – it was a reported 55 degrees on track at the start of Qualifying, dropping to 52 degrees towards the end of the session.

With red-flags and incidents, the track has been tough for many drivers – along with one championship contender, Sebastian Vettel who missed most of FP3 due to a neck injury with him having massages and cortisone injections for the pain.

Fast-Forward to Q3 and it was a battle between the Mercedes and Ferrari teams who were extremely close – first off, Vettel set the new track record only to be followed by Hamilton who just managed to claim pole ahead of the 2018 British Grand Prix tomorrow.

Here, you can see what the drivers had to say following the session along with the preparations for tomorrow.

MERCEDES – 2018 British Grand Prix – QUALIFYING REPORT

Lewis Hamilton – 1st


Lewis Hamilton: “That lap took everything out of me, it was the toughest lap I’ve ever had to do in a qualifying session. I had to go over the limit to get that time out of the car and I could have easily not pulled that lap together, so I’m thankful that I was able to do it.”

“I knew that the fans were right there with me; every time I go out I see them cheering. The support I get at this track is phenomenal; it means the world to me and it really lifts me up.”

“The start and the tyre management will be key for the race; I’m going to see my guys tonight and tell them to keep pushing so that we’re as good as we can get tomorrow.”

Valtteri Bottas – 4th


Valtteri Bottas: “I’m disappointed – our pace was good today and it was all going well for me, but I lost it in the last two corners. I went a bit too deep into Turn 16, lost a few tenths there and dropped to fourth.”

“Without that mistake I think I would have been fighting for pole today. The Ferraris looked strong yesterday already and it was very close today between us and them, so I expect a similarly close fight tomorrow.”

“It’s not going to be easy to pass them tomorrow, but we’ve seen overtaking on this track before, so there’s still opportunity for more.”

“We saw blistering last week in Austria, so keeping the tyres in good condition is going to be the key tomorrow given the high temperatures.”

“It is going to be a long and hot race, a tough battle, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Toto Wolff – Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

“You probably can’t ask for anything more from a qualifying session than to have three cars within a tenth of a second at the front.”

“The atmosphere this afternoon was incredible: every time Lewis passed, you could hear the crowd cheering above the noise of the cars, and that support probably made the difference today.”

“In the end, he was just 44 thousandths ahead of Sebastian – and Valtteri could have been right in the mix as well, apart from a mistake in the last corners that cost him over two tenths.”

“We know already that it will be a tough race tomorrow, and especially so with two Ferraris starting right behind Lewis. There is everything still to play for and we will have to be at our very best as a team if we wish to come out on top.”

FERRARI – 2018 British Grand Prix – QUALIFYING REPORT

Sebastian Vettel – 2nd


Sebastian Vettel: “Today the gap to Hamilton was only less than half a tenth, so my lap was almost the same as his. I was happy with my first attempt in Q3, but then on my last run I lost a lot of time on the straight.”

“I don’t know why it happened, otherwise pole would have been there. However, tomorrow we should be ok in the race. Also, the pain in my neck was not nice today, but it should be gone by tomorrow.”

“Even if we couldn’t beat Mercedes today for pole, we made big steps forward as a team, so I wish to congratulate the whole Scuderia because everybody, on track and at home, has done their best.”

“The car is working well and we are faster than last year.”

Kimi Raikkonen – 3rd


Kimi Raikkonen: “On my last run in Q3 I locked the front wheels a little bit on the second last corner and I definitely lost some time there.”

“It’s difficult to get the perfect lap together, for sure there’s always room to improve, but this is what we have got today. So far it’s been pretty ok with the car and the set-up and things have been running smoothly; let’s hope that tomorrow is an even better day.”

“Third position is not ideal but not too bad, either. It’s impossible to know if the hot conditions will help us ; yesterday we did some long runs and after that we had a rough idea, but on Sunday it’s a different story and the conditions might be slightly different.”

“Tomorrow we’ll do our best and see where we end up. It’s going to be a long race and it will be quite tricky for the tires. We’ll try to make a good start and then make the right decisions.”


Max Verstappen – 5th


Max Verstappen: “I was actually very happy in Qualifying and we made a good step with the car but if you lose one second or more on the straights it’s going to be difficult around here.”

“This track is getting less and less favourable for us which is a shame. In the end we were eight tenths behind but can actually be quite happy with what we did and the car was performing really well. No regrets, but I just wish that we had a bit more horsepower.”

“It’s going to be hard tomorrow and I think with no luck we will most likely finish fifth as that’s the pace we have in the car but with a bit of luck of course we can move forward.”

“I hope it’s not going to be a boring race but at the moment I think we may be in a bit of a no-man’s land. For sure in the race we will lose less on the straights, but maybe still five or six tenths which is still way too much.”

“This year showed that sometimes when you expect the race to be boring it is actually quite entertaining, so I hope everyone keeps their televisions on.”

Daniel Ricciardo – 6th


Daniel Ricciardo: “Today was challenging and a bit frustrating. On the best run in Q3 I didn’t have DRS working between turns four and six so we lost a bit of time there but we were missing a lot already.”

“Silverstone has proven to be a real horsepower circuit these days, a lot of the corners are full throttle, turns one, two and nine are not really corners anymore, it’s all about horsepower.”

“Knowing how much we lose on the straights and then losing DRS was pretty frustrating. We kind of knew yesterday that we were going to struggle to be better than the third row, so we’ve set the car up more for the race, so let’s hope that pays dividends tomorrow.”

“I’m hoping it gets hotter and hotter so the tyres become a factor, if it’s a one stop race then it obviously limits our chances but if it’s on the cusp then it could be interesting.”

“Let’s hope the fans need factor 75 tomorrow, if that even exists (laughs). We’re still a long way off Ferrari and Mercedes but in the race things can change so hopefully tomorrow provides something a bit different.”

“In Austria we didn’t really seem that fast but in the race we turned it around which gives us some optimism.”

MCLAREN – 2018 British Grand Prix – QUALIFYING REPORT

Fernando Alonso – 13th


Fernando Alonso: “This weekend in general has been good so far and qualifying has also proved to be okay. We’re still missing a couple of tenths, but P13, being close to the points zone and starting on the clean side was our target after all, and we reached that.”

“Saturday seems to be our lowest point of the weekend, as we always seem to qualify around P13, but then we improve on Sundays, so let’s aim for that tomorrow and see how the race develops.”

“We know this track is demanding aerodynamically. It’s a very long circuit where you need both efficiency and power, so it’s quite complex, but we will fight tomorrow.”

“The start will be crucial – here it’s difficult to follow other cars due to the high-speed corners, so positions on the first lap are quite important, and after that a good strategy and good tyre management.”

“It’s quite warm, and for those on a one-stop strategy the degradation is going to be high, so we need to keep our concentration and hopefully we can score some points.”

Stoffel Vandoorne – 17th


Stoffel Vandoorne: “We definitely could have got more out of the car today. We had a bad FP3, there wasn’t a good feeling in the car and I really struggled for grip.”

“We couldn’t get any decent laps in – it was difficult to push and we didn’t have any real pace, so it’s a shame to come out of qualifying like this.”

“Since this morning we’ve had a big issue with the handling which made the car feel almost undriveable. We need to understand why that happened and what went wrong.”

“Clearly the other car seems to have some pace, so it’s been a pretty difficult and frustrating day.”

“I think generally we were in much better shape than we looked today. After yesterday, there was an explanation as to why the cars were performing quite differently, so this morning we made both set-ups the same but something didn’t feel right in the car at all and we weren’t able to find what the problem was before qualifying. In quali too it felt pretty bad, and there was nothing more we could do.”

” hope we can figure it out for tomorrow.”

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