Why Reporters Are Ruining Formula 1 Press Conferences


Why Reporters Are Ruining Formula 1 Press Conferences

It’s simple – they ask stupid questions.

For all of us who watch (and love) Formula 1, it can sometimes be a little bit cringeworthy to hear some of the questions which are asked by reporters to Formula 1 drivers, especially in press conferences.

Over the years, the relationship between the media and drivers has gotten worse – all for a good reason.

Nowadays, it seems that the media has no respect for drivers – all focusing on making a story out of nothing and not taking the time to think of questions with meaning which will not only connect in a positive manner with drivers themselves but will also provide quality content and reading for Formula 1 fans around the world.

Yesterday evening, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw that Sky Sports F1 Twitter shared the picture above, quoting a Daily Mail reporter who asked Max Verstappen “Max, why do you have do many accidents?” – for me, this was a petty question and looks like the reporter is trying to annoy Verstappen to create a story out of nothing.

I’m not going to say that Verstappen’s response is mature – it’s not.

There are many ways in which he could have answered the question following the fact that at the beginning of the conference, he mentioned that he’s being asked the same questions all the time.

As a writer on Formula 1 – it’s amazing how these so-called reporters still have jobs! Most of the questions which are asked in press conferences have no meaning to them. If reporters actually took the time to think of quality questions to ask, there wouldn’t be this need to create stories out of nothing.

With Liberty Media making changes in the sport, they should also be looking at the media reporters who are currently working in Formula 1.

They should look at introducing new talent from around the world – opening the doors to a diverse range of people who could bring a fresh approach to the sport and in no doubt, praise from drivers themselves.

I know that I normally don’t comment or feature things like this online however it just seems that the media are stepping on the boundaries a bit too much and not focusing on what Formula 1 fans want to read and see.

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