Sebastian Vettel Gets Three-Place Grid Penalty For Blocking Sainz – See What He Had To Say


Sebastian Vettel Gets Three-Place Grid Penalty For Blocking Sainz

It hasn’t been the best of weekends for Ferrari as they simply haven’t looked as strong as they would have liked around the Red Bull Ring however, despite not getting the most out of the car (along with a couple of mistakes) Sebastian Vettel did manage to claim P3.

However, during Qualifying, you might remember that the stewards were investigating an incident between Vettel and Sainz – with Sainz going off-track, causing slight damage to his car. Following Qualifying, the announcement was made that the stewards decided to give Sebastian Vettel a three-place grid penalty.

Below, you can see what Sebastian Vettel had to say about the penalty along with what Carlos Sainz had to say about the incident.

Sebastian Vettel: “Obviously I wasn’t meaning to block him or screw his lap I was looking in the mirror, I passed him finishing my lap and I wasn’t told anything.”

“So I’m still looking in my mirrors, I couldn’t see anything, checked again after Turn 1 and nothing to see.”

“The problem by then obviously was that he was side by side, so fair enough, I can only apologise. But there was no intention obviously.”

Even though the incident caused Sainz to go off-track, it didn’t stop him from making it through to Q3 which resulted in the Renault driver qualifying in 9th for the race tomorrow.

Carlos Sainz: “I don’t want to put too much blame on Sebastian because it has happened to me before that your engineer doesn’t tell you there is a car starting the lap and you just simply don’t look in your mirrors.”

“I got a penalty for that before but it is not always the fault of the driver if you are not told. But, this did cost me a front wing – a repair. I was angry at the moment because I thought it had cost me my Q3 – it was my second run of Q2 and we were pushing flat out.”

“Thank God I had a good enough lap at the start of Q2 to go through.”

It looks like we have a great race on our hands tomorrow – everyone seems determined and ready to push the car as much as possible.

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