QUALIFYING REPORT – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix


QUALIFYING REPORT – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix

Location: Montreal, Canada

Circuit: Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Session: 2018 Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying


After an exciting qualifying session, this post will be split into sections and to start off – you can see what the top 3 drivers had to say in the driver press conference.

Driver Press Conference

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes), Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing)

Q: Sebastian, that’s a new track record out there but you suggested that you made a little mistake on your final lap, so just talk us through that lap and how good it was.

Sebastian Vettel: “Well, I was very happy with the last qualifying, very happy with the first lap, but I thought that maybe in the first half of the circuit there’s a bit more. And the second attempt in Q3 I found that little bit and then I was like ‘OK, now I just need to repeat what I did before, because it was really, really good’ but I struggled and I lost a little bit of time.”

“I crossed the line and I wasn’t sure it was going to be enough because I didn’t know who is coming and then you try to look around at the screens to see something and you wait on the radio but yeah, big relief when I heard it’s enough and we made it.”

“Being on pole here is… I don’t know, I like this track. Yesterday was really difficult but being on pole here with Ferrari means something extra. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – I think the meaning of Gilles for the Scuderia Ferrari is huge and I think motorsport in Canada is linked to that name.”

“Obviously it’s a great result, a lot of Ferrari fans out there, probably a lot of them from back then as well, and their kids, so great to carry the momentum we’ve had this year in qualifying even though the last races maybe were a little bit less strong, but still overall I think the performance has been there. Yeah, it’s great when you have a session like that.”

Q: Well done. Valtteri, second place and a very tight battle with Sebastian. You didn’t improve on your second run but your first lap was very impressive. So did it feel like a missed opportunity or are you happy with the performance?

Valtteri Bottas: “I think now seeing the lap times in the end, the difference, they were just a little bit quicker today. I felt like in the first run I more or less got everything out of the car. I knew that normally second run, yes there will be place that I could improve, but I just couldn’t.”

“I had some understeer in the second run for I don’t know what reason, but I don’t think we missed any positions for the second run.”

“We only today for the first time experienced the hypersofts and we made good progress run after run, all the way up until Q3 with it. Obviously we like Ferrari are starting with the ultra for the race, so let’s see what we can do from there.”

Q: Thank you. Max, you tried the hypersofts a lot this weekend and were fastest in every practice session, but is third place still a satisfying result given Red Bull’s usual performance in qualifying?

Max Verstappen: “Yeah, absolutely. I think we extracted the best we could out of qualifying. We knew that in Q3 of course it was going to be a bit harder for us but to be still so close was I think still good.”

“The car all weekend has been really strong. Every session we just made progress with the car and also in qualifying the track grips up quite a lot so you just have to follow the track. Yeah, very happy.”

Driver Interviews – Qualifying – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix


Sebastian Vettel – P1

Sebastian Vettel: “Pole position is always important, that’s why I am very happy to have qualified on pole. It’s a great result for all the team, but I think I could have been even faster.”

“I was quite happy with my first run in Q3 but I knew there was something more in the car for the first part of the lap. So I tried it all but I wasn’t sure until the end if it was enough.”

“We have definitely improved since yesterday, I was very happy with the car today . Choosing the Ultrasofts for the start of the race was a pretty straightforward decision for us, now we have to do our best on Sunday!”

Kimi Raikkonen – P5


Kimi Raikkonen: “On my last try in Q3 I suddenly had a lot of understeer entering Turn 2, I struggled to turn the car round. At that point I had no choice but to try and get out of it as quickly as possible but obviously I was off the line and my lap finished there.”

“What happened was a bit odd, my car had been working well all day. I’m sure there was more to come today, and the end result is not what we were looking for.”

“Tomorrow is a different day though, we’ll see what happens. For sure it will be tricky with different tyres on different cars in the front.”

“It’s difficult to have a clear picture of how it will pan out, but we believe we made the right choice for the start of the race.”


Valtteri Bottas – P2

Valtteri Bottas: “That was a pretty awesome qualifying session. I was able to find a lot of performance from FP3 to Qualifying and it felt like I got everything out of the car. It’s a good result, although not perfect to start behind the Ferrari but we knew that they would bring improvements for this weekend.”

“Red Bull will also be a threat but it’s cool to see that there are three teams fighting for the win – we’re happy that we qualified on the UltraSoft tyre and I think it’s the right choice for our car.”

“It will be interesting to see how it does in the start of the race, especially because Red Bull will start on the HyperSoft, overall – it seems like the margins are small between the top 3 teams so the strategy could really be the key and it should be an interesting race tomorrow.”

Lewis Hamilton – P4

Lewis Hamilton: “It was a difficult qualifying. My laps weren’t good enough and it just didn’t quite come together for me. In practice, things looked good and I think that I could have been quickest in FP3 but in Qualifying I couldn’t quite hit the potential which we had shown.”

“Sebastian simply did a better job, I don’t think todays performance has got anything to do with the older engine. You can see how tight the front of the grid is so I think it could be tricky to overtake tomorrow.”

“Sure, it’ll be tough to win from fourth here but nothing is impossible – I’ll dig deep tonight. My focus now is on tomorrow.”

Toto Wolff – Qualifying Report

Toto Wolff: “We were not quick enough today in Qualifying which is pretty disappointing at a circuit where we have been traditionally very strong. P2 and P4 on the grid reflect that and once again, it showed us that this is a championship where the tiny details will make all the difference in the end.”

“Valtteri drive well to take P2 wth a very strong first run but unfortunately couldn’t improve on his final set of tyres. Lewis made a useful improvement on the last run but wasn’t totally comfortable on the Hypersoft tyre today and is qualifying position shows that.”

“The positives is that we have both cars starting on the UltraSoft so we hope to be in a strong position tomorrow with a number of options.”


Fernando Alonso – P14

Fernando Alonso: “We knew this could be a difficult circuit for us but yesterday we felt competitive, the car was feeling good and we were fast.”

“Today, the car was still feeling okay but we lost that level of competitiveness. In FP3, we felt a little bit worse and unfortunately, we confirmed that in Qualifying and we were not on the pace today.”

“It’s a disappointing day but the race is tomorrow and hopefully we can recover some places with a solid start and the right strategy. This is a circuit that provides good opportunities for overtaking and I still think that points are a possible target for us.”

Stoffel Vandoorne – P15


Stoffel Vandoorne: “Today’s result is a little bit disappointing. From this morning, we’ve found ourselves in this very tight group and it seems like we didn’t make a step forward into qualifying. It’s a shame, yesterday we had good pace and going into FP1 and FP2, especially considering we didn’t run the Hypersoft in FP2.”

“This morning we looked to be getting close to being able to get into Q3. In qualifying, there was nothing particularly wrong – the balance was good and I think we more or less got the maximum out of the car if you look at the lap times but we’re just lacking the pace.”

“The race is a different story – there is a lot to prepare for tomorrow and the race is always interesting here in terms of tyre degradation, especially for the guys that are going to have to start on the Option tyre.”

“We’ll have to wait and see – our race pace is usually better and at least we have the freedom of tyre choice so hopefully that will give us an opportunity tomorrow.”

“This is also a circuit where we can overtake, so we’ll see what we can do.”

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