QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying


QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying

Location: Montreal, Canada

Circuit: Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Session: 2018 Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying


Another race weekend is here and we’re getting ready for Qualifying for the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix taking place this weekend.

It looks like Red Bull Racing have brought their confidence from Monaco to Canada – looking strong throughout the weekend and topping the timesheets along with one of their rivals, Ferrari who are also looking strong this weekend despite Sebastian Vettel saying he’s not entirely happy with the car.

Mercedes however appear to be on the back foot slightly, bringing no upgrades to the car this weekend however this is a track that Lewis Hamilton loves so it looks like it’s going to be an exciting Qualifying session ahead.


Fernando Alonso on his 300th GP – “300 Grand Prix’s is important in F1, there’s a lot of highs and a few lows as well but an amazing journey.

“It’s tempting to pass Barrichello in the time, one more year and I will do that but I want to win races not only pass his record.”

The time is nearing for Qualifying – the weather conditions are sunny and it looks like we’ll have a great Qualifying session on our hands.


Q1 – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying


Drivers are now making their way on track.

Leclerc locks up slightly.

Hamilton now getting in his car and getting ready to come out on track.

Red Bull drivers are out on track – Vettel is at the top of the timesheets, looking strong.

His team-mate however just claims the top time – it’s close between the two.

With 10 minutes to go – Vettel goes fastest yet again. Ricciardo pushing and going extremely close against a wall.

Hamilton getting a lot of oversteer – almost losing it there. Red Bull not looking as strong at the moment, Ricciardo currently in P5, Verstappen in P3.

Max Verstappen locks up – cutting part of the track. A lot of little mistakes happening.

With 1 minute to go, Vettel, Raikkonen and Hamilton make up the top 3 drivers.

Q1 Knock Out Zone 






Drivers are now making their way back to the pit-lane and getting ready for Q2.

Q2 – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying


Kevin Magnussen is the first car making his way onto track followed by the Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen.

Lewis Hamilton now makes his way out onto the track…

Kimi Raikkonen goes fastest – the Ferrari’s are looking strong during Qualifying which was something expected as we all know that they don’t push as much through Practices…

Bottas now goes fastest – a surprise from the Mercs following their weekend!

With 10 minutes to go, Bottas now comes into the pits following his lap time of 1:11.514

A split for the Red Bull Racing drivers, Ricciardo goes sixth fastest – behind Lewis Hamilton whereas Verstappen sets the fastest lap time now. A mixed result.

Drivers are now coming back into the pits – there’s 6 minutes to go till the end of Q2.

It’s Verstappen, Bottas, Vettel, Raikkonen and Hamilton who make up the top 5 drivers – a surprise mix.

With less than 5 minutes to go, drivers are now making their way back out onto track.

Now, with 1 minute to go, Vettel is going round the track again however gets held up and aborts his lap.

Vettel: “Noooo, I mean this is ridiculous. I’m flat out on the straight and then had to slow down – I couldn’t do it, there was 3 cars.”

On the final lap – Ricciardo sets the fastest lap time and sets a new record. 1:11.434

Q2 Knock Out Zone






Q3 – 2018 Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying


 The first driver out on track is Lewis Hamilton followed by Raikkonen.

Hamilton sets the fastest lap time however his team-mate, who’s looking stronger, sets the fastest time. Valtteri Bottas sets a new track record with a 1:10.857

Raikkonen splits the two Mercedes, claiming P2!

 Wow – Sebastian Vettel now sets the new track record with a time of 1:10.776

Team to Hamilton: “So the pace to Valtteri is half a tenth.”

With 5 minutes to go, drivers are now making their way back to the pits.

There’s now just 2 minutes to go and drivers are making their way back out onto the track for their last runs.

Lewis Hamilton makes his way out on the track, Raikkonen is already ahead of him.

 Raikkonen goes wide and it looks like he’s ruined the lap and any chance of improving on his time. Raikkonen: “I lost the ******* lap already “

SEBASTIAN VETTEL ON POLE POSITION with a new track record of 1:10.764 

It’s Vettel, Bottas, Verstappen, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Ocon, Sainz and Perez who make up the top 10 drivers.

Brief Interviews

Sebastian Vettel: “Yeah, I got the job done – yesterday we were in trouble. I didn’t have a good car, it was very difficult and today – everything switched on. I think I woke up on the right side. What a day – in Quali, it just kept getting quicker, in my final lap I had a small mistake so it could have been quicker. Thanks to the team for fixing the car yesterday and thanks to the assivecrowd who are here.”

Max Verstappen: “I’m very happy with this weekend so far. To be third is great for us and I think in the race we can do a really good job. I think we have the pace, starting on the softer tyres is also a benefit here and it’s a softer track so we are competitive.”

Valtteri Bottas: “I think qualifying wise we did a good job and it’s a shame we are not ahead, starting in the top 3 is a great way to go for tomorrow and I hope that I can be first after the first corner.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “In the end, the 6th isn’t bad – on paper it’s not satisfying but in Qualifying we made progress. We struggled to find the rhythm as we had a few issues and it looks like we got our stuff together. I feel like the laps were worth more than sixth place but the times didn’t say that…. we opted for the hyper (tyre) feeling that we can handle them and we knew that we would have cars to overtake – if we do the same as others, it puts us in the same sequence as everyone so hopefully this works.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “I got a lot of understeer suddenly in Turn 2 and had no choice but to get out of it and before I knew it, I had gone off the track which screwed up the lap. We don’t know – we will have to see tomorrow, the car has been working well and we will see what we can do tomorrow.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Things just didn’t work – the laps didn’t work out and today, it didn’t come together. It was all quite close between us and they (Ferrari) did the better job today so we will have to see tomorrow.

There’s lots on the way including driver interviews and the top 3 driver reaction from the press conference which is taking place shortly.

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