QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Austrian Grand Prix


QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Austrian Grand Prix

Location: Spielberg, Austria

Circuit: Red Bull Ring

It’s another cloudy day at the Red Bull Ring as we get ready for Qualifying to see where the Formula 1 drivers will be lining up on the grid for the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix tomorrow.

Here, you’ll be able to see all the latest from Qualifying – LIVE, as it happens.

Pre-Qualifying Updates – 2018 Austrian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen had an issue with his car however the Red Bull Racing team are working in the garage and it looks like he’ll be back out for Qualifying. Good news for the many Dutch fans who have travelled to Austria to support him.

Drivers are now making their way to the garage and getting ready for the Qualifying session. The sun has also started to shine.

Charles Leclerc will face a five-place grid penalty following work which was done on his car after an issue, being stuck in 5th-gear.

QUALIFYING 1 – LIVE QUALIFYING 2018 Austrian Grand Prix

The pit-lane is now open and driers are making their way out onto the track for Qualifying. Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton still haven’t left the pit.

The Mercedes drivers, Hamilton and Bottas, are now both out on track. Bottas is currently making his way round the circuit carrying a lot of speed. Lewis Hamilton has just started making his way round the track.

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas team have been looking strong throughout the weekend (see this post) whereas Ferrari have appeared to be on the back foot slightly.


Drivers are now making their way back into the pits for a tyre change and to get themselves ready for the final run in FP2.

Q1 Knock-Out Zone






Sergio Perez couldn’t find any speed from his car – unsure if there was a slight issue.

Drivers are now back in the garage and getting ready for the second session of Qualifying. Mercedes looking confident at the moment.

Fernando Alonso however has made his way through to Q2.

QUALIFYING 2 – LIVE QUALIFYING 2018 Austrian Grand Prix

 Drivers are now making their way back out onto the grid – Sauber is one of the first teams out on track. The Mercedes-AMG Petronas team have also joined the track.

Valtteri Bottas sets the fastest lap time, setting a new track record however Lewis Hamilton just set a lap time which is even quicker – 1:03.577

The Ferrari’s are just further back with Vettel in P2 snd Raikkonen in P4.Drivers are now making their way back to the garage – at the moment, Hamilton and Bottas are leading the times.

After a small problem on his car, going over bumps, Verstappen makes his way back to the pits for the team to look at.

With 3 minutes to go until the end of Q2, the Red Bull Racing team is having a look at Verstappen’s car.

Despite the sun making an appearance, everyone is still wary of the potential rain which was forecast – Ferrari are telling Raikkonen that “temperatures are dropping”. There’s a cloud and it’s getting dark so drivers are making their way back out onto the track.

Fernando Alonso goes wide, going over the kerbs and causing damage to his front wing – the Red Bull Ring is catching even the most experienced drivers out!

Vettel just sets the fastest lap time for Q2 with Hamilton in P2 and Bottas in P3 – everyone’s making their way back to the garage and getting ready for Q3.

Q2 Knock-Out Zone






QUALIFYING 3 – LIVE QUALIFYING 2018 Austrian Grand Prix

Drivers are now in their cars and getting ready for Q3 – with Vettel setting the fastest lap time in Q2 (making mistakes throughout his lap), this is going to be a great end to Qualifying.


There’s clouds over the circuit – no rain yet but the temperatures are dropping as reported earlier from Ferrari to Raikkonen, over the team radio.

Drivers are now making their way back out onto track – Daniel Ricciardo being one of the first.

Vettel is being investigated after blocking Carlos Sainz who had to go off-track to avoid the Ferrari

Bottas has set the fastest lap time with a 1:03.264 – his team-mate, Lewis Hamilton is in P2 however he made a mistake going into a corner (going wide) and went aggressive on the throttle as he left the corner.

Sebastian Vettel only manages to go 6th fastest – he also made a few mistakes around the circuit.

Drivers are now coming back into the grid to get ready for their final run.

Kimi Raikkonen on the other hand has the circuit to himself, claiming P2 – for not.

A surprise from Grosjean who’s look quite strong today, he’s now in P4.

Ferrari and Mercedes are making their way back out onto the grid for their final runs for Q3 – it’s going to be a battle for pole.


Lewis Hamilton in P2, Vettel in P3, Raikkonen in P4, Grosjean in P5, Verstappen in P6, Ricciardo in P7, Magnussen in P8, Sainz in P9 and Hulkenberg in P10.

Sebastian Vettel: “It’s not easy to put together a good lap, I made a mistake on my first lap and I think we had a little bit left but it wasn’t enough so well done to Valtteri.”

Valtteri Bottas: “The whole weekend has been work on the car to get the car feeling balanced with the new additions – it felt so good and I managed to get the time together. We just need a good start, there’s no need to be a hero at the start. I’m more hungry than anyone on the grid at the moment.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I’m happy, Valtteri did a stunning lap and I had a mistake so this is a great result and seeing Valtteri is great as he deserved it.”

There’s lots more on the way this afternoon including a Qualifying Report with plenty of driver interviews.

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