Location: Le Castellet, France

Race Weekend: 2018 French Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 PIRELLI GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE 2018

There’s talk about the weather for the race today with many people having different views. Some people are saying rain is scheduled for after the race start, other people are saying before the race and some are saying we may just have clouds with no rain at all….

Drivers are now getting ready for the track parade – Sebastian Vettel taking time to see the kids who are waiting for a photo.

Driver Track Parade – 2018 French Grand Prix


Vettel: “I was a little bit late out here, the kids were waiting for a photo so I took the time to see them. We believe that our strategy is the right thing for the race.”

Raikkonen: “It’s never easy, the wind isn’t going to help me or make my life any different – we will see, we will do our best and hopefully we will get further up.”

Ricciardo: “Hopefully the race won’ be with myself – I’m liking the look of the clouds so this could play into our hands, I think the race could be good. We’re used to this – our year is so busy so it’s trying to be smart and conserve energy to wake up fresh and be ready to go.”

Magnussen: “I think the car looked good on Friday so we should be able to gain some positions and do a good race for the team.”

Drivers are now all lined up on the grid for the race.

Tyre Options For French Grand Prix

Soft – Supersoft – Ultrasoft


2018 French Grand Prix

Formation Lap

Drivers are now making their way round the circuit for the formation lap – getting their cars ready as much as they can for the race ahead.

The sun is shining at the moment, a few clouds here and there but no rain – at the moment. There’s 60% chance of rain with many saying it will rain towards the end of the race.

Team to Bottas: “There’s still no rain about but we will continue to see the clouds about.”

Lap 1

The Mercedes get away quick however, there’s contact between Bottas and Vettel – Bottas goes off-track and spins. Vettel loses places. It’s Hamilton, Verstappen and Sainz in the lead – the SAFETY CAR has been deployed.

Esteban Ocon is OUT of the race.

There’s damage on Sebastian Vettel’s car, the front wing has damage – the pit crew is waiting for him.

Bottas has a puncture and is making his way back to the pit.

Vettel: “I have damage.”

Bottas: “Someone hit me”

Chaos at the start as you can see in the picture below.

Looking through the replays – Vettel locked-up and hit Bottas.

 The incident between Vettel and Bottas is currently under investigation.

Hamilton: “What’s going on – nothing to do with me? Right?”

Team to Hamilton: “That’s right Lewis, nothing to do with you – it’s all going on behind you.”

Hamilton – Verstappen – Sainz – Ricciardo – Magnussen – Leclerc – Raikkonen – Grosjean – Perez – Hulkenberg – Ericsson – Vandoorne – Hartley – Stroll – Sirotkin – Alonso – Vettel – Bottas

OUT – Ocon & Gasly

That’s how the grid looks after the start.

Team to Bottas: “Vettel is under investigation for the start.”

Lap 4

The safety car is still leading everyone around the track.

Verstappen: “There’s still little bits of carbon that they haven’t cleaned up – it’s on the kerbs.”

Lap 5 

Safety car coming in at the end of this lap – Hamilton will start backing the pack up and get ready for the restart so to speak.

Lap 8 

DRS has now been enabled – Hamilton leading the are and out of DRS reach from Verstappen.

Vettel starting to make his way through the grid – he’s up in P12.

 Lap 9

Ricciardo now makes his way past Sainz – it’s Hamilton, Verstappen and Ricciardo who make up the top 3.

Vettel has been given a penalty – a 5 second penalty.

Lap 14

Vettel now makes his way past Grosjean – he’s moving steadily, up into P8 however he does have a 5 second penalty.

Lap 18

Hamilton now sets the fastest lap time as Vettel is making his way through the grid. Verstappen also pushing – putting the pressure on Hamilton.

Lap 19

Vettel is now up into P6. Lewis Hamilton sets another fastest lap time.

Bottas has damage on his car which is why he’s being held back in P11 and not progressing like Vettel.

 Lap 20

Bottas now up into P10 – making his way past Grosjean. Lewis Hamilton setting another fastest lap time as the clouds seem to be gathering but no rain – yet.

 Lap 21

Team to Alonso: “Weather update Fernando, possible rain in the next 20 minutes.”

Vettel now up into P5.

Lap 26

Max Verstappen comes into the pits and he’s back out in front of Vettel – a great pit stop from Red Bull.

It’s now Hamilton, Ricciardo and Raikkonen who are the top 3 – they haven’t come into the pits yet though.

Lewis Hamilton now sets a fastest lap time.

Lap 29

Ricciardo comes into the pits and comes back out behind Vettel – it’s the two Red Bull racing drivers which have been split by Vettel.

Perez is retiring from the race – he’s in the pits.

It’s now Hamilton, Raikkonen, Verstappen, Vettel and Ricciardo who are making up the top 5 – Hamilton and Raikkonen haven’t come into the pits yet.

Lap 33

Team to Hamilton: “Box box, box, box”

The Mercedes crew are ready for him in the pits.

Lap 34

Hamilton comes out on the track behind Raikkonen – Raikkonen is now in the lead however he hasn’t come into the pits yet. The Red Bulls are now picking up the speed.


Ricciardo putting the pressure on Vettel who’s in P4 – Ricciardo in P5.

Yep – Ricciardo now makes his way past Vettel, it looks like a relatively easy move. Vettel didn’t defend too much.

Raikkonen now comes into the pits.

Lap 39

Vettel losing a lot of time – Raikkonen now makes his way past. Remember, Vettel has been on these tyres since the start.

Alonso: “I have no brakes, I have no tyres, we are out of the points…” Fernando Alonso isn’t a happy driver and rightly so – it’s been a disappointing weekend for him.

Lap 40

Bottas comes into the pits however there’s an issue – meaning he loses more places than planned.

Vettel now comes into the pits and also goes through the 5 second penalty.

Lap 47 

Kimi Raikkonen now makes his way up into P3 – making his way past Ricciardo who looks like he has an issue.

Lap 50

After a great race – Carlos Sainz is reporting a problem with power. He’s dropped down from P6 to P8 and he’s trying to do what he can.

Such a shame for him.

Lap 51

Stroll his something – he has a puncture and goes off-track. STROLL is now OUT of the race.


Lewis Hamilton now making his way round the last parts of the circuit – it’s been a good weekend for him and he WINS the 2018 French Grand Prix.


It’s Hamilton – Verstappen – Raikkonen who are the top3 drivers.


Hamilton: “I feel so grateful for a solid weekend, my guys – I’ve been with them for 6 years and they’re continuing to push the boundaries, never giving up. Both here and at the factory.”

“The fans have been amazing here and it’s the best Grand Prix in France! It’s been a great weekend overall.”

Verstappen: “I tried to follow Lewis, he was controlling the pace and it was a good race – it’s always good to be on the podium. A the end of the day, everyone tries to gain places and everyone makes mistakes.”

Raikkonen: “I think everybody got caught up at the start – I tried to go on the outside so I slowed down a little bit and we had a decent recovery, the car performed well and it’s good to get on the podium.”

Vettel: “My start was too good and I had no way out. I tried to brake and locked-up so I hit Valtteri, the turn goes left – I tried to slow down and with the little grip, I unfortunately made contact with him. I haven’t seen enough of the race to say about winning but we had good pace but we had to manage the car and manage the tyres – in the end I had to manage the tyres but overall, I think we had good pace.”

Lots more will be online this evening including full driver interviews and reaction following the race.

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