LIVE 2018 Canadian Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX HEINEKEN DU CANADA 2018 Montréal


LIVE 2018 Canadian Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX HEINEKEN DU CANADA 2018 Montréal

Location: Montreal, Canada

Circuit: Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

It’s a sunny day in Canada, the weather conditions are extremely pleasant – drivers have all taken a photo to celebrate Fernando Alonso’s 300th Grand Prix weekend and now, they’re waiting to go out for the track parade and talking amongst themselves.

From McLaren’s Twitter page.

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Driver Interviews – Track Parade – LIVE 2018 Canadian Grand Prix

Bottas: “The last 3 years I’ve been on the podium here, my teammate is not bad here either and for sure this is a long race. There will be overtaking opportunities and opportunities during the pit-stops. For sure, I’m very hungry for the win – I’ve had no win since Abu Dhabi since last year.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I feel at home here, the guys are always great and I have so much support here – I love being in Montreal, the city is so vibrant, there’s great food and it’s too short the time that we spend here. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got and the support here is great.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I’m looking forward to it, I think it’s going to be an interesting race and I think it’s going to be close so we’ll see what we can do. Look around – there is so much support for us, there is so much passion for racing, for Ferrari and thank you to everyone. The last win was too long so hopefully we can turn it around.”

Fernando Alonso: “It’s amazing as it always here, we love coming here because of the fans and it’s a good temperature. I think we will see an amazing race tomorrow. It’s one of the places that we all want to come here and we all want to race here so it’s a perfect day for this 300 and we need to race properly.”

Max Verstappen: “We have a different strategy so hopefully that will work out. it’s slightly cooler today so it should be good. We need to have a good race by having a good start and we need to have an open mind about what we can do. We use have to manage the tyres and see what we can do.”

PIT LANE OPEN – LIVE 2018 Canadian Grand Prix 


The pit-lane is now open and drivers are making their way around the track and onto the grid, all getting ready for the Grand Prix.

 The drivers are all lined up at the front of the grid for the National Anthem.

LIVE 2018 Canadian Grand Prix

 Drivers are now getting ready before climbing in their cars for the formation lap.


Team telling Hamilton: “Valtteri’s got a bit of coolant in front of him” the team are letting Hamilton know to keep an eye and be careful.

Drivers are now making their way round the track for the formation lap.

 Lap 1

Vettel has a great start keeping his place – Verstappen battling with Bottas and pushing him right to the edge however Bottas keeps his place in P2.

Ricciardo gains a place – making his way past Raikkonen and is up into P5.

An accident! Hartley and Stroll – it looks like Stroll pushed Hartley to the edge with Hartley clipping the wall and the two are out of the race.

Some drivers coming into the pits with the Safety Car out on track.

Lap 2

Safety Car in this lap.

STROLL and HARTLEY OUT of the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix.

Lap 3

Safety Car remains in this lap – drivers are all managing their tyres at the moment.

Lap 4

The safety car leaves this lap – Perez comes back out on the track in a dangerous manner, nearly taking other drivers out as he re-joins the track.

Lap 5

Vettel leading the race and already leaving the pack – leaving Bottas behind out of DRS reach.

Lap 9

Fernando Alonso trying to make his way past Leclerc however doesn’t make it past – yet.

The front of the pack are all in the same position – Vettel leading the race and managing the tyres.

 Lap 11

Sebastian Vettel sets a fastest lap time – 1:15.475

Lap 12

Hulkenberg: “I’m being held behind”

Bottas has started to put the pressure on slightly – Vettel had a fast 1st sector, Bottas now having a fast 2nd sector.

Lap 13

Vettel overall has a fast lap time – setting a 1:15.349

Team to Verstappen: “Tyres on the limit mate….”

Lap 15

 Hamilton stuck in a Red Bull sandwich – Verstappen is slowing to manage his tyres whereas Ricciardo is putting the pressure on him.

Ricciardo being told by the team, if he can – “Get him”

 Lap 16

Hamilton comes into the pits – as does Max Verstappen.

Ricciardo is now up into P3

Hamilton sliding as he comes out of the pit-lane.

Lap 17 

Ricciardo now comes into the pits.

 Ricciardo comes out in front of Hamilton but behind his team-mate.

In the meantime, Vettel sets a fastest lap time.

Team to Ricciardo: “You’re ahead of Hamilton!”

Lap 19

Ricciardo is now out of DRS reach for Hamilton – at the moment.

Lap 20

Hamilton now looks like he’s started to close the gap.

Lap 22

Team to Bottas: “Just keep pushing, you’re half a second faster.”

Sebastian Vettel setting another fastest lap time.

Lap 23

 Team to Vettel: “We are still faster than the cars behind on the prime (supersoft) compound”

Lap 25

Hulkenberg makes his way past Grosjean without a lot of effort.

Vettel locking up on a corner – he’s pushing.

Lap 26

Team to Vettel: “There’s traffic ahead – Ericsson and Sirotkin”

 Lap 30

Sebastian Vettel once again setting the fastest lap time – he’s pushing and preparing for a pit stop.

Hamilton: “Why did we pit so early?

Lap 33

Kimi Raikkonen coming into the pits.

Vettel still out.

Raikkonen trying to get out ahead of Hamilton however

Lap 34

Team to Hamilton: “OK Lewis, strat 5 – it’s Hammer Time”

Lap 35

Vettel still out on track, he hasn’t come into the pits yet and is still setting the fastest times.

Lewis Hamilton has now started to push slightly.

Kimi Raikkonen has now set the fastest lap time.

Lap 36 

The team are now getting ready to pit Bottas.

Team to Bottas: “Box, box”

That was a very good pit stop – he comes out in P2, not losing a place.

Lap 37

Team to Vettel: “Box now, not now.”

Sebastian Vettel now comes into the pits.

Lap 38 

He doesn’t lose any places either – back out in the lead.

 Lap 41

Team to Raikkonen: “We are not concerned with the tyre temperatures so ignore the alarm.”

 Lap 42

Not much is happening at the moment – Bottas puts the pressure on Vettel slightly who reacts by setting a fastest lap time.

Team to Alonso: “We need to retire – we can come back to the pits but we have to retire”

Team to Alonso: “Sorry mate, I’m gutted.”

Fernando Alonso is OUT of the race.

Lap 59

Hamilton has now started to close the gap to Ricciardo who’s in P4 –  he’s out of DRS range but definitely closing the gap and starting to put the pressure on Ricciardo slightly.

Lap 63

Team to Ricciardo: “OK, the battery is full – Hamilton is in DRS now.”

Hamilton has closed the gap to Ricciardo in these later stages of the race.

Lap 64

Team telling Hulkenberg to push as they are coming under threat from Ocon.

Lap 65 

Max Verstappen now sets the fastest lap time – 1:13.864

Lap 70

SEBASTIAN VETTEL WINS the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix!

It’s the first win for Ferrari since 2004.

Bottas in P2 and Verstappen in P3.

Brief Driver Interviews

Sebastian Vettel: “This is unbelievable – it means so much to Ferrari and to have a race like we had today is unbelievable! I saw the people around and they were super happy – I’m just so happy.”

“There’s still a long way for the championship so I’m not too bothered – it’s a long way to go and Ferrari winning today and me driving this, it’s a day to remember and I’m very proud.”

Valtteri Bottas: “Since lap 1, they seemed to be quicker and tried to control the race. We were in trouble in the end with the fuel and Max was closing in.  We did the maximum today, maybe from pole we could have been different. I’m not happy that we were behind but that’s how we did today.”

Max Verstappen: “It was a good race, we had to pit early because the tyres were pretty much gone. We started closing the gap in the last few laps and we had a good race, I enjoyed it.”

Maurizio Arrivabene: “It’s a big fight this year and it’s an interesting championship. We have to keep our feet on the ground, our head down and work hard.”

Niki Lauda: “We have to really work hard – Red Bull was a surprise but they were slightly behind. We will have a new engine, late, in France so we have to wait and see how long the others will last. The others are doing a good job and so are we. Lewis had a problem with his temperature in the engine which didn’t allow him to go full speed.”

Fernando Alonso: “I’m flying tonight to Le Mans and hopefully there will be a good race there. Here we are focusing on that after what happened today. I hope we will find performance in the car and become a lot more competitive, in the beginning of the year we had a lot of points and in these last two races we have retired so we will have to see what happens in the next few months.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “I’m relatively content for a fourth place – we got the jump on Kimi and we used the strategy to the best we could. Kimi (Raikkonen) was nice to me in the first lap, the iceman isn’t too cold (laughs). We have some good points and I believe that we gained 2 points in the championship – we’ll try to stay on top and do what we can.”

“We had an upgrade this weekend – I would say it’s an inconsistency, my car wasn’t as drivable but overall a good weekend. Max drove great and I won’t take anything away from him. I don’t know if Lewis had issues this weekend, this is normally a good track for Mercedes and Lewis so to be ahead gives us a lot of confidence.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “It was a boring race and it was far from a good day. Not a lot happened in the race really, not a lot of overtaking and we couldn’t get close.”

Valtteri Bottas: “The most exciting part was the start and I think it was a good racing with Max at the beginning. After that, we were just trying to put pressure on Sebastian but we couldn’t really so I had to save massive amounts on the last few laps which is why Max got so close.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I had my head with the people and it was amazing to see everyone after the race. The moment doesn’t last long and now it’s a memory – I think when you get older, you get wise. The whole thing is like being in the cinema with a happy end. After so many years to have Ferrari win again, I would never have dreamt that far….. there’s so much support here and it’s a shame these moments don’t last longer.”

“We are trying our best, here is so many races this year and it’s so long – we will just do our best and when there is an opportunity, we are there to grasp things. It’s all very close and very exciting, you don’t know what will happen and we hope that we will stay strong in this position.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I’m super grateful that I finished. My engineers were telling me there was a problem and I couldn’t get the temperatures down so I’m happy I finished as I could have lost a lot more really.”

“I think Ferrari have ultimately have the better package all-round so we have to do more, we need to keep working and we need to stay positive – there’s no need to lose control. We just need to keep our heads down, work hard and stay motivated and I’m going to make sure that I come back to next race stronger. “

There’s more on the way shortly with the driver press conference interviews and more!

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