Kimi Raikkonen Retirement – Let’s Go Through All The Rumours and Options.


Kimi Raikkonen Retirement – Let’s Go Through All The Rumours and Options

Last year, the retirement rumours started for Kimi Raikkonen however his contract was extended for another year with the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team and now, one year later, the rumours surrounding the ‘Ice Man’ are showing no signs of stopping.

Throughout the paddock and for many Formula 1 fans, it seems that retirement could be on the cards for the Ferrari driver who hasn’t shown the underlying determination he had in previous years, not to mention the fact that he is considered as the number 2 driver within the team as Sebastian Vettel is the one battling for the World Championship.

However, despite people saying that he should retire – others are saying that he could well stay on in the sport depending on where Daniel Ricciardo ends up and what Fernando Alonso has planned for his career.

Kimi Raikkonen At McLaren?

Yes – this is the latest rumour which is going around.

If it wasn’t for the frustration from Fernando Alonso, this would be a complete no-go however there have been reports that if Fernando Alonso was to leave the McLaren team at the end of the season and Daniel Ricciardo stayed with Red Bull or moved to Ferrari, there could be a seat for Kimi Raikkonen.

One thing that we know is that things do look uncertain with the contract talks between McLaren and Fernando Alonso as Eric Boullier has admitted that there have been some preliminary talks between Daniel Ricciardo and McLaren however Ricciardo is leaning more towards the Ferrari seat it seems.

Kimi Raikkonen raced for McLaren from 2002 until 2006 where he then joined Ferrari.

Kimi Raikkonen At WRC?

Yesterday, the Toyota World Rally Championship team principal, Tommi Makinen, said that the doors are open for Kimi Raikkonen and a Yaris WRC would be available for the Formula 1 driver to test.

Tommi Makinen: “If he wants to drive the car, I can let him – no question. He hasn’t tested anything now but why not? I know his driving, he drives very well, he’s not crazy.”

Kimi Raikkonen At Ferrari?

This seems to be unlikely at the moment however, there could be a chance he surprises everyone and stays-on with Ferrari for another year.

If something like this were to happen, it’s more than likely that his team-mate, Sebastian Vettel, would have some say over. It’s not a secret that Sebastian Vettel is happy with Kimi Raikkonen as his team-mate, the two get along and have a great work relationship and there’s a balance within the team who both know their roles and place in terms of team instructions.

If Ferrari were to make a change, the likeliest option is out of Daniel Ricciardo and Charles Leclerc (who’s backed by Ferrari). Daniel Ricciardo seems like the better option as he has more experience and could handle the pressure associated with being a Ferrari driver whereas Charles Leclerc is in his debut year.

Whatever Kimi Raikkonen chooses, here at The Formula 1 Girl – we wish him all the best. He’s a talented driver who doesn’t care about anything and we love him for it.

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