French Grand Prix – The Great Comeback (Vettel and Raikkonen Talk About French GP)


French Grand Prix – The Great Comeback

“No reason why we shouldn’t be doing well here”

La Castellet, June 21 – We’re back to Europe after Canada, back to France after an absence of ten years and back to the Paul Ricard circuit which had hosted its last F1 Grand Prix in 1990.

Sebastian Vettel was just 3 years old then but he knows about the history of the sport and remembers “that Ferrari won with twice as many cylinders as we have today.”

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen Talk About The French Grand Prix


Sebastian Vettel – ” The car has worked everywhere so far and we are very happy about it. It’s more difficult to know what to expect here than on any other track as we’ve never been properly here with the other teams and at the same time on the same circuit layout.”

“We’ll see how it will be, I don’t see any reason why we should struggle and I think that we should be doing just fine here but we don’t know what to expect exactly – the asphalt is new and the track is also new, to a certain extent.”

“We will be focusing on the next races and always going step-by-step and I’m looking forward to racing here.”


Kimi Raikkonen: “I think it’s nice to have a new place for racing. This is not a brand new track, I had driven here some years ago and we did a tyre test in 2016 but obviously racing is different.”

“The layout of the track was different then but it hasn’t really changed that much – it’s a bit wider in a few places but the last part of the track is always the same. As on any Thursday, it’s hard to know what to expect but the weather is pretty warm and for sure it will play a part in many ways.”

“What will happen and how the tyres will behave – nobody really knows. Let’s see how it is tomorrow and the circuit can hopefully provide some exciting racing.”

“As for us, we’ll go through our normal program and see how the weekend will go – hoping this weekend is more straightforward than the last one.”

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