Do You Have What It Takes To Be An F1 Driver?


Do You Have What It Takes To Be An F1 Driver?

Collaborative Post For The Formula 1 Girl

Becoming someone who works in Formula 1 is a long and arduous career path to take. You’re going to be competing constantly with people who all have the same dreams and ambitions as you and you’ve got to be able to tick all the boxes for becoming a driver. This takes time, determination, patience and of course, experience as you make your way through different ranks. 

That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to try out – you just need to know everything that it’s going to take and to make sure that you’re also ready to put in all that time and work. Also allowing for the fact that there may be disappointments along the way.

 You see, even when you’re shopping specifically on a budget, it can be extremely hard to find the car you’re going to need to suit your speed purposes. This is a primary hurdle – making sure that you can be patient and sacrifice a lot of things to make your dreams and goals happen. 

Start Off Small

OK, by small – we mean to start off at smaller race tracks which are made for smaller vehicles. All the current Formula 1 drivers who make their living doing what they love all started out by karting. This is one of the key methods in getting involved in the sport allowing you to grow, gain experience and of course, make mistakes which are needed.

Karting is really fun and if you can win some races whilst you’re in a controlled environment, surrounded by people who all want to achieve similar goals, this is a great way to start and you can learn from here, what it takes to stand out and be amongst the best.

You can easily find the nearest karting race track to you – all you is a quick Google search and you can find plenty of race karting tracks along with advice and options from other drivers who have managed to move on from this position too.  

Know the Costs

The cost of getting involved in racing and making your way through the ranks to become a Formula 1 driver is massive, you’re going to need to be able to afford it to allow yourself the best opportunity from the start. You’ll have to spend and invest a lot of time in everything you do which is what was mentioned above about making sure you’re prepared to sacrifice a lot to work your way to the ultimate goal.

If you can’t find the right backing or sponsorship from companies out there, take a look at loans which are currently available as they can be a great help for this who are starting out. Make sure you check out different things online, doing your research, for example websites that can help and information can be found at

If you get a new car made for speed and possibly even off-roading, you’re going to be in a great position to find a casual racing team to join and if you’re worried, there’s more of those than you think out there.

See if Other Positions Would Fit You Better

Say racing doesn’t work out for you, you can still be a part of the world of Formula 1 – you won’t be being the wheel as you actually wanted but you’ll be a part of a wonderful community, working in an industry you’ve always loved.

You could work as a mechanic for a team, working with a driver and being involved in the team success should they win races. Always look on the bright side of things, even if racing doesn’t work out there are plenty of other options and you can be involved with a great industry, making friends, enjoying yourself and travelling the world.

As you can see, these are some of the conditions you’re going to have to go through and put yourself through to get onto the Grand Prix track – whether you’re a racer or not, it’s a difficult industry but highly rewarding at the same time.

This is a Collaborative Post for The Formula 1 Girl 🙂

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