Daniel Ricciardo on Canada

Daniel Ricciardo on Canada

Following on from the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix, we’ve seen an extremely happy Daniel Ricciardo – even happier than usual and despite finishing the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix in P4, he’s still content and the battle continues for the 2018 Formula 1 season.

“It’s still a reality,I don’t know if Lewis, let’s say, had issues this weekend – but this is normally a really strong track for him and normally a strong track for Mercedes. So for us to take a few points away, I think it’s a little win and gives us a lot of encouragement coming in for the next few races.”

“It was fun. It felt good. I came on the radio and said I think I can keep this pace – so I kind of hinted we could probably go again but once they saw I overcut Lewis that was enough.

“I’m relatively content for a fourth place. We chose to qualify on the hypersofts and we knew it would be aggressive at the beginning. We knew we had to use that. We got the jump on Kimi and then the overcut on Lewis. I actually think we did all we could with that strategy so I’m pretty happy.”

“Obviously I’m pretty happy we got the car through the whole weekend. We got some good points and I believe we gained two points in the championship – because we got Lewis.”

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