Bikes Vs Cars: Which One Gets Your Vote?


Bikes Vs Cars: Which One Gets Your Vote?

Collaborative Post for The Formula 1 Girl

Over the years, cyclists and drivers haven’t really seen eye to eye and sometimes, there’s chaos between the two. For example, in Toronto, they’ve painted over the bike lanes and in São Paulo – a cyclist suffered a major accident after a car didn’t stop, causing chaos.

The roads of the world are getting more and more crowded and it seems that bikers and drivers have little empathy for one another – as a result, more and more bikers in particular are suffering (in different places around the world) with a lot being involved in serious accidents due to people not respecting the roads as they should. 

Cars Vs. Bikes: The Documentary

Fredrik Gertten is a Swedish documentary-maker who is bringing this topic to people’s attention. Having created a documentary about bananas before (yes, really) he has now moved onto Bikes vs Cars which is quite confronting. 

The film and it’s message outlines the chaos and rage in different cities around the world – from the streets of São Paulo to Los Angeles along with the situation ongoing in Toronto, the filmmaker shows a different view to what is going on. 

Cities are designed for cars and only over the last few years have we really seen an increase in bikes and the filmmaker Fredrik Gertten believe that drivers end up wishing their lives away in traffic whereas bikers end up loving their city, feeling free.

Car, oil and construction industries understand that there’s a need for a change and to adapt to these situations however business shows otherwise with not much change happening.

In the film, plenty of tragedies are outlined and it’s not something for the faint-hearted but through different documentaries, we can see things that we wouldn’t know about otherwise and we need to raise awareness about situations around the world and hopefully, being able to find a balance for both drivers and bikers.

Is The Bike Movement A Leftist Movement?

Many people are claiming that the film is a dressed up leftist movement however, the filmmaker himself is adamant that this isn’t the case – saying that new movements cannot be defined by older terms.

There are politicians around the world who on varying sides when it comes to drivers and bikers – many politicians are agreeing that more should be done in an attempt to protect bikers on the road and a lot of people should take a look at London – with separate roads and routes for bikers and all-round welcoming approach for bikers in general.

As with everything in the world, there are the two sides for everything – where there is support for cyclists on the road, there’s also people who say that cyclists shouldn’t be on the roads however we all need to look at different options and find something which will be suitable and helpful for everyone.

Did you know – A cyclist is hit every seven hours in Toronto, as mentioned above, cyclists lanes have been painted over – this is something that should be worked on as it also sends a message that a lot of Toronto’s citizens think that cycling shouldn’t be done and this isn’t the case – in spite of the fact that it’s better for physical health, not to mention the environment.

Driving is of course the go-to option everywhere around the world – it’s enjoyable and it makes things a lot easier however, if you think about it, walking or using the bike from time to time would be a better option for everyone as it’s will boost your health, help the environment and also allow you to save on fuel.

People need to look at things in a much more open-minded way, having more empathy for those who choose to live a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes, we hear people talk sarcastically about bikers when they hear of another death and – that’s not ok!

When surveyed, a lot of drivers didn’t agree with bikers being on the road (and it’s understandable) as they can sometimes get in the way and cause havoc on the roads however, this is where something needs to be done – whether it’s roads for bikers only or slip-roads along the side to allow cyclists to get to and from without getting in the way of traffic.

For people looking to start cycling, make sure you invest in a good bike which will be able to take you to and from where you need to be – ensuring it’s safe and decent. Look into bike loans to purchase a decent bike and start using that for work and leisure instead.

You don’t have to completely erase your car, but making space on the road and keeping fit can never be a bad thing. You might even have some fun and discover some hidden gems on your journey.

Should You Ride A Bike?

People often avoid going against the grain like this because it might seem ‘weird’ to other people however, living in fear of what other people will think or say is being a slave to them – rather than the boss of yourself.

Some people might make jokes but it says more about them than it does about you. You are the only person who really cares about what you’re doing and you need to look after yourself and do what you want.

Invest in great safety accessories as well as a great bike and stay mindful as you ride. Drive when you really need to but think of the environment!

This is a Collaborative Post for The Formula 1 Girl 🙂

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