What Your Car Says About You


What Your Car Says About You

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It’s a question a lot of people tend to ponder over: what does my car say about me?

Is it too big? Is it too small? Is the paintwork something that people sneer at? And does it really show off the kind of person I am?

If you’ve found yourself thinking these things over quite a lot whenever you’re out in your vehicle, it’s time to put your worries to rest.

After all, even if someone has something to think about the wheel you’re behind, it’s only going to be a fleeting thought!

You car is only meant to get you from A to B, even when you’re off road tripping around the world, and anything more serious put into the decision tends to be a bit silly! But let’s take a look at some of the most common themes people run along when it comes to car perceptions to put your mind at ease.

How Fast You Drive

When you’re on the road, you should be obeying the laws of them at all times – however, there are some people out there who tend to give some car models a bad name and other drivers on the road are likely to be extremely mistrustful because of the speed your vehicle is known to go at.

If you’re behind the wheel of a Chevy, people are likely to think you’re a bit of speed demon. The same goes for the more obvious kind of vehicle here: the ferrari, but that isn’t a car someone would be likely to break out on a normal road anyway.

If you’re in a Mercedes here, the phrase ‘likely to tailgate’ is probably going to be filed away in another driver’s mind here as well.

The Kind of Job You Have

If you’re driving a BMW around town, there’s a good chance people think you’re in a high end executive job, probably calling the shots in an office all day long.

If you’ve got something like a Rolls Royce on your hands, you’re going to come across as someone with a lot of money and someone people will tend to steer clear of on the road.

Some paintworks are just too good to risk scratching and the driver certainly won’t be very happy either.

However, if you’re driving a Vauxhall from three or four years ago, people are likely to think you’re stuck behind a counter all day or working at the customer service desk and this can be a very unfair assumption given the connotations.

So for this, feel free to trick the crowd when it comes to this perception. You might want to look at something like prestige car hire, which will allow you to even pull up to work in a limo if you really want to! 😉

Your car is something you couldn’t really operate without so never feel bad or unfairly judged when you take it out on the road.

Every other driver out there has their own connotations as well and you know what – it never truly matters.

Collaborative Post – The Formula 1 Girl 🙂

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