QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying


QUALIFYING LIVE – 2018 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying

Location: Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Race Weekend: 2018 Monaco Grand Prix

Session: Qualifying

Following Max Verstappen’s crash in FP3 – the Red Bull Racing team are currently working on his car, frantically I might add – he should be out in Qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton: “We’ve learned a lot at the start in the last 6 races so this weekend we’re bringing all we can. I anticipate that Red Bull will be strong around this track.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “We are where we need to be – I’m excited to get on the track. We need to start winning more races soon so we’ll try and do that.”

Sebastian Vettel: Red Bull should be stronger here on Saturday, it’s similar to other races so we’ll see what we can do.”


It’s now time for the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying session and it looks like Max Verstappen will NOT be ready for Q1 – the Red Bull Racing team have found an issue on Verstappen’s car…..

The race tyres are Supersoft, Ultrasoft and Hypersoft. The hypersoft tyres are the softest tyres available for this weekend.

The Mercedes boys are ready and waiting…. (Image from Mercedes Twitter)

Q1 – 2018 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying 

Pit Lane Now OPEN

 Drivers are now out on track.

 At the moment, it’s Vettel, Perez and Hamilton who are the top 3 – drivers are still getting their cars and tyre temps ready… We’re seeing a mix in the grid.

The Red Bull Racing team are still working on Max Verstappen’s car – his team mate Daniel Ricciardo is making his way round the track and despite being stuck behind traffic, he sets the fastest lap time.

Max Verstappen is OUT of Qualifying, the team have to change his gearbox – he will be starting at the back of the grid after what seemed like such a promising weekend for him….


Ricciardo is at the top of the time sheets – Vettel in P2 and Hamilton in P3, at the moment.

The times are changing constantly but at the moment, Ricciardo looks strong as he has done throughout the weekend.

Bottas having a good lap – the middle sector especially good. He’s now third fastest, knocking his team-mate down to P4.

1 Minute to Go!

Q1 – Knock Out Zone





Verstappen (Will be starting from the back of the grid as the team need to change his gearbox)

 Drivers are now back getting ready for Q2.

Q2 – 2018 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying 

Drivers are now lining up at the pit exit and onto the track they go!

The team telling Bottas that there will be a mix of tyres and to be aware as he’ll need to let drivers through….

 Vettel sets the fastest lap time and almost immediately – Ricciardo claims the top spot! New Track record – 1:11.353 is the time from Ricciardo who’s looking extremely strong this weekend.


Lewis Hamilton comes into the pits. Drivers are now making their way into the pits before their last runs in Q2.

It’s Ricciardo, Vettel and Raikkonen who are currently the top 3 – there’s 7 minutes to go.

Lewis Hamilton now making his way back out onto the track.

Hamilton: “This tyre is terrible” in regards to the Ultrasoft. He’s now on the Hypersoft tyres.

Hamilton now sets the third fastest lap time – the Hypersofts are working a lot better for the team.

Bottas now up into P5.

 With 1 minute to go – Raikkonen now sets the second fastest lap time.

Alonso: “Have I got enough fuel?” Asking if he can do another lap – the team telling him he has enough time and also making him aware of other drivers around – it’s something a driver needs to know.

Ricciardo looking strong – topping the timesheets again for Q2!

Q2 – Knock Out Zone






Gasly makes his way into Q3 – a great result for him.

The remaining drivers are now back in the pits – getting ready for Q3. Grosjean talking to his team about his time and apologising for not doing better.

Q3 – 2018 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying


Drivers are now in their cars and waiting for Q3 to start.

 Drivers are now making their way out of the pit lane and onto the track for Q3.

Daniel Ricciardo is out on track with Kimi Raikkonen right behind – Lewis Hamilton looks like he’s getting the tyres ready for the lap.

Less than 10 minutes to go for Q3!

Hamilton now sets the fastest lap time with 1:11.261 – faster than Ricciardo’s time earlier however Ricciardo looks a lot faster as he makes his way round the track.

Yep, Daniel Ricciardo sets the fastest lap time of 1:10.810!

Team to Raikkonen: “You can do a second push Kimi” – he’s currently in P3.

Raikkonen: “Yeah, ok….”

Sebastian Vettel now takes P3 as Raikkonen comes into the pits.

With around 4 minutes to go, the drivers are back in the pits before the final runs Q3.

Sebastian Vettel now makes his way out of the pits – onto the track.

Lewis Hamilton also makes his way out onto the track closely followed by Danial Ricciardo.


Sebastian Vettel in P2 and Lewis Hamilton in P3 – it looks like it’s going to be a great race tomorrow and as we all know, anything can happen in Monaco.

 Daniel Ricciardo: “Yeah, this is good. we made a statement on Thursday and we’ve been quick throughout the weekend so hopefully tomorrow we can celebrate.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Congratulations to Daniel, they had the pace all weekend and I gave it all I could. I don’t know if I improved but it’ll be interesting to see how the race will go. We don’t mind if Red Bull is quick here because hopefully – we will have the upper hand on other tracks.”

There’s lots more on the way including plenty of images from Monaco and all the driver/team reaction so make sure you check back later this evening.

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