Location: Spain

Race: 2018 Spanish Grand Prix

We’re now starting the European part of the Formula 1 Calendar and what a race this should be – we’re now getting ready for the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix and here, you’ll be able to see all the LIVE UPDATES as they happen including interviews from drivers before the race and immediate reaction after the race.

Drivers are now making their way to the track parade – the formula 1 kids are greeting the drivers before they make their way out onto the track for the parade.

Remember this kid from yesterday cheering on Fernando? Here he is….

TRACK PARADE – 2018 Spanish Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton: “I’m happy this afternoon. There’s rain about today – there’s a great crowd here and we just need to make sure we don’t struggle with the tyres to take the fight to everyone.I always try to make sure that I notice fans – without them, I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

Valtteri Bottas: “It was a great result for the team after so long and thank you to the team for working so hard so we can be where we are today. We are trying to get points for the team.”

Fernando Alonso: “Here it will be a good opportunity for the start of the lap – hopefully we can have a good result. I hope we can have bring back some good points for the team and we will see what will happen with the weather, whether it’s a wet race but the main part is the start of the race.”

Fernando Alonso is at his grandstand – sending t-shirts to fans in the crowd and spending time on the track.

Sebastian Vettel: “I think this is a long race – we’ll try to have a good start and see what can happen. If we pick up places, that’s good. If not – we will carry on and see what we can do. It’s very busy here – we’re now the quickest we’ve been for any year before and I’m looking forward to the race.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “I don’t know what the weather is doing but regardless – it’s a good race. I’m looking forward to the race, I’m looking forward to shining (laughs) and I’m more confident that we can be stronger today.”



Drivers are making their way out of the garages and out onto the track.

National Anthem.

Sky F1 Twitter

Will we see a change in the weather conditions? Clouds are gathering but there’s no rain – yet.

LIVE: 2018 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix


Drivers are now making their way round the track for the parade / formation lap – the weather conditions have started to change. The clouds are getting darker but there’s no rain, at the moment!

Lewis Hamilton slowing everyone down – he’s taking his time on the formation lap, controlling the race from now.


Hamilton and Bottas both have a good start but Vettel just makes it past Bottas. There’s a mix-up at the back with some contact as Fernando Alonso is sliding….

It looks like Romain Grosjean spins off-track and comes into contact with other cars.

ROMAIN GROSJEAN is OUT of the race – Safety Car.

He hits Hulkenberg who’s also out – along with Gasly. Grosjean, Hulkenberg and Gasly OUT.

Lap 2

Safety Car – Hamilton leading the pack with Vettel right behind and Bottas in P3.

 Lap 4

The safety car is still in this lap – Carlos Sainz radioing his team to ask if the Safety Car can go faster.

Lewis Hamilton also talking to his team and saying they need to do a better job clearing up the track as there’s still debris on the track. Remember what happened in Baku? Bottas drove over a piece of debris which ended his race.

Lap 6

The safety car is ending this lap – Hamilton backing everyone up and doing his job on the restart of the race. It’s Hamilton, Vettel and Bottas who are the top 3.

Fernando Alonso is in P11 – battling with Ocon and he just makes it past.

Lap 8

Lewis Hamilton now setting the fastest lap – he’s in the lead with Vettel in P2. There’s battles ongoing in the midfield of the pack and Alonso is up in P10 following an awful start.

DRS has now been enabled.

 Lap 9

A new lap record from Lewis Hamilton who sets a time of 1:21.631


Hamilton leading Vettel who leads Bottas – they’re the top 3. Lewis Hamilton improving on his time and widening the gap between himself and Sebastian Vettel.

Lap 11

Bottas now putting the pressure on Sebastian Vettel by improving on his time and closing the gap to the Ferrari driver.

Hamilton leading.

Bottas: “Everything feels ok so far with the tyres.”

Team to Bottas: “Yeah, we can see everything looks ok – good news.”

Lap 13

Alonso asking about the weather conditions as one part of the track is extremely dark – his team telling him that there’s nothing on rain yet but there could be a few drops on a certain part of the track but no rain – yet.

Remember – Alonso wants rain in this race.

Lap 16

The clouds are definitely nearing the track – there’s still no rain but the track looks a lot darker.

Lap 17

Vandoorne has closed the gap to Perez but can’t quite make his way past just yet. It’s close in the midfield.

PIT – Sebastian Vettel now comes into the pits, earlier than expected.

Bottas now in P2 – behind Hamilton.

Lap 18

Team to Bottas: “Push hard now – push”

Lap 19

Lewis Hamilton setting the fastest lap time with another track record – he’s pushing the car!

Bottas now setting purples – he’s fast through Sector 1.

PIT – Bottas comes into the pits.

Vettel has since dropped down to P7.

Lap 20

Vettel just makes his way past Bottas who came out of the pits.

That wasn’t the best stop from Mercedes for Bottas.

 Lap 21

Team to Hamilton: “OK, so we’ll just sit tight for the moment – keep doing what you’re doing. Good job!”

Hamilton asking about the weather.

Lap 22

Lewis Hamilton setting another fastest lap time.

PIT – Alonso now comes into the pits.

Lap 23 

Verstappen: “I’m struggling with the rears.”

Team to Verstappen: “OK, copy”

Verstappen telling the team about a few drops on Turn 4 – the same as Alonso to his team earlier but no rain… just a few drops here and there.

Lap 24

The team asking Raikkonen if it’s OK to stay out for a few more laps.

Raikkonen: “Yeah, ok”

Lap 25

Raikkonen: “I have some issues – I’ve lost power.”

All of a sudden – right after the radio call came in to him….

The team telling him to stop the car – he’s still trying to get the car going and it looks like there’s a sudden boost.

PIT – Lewis Hamilton now comes into the pits.

Lap 26

 Kimi Raikkonen is OUT of the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix. He’s Retired the car.

Lap 28

Hamilton pushing – once again setting the fastest lap times.

Lap 29

A battle between Sainz and Ericsson – Sauber telling Ericsson to keep pushing. Below, you can see the battle between the two.

Lap 30

Ocon now comes into the pits with Vandoorne moving up into P7.

There’s battles in the midfield whilst up ahead – everything looks the same.

Fernando Alonso is also battling.

An issue for the Force India team and Ocon.

Lap 31

 Verstappen has been leading the race since Hamilton’s pit stop however, Verstappen hasn’t come into the pits yet.

Hamilton has been pushing the car and is now right behind Verstappen and putting the pressure on him.

Lap 33

The team telling Bottas to concentrate – The Red Bulls are likely on a 1-stop for the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix and ahead on track.

Lap 34

PIT – Ricciardo comes into the pits and is back out on track in P5.

Hamilton putting the pressure on Verstappen – Verstappen asking the team about times.

Lap 35

PIT – Verstappen now comes into the pits for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Hamilton is now in the lead again.

It’s Hamilton, Vettel and Bottas – Hamilton is pushing the car, as is Sebastian Vettel.

Lap 37

Team to Bottas: “If you were to go to the end of the race on these tyres, give us feedback.”

Bottas: “At the moment, the tyres feel good.”

Lap 40

Ocon has an issue with his car – there’s no power. The Force India team telling him to not change gear.


Ocon OUT of the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix

Lap 42

PIT – Sebastian Vettel comes into the pits, it’s a slow pit stop and comes out behind Verstappen. Not the best move for Ferrari as he’s now in P4.

 Max Verstappen comes into contact with a Williams breaking the front of his wing.

Lap 45

Hamilton leading the race – he’s created a good gap.

Team telling Verstappen if he’s happy with the balance then “All good”

 Lap 47

Vandoorne: “I lost drive”

He’s pulled up on the side of the track – Vandoorne OUT of the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix – what’s going on!?

Lap 48

Lewis Hamilton now sets another fast lap-time.

Lap 50

So many questions about Ferrari and their decision to bring in Sebastian Vettel under the Virtual Safety Car…. Hamilton leading the race comfortably.

Vettel is now starting to the pressure on Verstappen who’s ahead of him in P3.

Lap 53

Team to Versteppen: “That’s a good pace Max – Keep it up!”

Verstappen in P3 and ahead of Vettel.

Hamilton still leading the race – the sun has started to peek through the clouds.

Lap 55

All of a sudden – the clouds have gotten very, very dark.

Alonso asking about the weather and what the radar is showing in regards to rain – he’s waiting for rain.

The tea telling him nothing has changed with the forecast.

Lap 56

Vettel behind Verstappen – not as close as he would have liked.

The team pushing Vettel – telling him he’s doing well and to keep pushing.

Lap 57

10 more laps to go until the end of the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix. Hamilton and Bottas are currently P1 and P2 – they’ve looked strong this weekend but more so during the race.

Daniel Ricciardo is behind Sebastian Vettel in P5 – he’s not closed the gap to him.

Lap 62 

The view right now – look at those clouds!

Verstappen has just started to close the gap to Bottas – in the meantime, Ricciardo now setting a fast lap time.

Vettel has also started to push his car, he’s still not close enough to Verstappen but pushing.

Lap 63

Team telling Bottas that he can save fuel – Bottas replies with a “No!” followed by – “The more I save, the more I lose temperature”

Lap 66


LEWIS HAMILTON WINS the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix – Valtteri Bottas in P2 with Max Verstappen in P3

 A disappointing race for Ferrari with one driver out but a very silly strategy move with his pit-stop under the VSC which resulted in him losing a place.


After Race Track Interview

 Lewis Hamilton: “I couldn’t have done this without the incredible team. I’m just really proud of everyone. The car – I just felt that great feeling in the car, a great 1-2 for the team and it’s great to see the true force within the team. A big thank you to all the fans – they’ve all been wonderful and always give us the support, supporting us from the start.”

Valtteri Bottas: “For the team, this is a great result – I never believed we could do a one-stop but we did so a great result and really happy for the team. As a team, this weekend has been perfect.”

Max Verstappen: “The car was working really well – we stayed close to everyone in front of us and we had a bit of luck with Kimi retiring so that gave us a good place. We were too far from Bottas and I had to keep pushing because of Vettel behind and with the issue to the front wing too.”

Brief Driver Reaction / Interview – 2018 Spanish Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel: “It was the right time – we didn’t have an option to stay out. It looks different to everyone, it looks wrong but from the inside it was right. As I said, I think overall we were quicker but as the laps went on – we didn’t have the pace. We were not there at the end, my tyres were not great and it the change probably put more impact on us than the others.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “It was a bit tricky to drive so it was fast when we were able to put it together but also easy to make mistakes. It felt like if you got lucky, you could put in a blistering lap and other laps not so much. Fast but not with the ease to be consistent.”

 There’s lots more on the way, including a full race report!

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