LIVE 2018 Monaco Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2018


LIVE 2018 Monaco Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2018

Location: Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Race Weekend: 2018 Monaco Grand Prix

It’s here! This is one of the most glamorous races of the Formula 1 season where the atmosphere is always incredible, it can only be the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix.

The weather conditions have changed from sunny and warm to cloudy and windy – some people are saying the sun will be back later on this afternoon, others are wishing for a little bit of rain….

Drivers are now waiting to start the track parade – image from Mercedes-AMG F1 Twitter

The drivers are now out on track for the driver parade, chatting away to the media and waving to fans.

It’s nearly time – drivers are now lined up and waiting at the pit-lane exit to make their way out onto the track…There’s around half an hour to go before the Monaco Grand Prix.

LIVE – Monaco Grand Prix – FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2018

Marcus Ericsson being told that, according to the weather forecast, no rain will be around in the next 40 minutes.

Drivers are now getting ready for the formation lap.

Raikkonen also being told that there should be no rain for the race. Hamilton being told about wind around the track.


Drivers are now waiting for the last few cars to join the back of the grid.

Lap 1

 Ricciardo bumps into Vettel slightly – no major contact. It’s Ricciardo, Vettel, Hamilton who are the Top 3 – the rest of the drivers have behaved with no major contact.

Lap 3

DRS Enabled.

Things are looking steady at the moment, drivers are respecting each other on the track.

Lap 4

Daniel Ricciardo now sets a fastest lap. Hamilton radioing the team and it looks like Ricciardo might be taking care of his tyres at the moment.

Lap 7

A 10 second penalty for Sirotkin.

Hamilton: “…the front right tyre is graining a little bit..”

Lap 8

Sirotkin now comes into the pits for his penalty.

Lewis Hamilton now sets the fastest lap time after radioing the team again…

Lap 9

 Max Verstappen is now up in P14.

Stroll has a puncture – he’s coming into the pits despite radioing the team and questioning if he’ll be able to make it back. He’s in the pits and also changed the front wing and tyres.

Lap 12

Verstappen right behind Leclerc at the moment, he’s trying to find a spot to overtake.

Hamilton comes into the pits and goes onto the supersoft tyres.

Lap 13

Team to Vettel: “Keep this pace, stay out – keep pushing.”

Lap 15

Daniel Ricciardo sets another fastest lap time – he’s in the lead and controlling the race.

After his pit-stop, Hamilton is down in P5.

It’s Ricciardo, Vettel, Raikkonen, Bottas and Hamilton.

Lap 16

Vettel now comes into the pits – he’s also on the Supersoft.

What are Red Bull planning with their pit-stops?

Verstappen is now up in P13 – he’s right behind Vandoorne and looking for a place to overtake.

Lap 17

Ricciardo now comes into the pits – he’s back out in the lead.

Bottas comes into the pits – it’s back to Ricciardo leading, Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen. Bottas drops down to p7.

Lap 18

Ocon is up in P5 and Alonso is now up in P6 – the pack at the front are all managing their tyres and races, respecting the track.

Lap 19

Alonso now comes into the pits – he’s also going onto the Supersoft tyres.

Team to Ricciardo: “People are struggling a lot more than you in the first stint – people are dropping off.”

Lap 22

Vettel has started to close the gap to Ricciardo.

Perez having an issue in the pits with his tyres losing a lot of time.

 Lap 23

Ricciardo is losing a lot of time and Vettel is closing in.

Team to Ricciardo: “Raikkonen is pushing the others – he’s looking like the fastest.”

Ricciardo: “Ok, but is he closing in to Hamilton?”

Is Ricciardo backing up the drivers?

Lap 24

Team to Ricciardo: “OK mate, you’re doing a good job – the main focus is looking after these tyres.”

The top 4 drivers have closed the gap to one another – Vettel is closing in on Ricciardo. Raikkonen has closed in on Hamilton.

Lap 26

Hamilton complaining that his left front tyre is graining and he’s not even pushing….

Verstappen who’s up in P10 is complaining of an issue – “there’s a problem with downshift from third to second.”

Team to Verstappen: “No action required, no action required Max – we don’t think this will happen again.”

Lap 28

Ricciardo: “I’m losing power”

There’s worried faces in the Red Bull Racing garage…..

 Lap 29

Vettel: “Does Daniel have a problem?”

Team to Vettel: “Yep – Keep pushing” He’s closing the gap to Ricciardo….

Lap 30

Team to Ricciardo: “Stay focused”

Ricciardo: “Yeah, I’m losing power though….”

Lap 31

The Red Bull Racing team are trying to motivate Ricciardo – urging him to push as much as possible.

In the meantime, Vettel has closed the gap and is putting the pressure on him.

Lap 32

Bottas has now closed the gap to Ricciardo following his pit-stop.

Team to Vettel: “His (Ricciardo’s) problem is not going to get any better….”

Lap 33

Team to Hamilton: “Top 4 cars are on the same tyres so there’s the same issues….”

Lap 35

Ricciardo: “Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help – gear shifts or anything.”

The team are now talking to Ricciardo and giving him instructions…

 Lap 36

Team telling Hamilton that “they’re all in the same boat at the moment” in regards to their tyres…

Lap 37

Lance Stroll now comes into the pits for another tyre change.

 Lap 38

A big lockup for Gasly who’s now in the pits for a tyre change and back out onto the track.

 Lap 39

Bottas has closed the gap to Raikkonen and is now right behind him – putting the pressure on the Ferrari driver.

Lap 40

 Hamilton: “I don’t think these tyres can go through for all these laps.”

Team to Hamilton: “Ricciardo has a power unit issue”

Lap 42

There’s issues with the tyres for a lot of the teams it seems…

Max Verstappen has now made his way up to P9 – from the back of the grid and on a circuit like Monaco, that’s a great result so far!

Lap 43

Team to Ricciardo: “Well done mate, a good job – your tyres are looking good, in very good condition and much better than Verstappen’s at the moment.”

Lap 44

Vettel is reporting an issue that his dashboard keeps blacking out.

Bottas has closed the gap to Raikkonen yet again .

Lap 45 

 Ricciardo: “Keep me updated on Max’s laps – it’s useful for me.”

Ricciardo is maintaining his time – looking after the tyres and respecting the track.

Hamilton has now closed the gap to Vettel.

Lap 46

Team to Bottas: “So Valtteri, we’re just playing the waiting game at the moment….”

Lap 47

Verstappen: “These tyres are gone – I’m sliding on all 4 tyres…”

No one is happy on these tyres – everyone is managing an issue of some sort…

Lap 48

Ricciardo, even though he’s managing, is losing time to Vettel however the straight is so short that Vettel can’t take advantage to overtake.

Verstappen comes into the pits for a tyre change – he’s on the Hypersoft tyres.

Lap 50

Team to Ricciardo: “We can see the warning on your dash – what you’re doing now is good.”

Lap 51

 Sirotkin comes into the pits. Hulkenberg comes into the pits – both for a tyre change.

Ricciardo, Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Bottas – they’re the top 5 drivers at the moment and as we know, they’re maintaining their tyres.

Lap 52

 Vettel has started to close the gap to Ricciardo as Hamilton has started to close the gap to Vettel – Ricciardo leading and looking after his tyres.

Lap 53

Alonso: “I don’t have power.”

Team to Alonso: “We can’t fix it, we can’t fix it but we can keep running like this…”

Fernando Alonso has a gearbox issue – he’s stopped the car on the side of the track and they’re wheeling it out of the way.

Lap 54

No overtaking is permitted due to the hazard on track. (Alonso’s car)

Verstappen is right behind Hulkenberg and Sainz.

Lap 55

 Team to Hulkenberg: “Nico, Carlos will let you by – Carlos will let you by.”

Hulkenberg now makes his way past Sainz who blocks off Verstappen.

Lap 57

 Vettel is has once again closed the gap to Ricciardo – right behind him as they make their way round the track, putting the pressure on Ricciardo.

 Verstapen is right behind Sainz – he’s switching lines and trying to see where he can overtake.

Lap 58

Sainz: “He cut the chicane” In regards to Verstappen who cut the corner to overtake.

Verstappen: “Can you check the gearbox”

Lap 59

Ricciardo still in the lead – Vettel right behind but not yet close enough to overtake.

Lap 60

Max Versteppen sets the fastest lap time.

Lap 61

Bottas once again closing the gap to Raikkonen also suffering with a little lockup on the corner.

Lap 62 

Stroll comes into the pits for another tyre change.

Ricciardo leading the race – Vettel right behind but not close enough.

Lap 65

 Team to Versteppen: “Make sure any other overtakes are clean mate…”

Everyone looking after their tyres…

Lap 69

Team to Ricciardo: “I think that’s all for traffic until the end of the race.”

Lap 71

Everyone is managing their tyres – no changes. Verstappen is up in P9 which is a great result from the back of the grid.

Lap 72 

 Oh – Leclerc hits Hartley, he went right into the back of him.

Virtual Safety Car

Team to Ricciardo: “Looks like there’s debris on the left hand side”

Lap 74

DRS is now enabled

Lap 75

Ricciardo is pushing – he’s now widened the gap to Vettel.

Lap 76

There’s 3 laps to go of the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix.

Team to Ricciardo: “There are 3 laps to go, we suggest…..”

Ricciardo: “I’ve got it Buddy…”

Lap 78


Ricciardo is pushing – he’s going round the last few corners after what’s been a tough race with all the issues everyone has faced.


Daniel Ricciardo: “This is two years in the making, before halfway – I started feeling the loss of power and just using 6 gears, I brought the car home and had to manage it. There was a few doubts that came into my head during the race but you know what – we won Monaco!”

 Interviews and much more will be online later this evening so make sure you check back for all the latest!

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