2018 Spanish Grand Prix – PRESS CONFERENCE


2018 Spanish Grand Prix – PRESS CONFERENCE

Drivers (From Left To Right) – Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes-AMG Petronas), Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes-AMG Petronas), Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing)

Here’s what the Top 3 drivers had to say this afternoon following the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix in the Driver Press Conference following the race.

Press Conference / Track Interviews

Q: Lewis, what an absolute masterclass. You had an answer for everybody today out on track.

Lewis Hamilton: “Thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without this incredibly team. These guys have done an amazing job and I’m just really proud of everyone.”

“Today, the car and myself, I felt that synergy today, which I hadn’t been feeling for the whole year, so it’s a good feeling.”

Q: Back-to-back wins, is this where Mercedes’ season really kick-starts and you take the fight to Ferrari?

Lewis Hamilton: “This is when we are going to start trying to continue to apply the pressure. A 1-2 for the team. We have the Mercedes board here with us who have been supporting us from day one, so it’s great to have them all here and see that true force within the team – strength in depth.”

“So, I hope we can continue – and a big thank you to all the fans that have come out because the fans have been incredible, as they always are here, and I’m glad the weather stayed good.”

Q: Valtteri, a very solid day. A better strategy there to beat the Ferrari in the end after he got past. Are you happy with it?

Valtteri Bottas: “Well, of course I wanted to fight for the win of the race today, but for us as a team it such a good race. We had such a good car and the team was so reactive today with the strategy.”

“I never believed that we could do one stop, but we could, so with that I’m happy.”

Q: You need a little bit of luck on your side, but what here and next? In front of the Mercedes-Benz management you sit (at the top of the) the Constructors Championship and that’s exactly what you set out to do isn’t it?

Valtteri Bottas: “Indeed. I think, as a team, this weekend we have been perfect, and we just need to continue like that and for me also the wins are going to come.”

Q: Max, very unlucky. We can see the front wing damage on your car you picked up after the Safety Car, but fighting spirit, P5 to P3, that’s a good day at the office.

Max Verstappen: “Absolutely. The car was working really well. As you know, it’s just really hard to pass, We just stayed close to everyone in front of us and we got the luck with Kimi retiring but then the degradation of the tyres went really well, they were handling really well, so I think that gave us third position today.”

Q: You could always take the challenge, you’re a fighter to the end. Did you think after the Virtual Safety Car you had a chance of catching Bottas?

Max Verstappen: “No, I think he was a bit too far away, but of course I had to keep pushing, because I had Sebastian behind me.”

“I just wanted to see how my front wing was holding on, but it seemed alright. It doesn’t look as nice but it’s alright.”


Q: Valtteri, were you surprised to see Vettel pit under the Virtual Safety Car?

Valterri Bottas: “Yes, and no. We honestly never thought it would be possible to do the race quickly with one stop but the conditions changed and the tyres were behaving better than expected today, then it was possible.”

“I’m happy the team was so reactive and we could spot that and maybe Ferrari didn’t. I think we have good racing intelligence today.”

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