2018 Monaco Grand Prix PREVIEW – Mercedes


2018 Monaco Grand Prix PREVIEW – Mercedes

It’s round 6 for the 2018 Formula 1 season and we’re heading to Monte-Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix and here, you can see what Toto Wolff has to say about the race weekend.

2018 Monaco Grand Prix Preview


Toto Talks Monaco

“Our first 1-2 of the season in Barcelona felt great. The car was quick, looked after it’s tyres and both drivers were positive about the balance and the handling. We’re not thinking about it as a turning point.”

“The track layout, the surface and conditions all suited our car and played into our hands so we are staying cautious with our predictions as we head to Monaco.”

“It’s a circuit that gives us completely different challenges – and unique ones too. Last year, it became a weekend of damage limitation when we didn’t find the right set-up. It was a painful lesson from us and we are determined to show that we have learned it this year.”

“We are now starting the heart of the season, with seven races ahead in the next ten weekends – we will race on a broad range of circuits before the summer break with races coming thick and fast – this will test the team to it’s limits and any weaknesses will be harshly punished in the points.”

“We are clear-sighted about the challenge ahead of us and determined to prevail.”


How To Master Monaco

Monaco. It’s the race that everyone wants to win but what are they key ingredients that a driver and team needs to be successful around the streets of Monte-Carlo?

How Important Is The Driver?

Very important. The Circuit de Monaco is a driver’s track. It’s tight layout and close walls mean that there is no margin for error and every mistake is punished. Braking as little as two metres too late can ruin the entire weekend.

If you’re lucky, you end up on an escape road – if you’re unlucky, the car is wrecked. To be successful in Monaco, the driver needs to find a perfect rhythm.

How Important Is Qualifying?

Track position is everything in Monaco because overtaking is extremely difficult. This is the most important qualifying session on the calendar so, the drivers need to get their qualifying lap absolutely perfect.

That’s no easy feat – but when it does happen, it will be remembered for years to come. 30 years after his legendary drive, Ayrton Senna’s 1988 pole lap still brings goose bumps to many Formula 1 fans.

What Implications Does The Track Layout Have For The Tyres?

Monaco will be the first event to feature the new HyperSoft compound tyre and it will be interesting to see what this adds to the mix. The compound has the potential of becoming a proper ‘Monaco Tyre’ – a compound that works perfectly on the very unique layout of the track with it’s slow corners, many braking zones and short straights in between.

Owing to the slow turns, the tyres are subjected to very low cornering energy, meaning that the compounds typically last much longer than they would on any other circuit. Since the overtaking is so difficult in Monaco, even a driver under pressure can usually manage his tyres without creating a big risk of being overtaken.

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