2018 Barcelona In-Season Test – Day 1


2018 Barcelona In-Season Test – Day 1

Location: Barcelona, Spain

 In-Season Test – Barcelona

Day 1

Following the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix, Formula 1 teams have stayed in Barcelona for this week’s in-season test and here, you can see a roundup from all that happened in Barcelona for the In-Season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya featuring driver interviews.

MERCEDES – 2018 Barcelona In-Season test – Day 1

Driver: Lewis Hamilton

Laps Completed: 151

Best Lap Time: 1:18.543


Lewis Hamilton: “It was a good day and a relatively interesting test, I’m glad we did it. We got through a large programme and did 151 laps which is a good sign of reliability.”

“I’m looking forward to Monaco, hopefully we can take some of the things we’ve learned onto there.”


Andrew Shovlin: “We’ve had a very good day completing 151 laps with Lewis without any real issues on the car. We had a good baseline to work with from the test, so our focus has been further understanding the car and tyres.”

“We had a comprehensive aero data collection programme which we got through whilst the track was cold first thing, then got stuck into proper running for the remainder of the day. “

“It’s difficult on a race weekend to complete proper tests due to the limited number of tyres, the constantly evolving track and the requirement to get the maximum speed out of the car.”

“Here we were able to step through a large programme of setup items, so Lewis has been able to get a good feel for the effect of these changes and hopefully that will help us get the most out of the car at the upcoming races.”

“We’ve got Valtteri in the car tomorrow and another very busy day planned!”

MCLAREN – 2018 Barcelona In-Season test – Day 1

Driver: Stoffel Vandoorne, Lando Norris and Oliver Turvey (Pirelli)

Laps Completed: 219

Best Lap Time: Stoffel Vandoorne: 1:18.981 – Lando Norris: 1:20.997 – Oliver Turvey: 1:23.070

Stoffel Vandoorne: “Today’s programme had a bit of a slow start as we were checking and testing various things, but in general it’s been quite positive.”

“We went through a lot of analysis of the new aero package and did a number of tests to understand it a bit better and get a read on exactly how it’s affecting the behaviour of the car.”

“We also did a bit of tyre testing, which again helped us gather some more useful information for set-up. In the end, we did some good mileage, and I’m pretty happy with the learning from today.”

“Tomorrow I’m driving the Pirelli car – a different programme entirely from today, but still a good opportunity for more time in the car.”

lando-norris-mclaren Lando Norris – Test and Reserve Driver, McLaren: “Today was half a day in the car, and my first actual test in the McLaren MCL33 after only one lap at the car launch.”

“Also, it was my first test with the Renault power unit and on a pretty cool track to test a Formula 1 car – very high downforce, very fast. It was a Pirelli test and it all went smoothly.”

“We can’t touch the car in any way, we have to leave it exactly how we start the test. So, there’s a lot of time for me to try different things for myself, but at the same time try to feel the differences in the tyres Pirelli gives us.”

“There’s a lot of stuff to test, so it’s quite full-on, and I only got out the car once this morning. It’s good to try and do quite a lot of laps in one go and get used to the car again.”

“Tomorrow I’ll be able to push the pace a bit more in the McLaren car. This track is quite tough physically, so to get 76 laps in was good.”

“To have a clean morning and get that many laps in was good for my confidence. I feel pretty confident in the car already.”


Oliver Turvey –  Test and Development Driver (Pirelli) – “I’m happy with how my afternoon in the car went today. It’s good to get time in the car – I do a lot of work in the factory simulator with the team, so you always want to try and correlate that to the track. It’s a great opportunity to drive here in Barcelona as well.”

“It’s one of the best test tracks, and with the new tarmac it’s good to get a feeling for the new surface.”

“Today I was working on the tyre programme with Pirelli, and even though it’s a closed programme and I was doing short runs on high fuel, I could still get a feeling for the car and the tyre changes.”

“I felt pretty good – some areas felt very similar and some a little bit different to the sim. That’s why these days are so useful, because I can then get back in the simulator and correlate the differences. I was impressed with just how similar some things feel.”

“It was my first day driving with the Renault engine and you can definitely feel the difference with that compared to last year. It was also beneficial to get some laps in.”

“Since my last outing in Abu Dhabi, the cars have changed a lot – it’s hard to compare track-to-track, but I feel a step forward in the car from last year. The level of downforce and grip is higher, and it’s a nicer car to drive.”

RED BULL RACING – 2018 Barcelona In-Season test – Day 1

Driver: Max Verstappen

Laps Completed: 148

Best Lap Time: 1:17.528


Max Verstappen: “Today was about gaining even more understanding of the car and tyres and we completed more than the programme we set out, so it was very good. We did a lot of laps today and I think if it was day one of winter testing I’d feel it, but it was no problem today and physically everything was fine.”

“That’s my test over now and the next stop for me is Zandvoort this coming Sunday, where Daniel, myself and David Coulthard will be doing some show car runs, and I hope we can give all the fans there a really good show.”

Senior Projects Engineer Jeff Calam: “We had a really productive session today and while it was probably a pretty long day for Max, and for him not the most exciting, it was a really good day for the engineers, as we got through the whole programme we’d set out for the day.”

“Today was mostly divided into understanding the tyres more, with the upcoming races in mind, and testing development parts. Everything went according to plan, we got a lot of data and we’re very happy with progress.”

“We got in a lot of laps and a decent time, so all in all we’re very happy.”

“Tomorrow, Jake Dennis, who is a Simulator Development Driver with the team, will take over from Max and it represents a really good opportunity for him to experience the RB14 first hand.”

There’s your roundup from in-season testing at Barcelona today, we’ve got more on the way tomorrow!

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