The Sound of Your Car: Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Audio

The Sound Of Your Car: Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Audio

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While some cars roll straight off the production line with crystal clear audio, others aren’t quite as blessed. If your car falls into the second camp – you may well want to do something about this.

Thankfully, there are plenty of audio upgrades that you can make and even though some of them are quite pricey, others are relatively affordable and don’t require a huge amount of work. Check out this list of sound enhancements that you can make to turn your car into a haven of music.

Choose Some Great Speakers

Though it may seem an obvious one to start with –  your car is never going to provide you with the audio experience that you’re  looking for if you don’t have some decent speakers. Unless you have a new car with additional certain upgrades, the chances are that there is still plenty of room for improvement.

You don’t have to shell out a fortune to improve on your factory speaker, but obviously, you are going to get even higher levels of clarity as you work your way up the price scale.

Upgrade the In-Dash Radio

Many older vehicles are still stuck with unpleasant in-dash radio systems which are in need of an upgrade. There are plenty of head units on the market that will not only offer cleaner sound but they’ll also link up with your phone using Bluetooth so that you can start pumping out the tunes – straight from your phone.

Select Your Adjustments Carefully

As well as all the upgrades and enhancements that you can make to your car, there are some things that you can do which are on the simple side yet are still very effective.

For example, if you want your sound to feature more bass, you would think that you would just have to turn it up. Actually, unless your equipment is already very good (which might not be the case if you’re reading this article), you will only find the sound overstressed and especially on older cars – distorted.

Instead of doing this, leave the bass alone, turn down the treble and midtones, and increase the overall volume to get a better effect.

Sharpen Up the Sound with an Amplifier

Investing in an amplifier doesn’t only make your car stereo louder; it also helps to improve the overall clarity of the sound. If you are currently on the lookout for one, you can find some of the best 5 channel car amplifiers here.

The best amps operate by sending more precise signals to your car speakers. What you are left with should be a sound that is so clear that you can hear the individual instruments of the music that you are listening to.

Stop Using Poor Quality Music Files

Perhaps the issue that you are having is not with your car directly, it is that you are using inferior music files. And while these mind sound just fine coming out of your earbuds, it is a different story entirely when you are playing them in your car.

So, download some officially licensed audio files rather the ones which don’t sound as the artists originally intended them to.

Adjust the Sound Settings on Your Phone

Another quick fix which costs you no money at all is to adjust the sound settings on your phone.

Adjust the equaliser on your smartphone depending on what type of music that you are listening to. It takes a little playing around and experimentation until you stumble upon the formula that works best.

Of course, for a small amount of money, there are plenty of apps that you can download to help adjust your music to sound good in your car with minimal effort.

Check out your app store to find one which works well for you.

Use a USB Instead of a Phone

Another alternative is to skip the phone entirely and use a USB stick instead.

Essentially, you want to create a system in which there is a minimal number of interfaces between the sound file and your speakers.

If you have a decent car stereo system already, it is likely that the DAC will already be better than your phone’s. So, you may well find that you get a more clear sound if you put the music on a USB stick. It is certainly a technique that is worth giving a go either way.

Add Some Sound Deadening to Your Vehicle

A simple DIY upgrade which works wonders is to add some sound deadening into the interior of your vehicle. After all, noise cancels out other noise and the quieter that you can make everything that is going on outside of the vehicle, the better that you are going to be able to hear your music on the inside.

If you are looking for a relatively affordable solution, it is certainly worth investing in some sound-deadening mats. Apply them to some strategic areas around your vehicle for the best effects such as the door panelling.

Enhance the Bass with a Powered Subwoofer

The beauty of putting a powered subwoofer into your car is that it already comes with an amp built into it.

So, you already know that you don’t have to worry about investing in a whole bunch of other stereo parts in your quest to get the best sound for the music in your car.

For a relatively small financial outlay, you can get one which slides effortlessly under the seat of your car. You can’t get much better than that!

As you can see from the different suggestions listed in this article, upgrading the audio in your car doesn’t have to be an overly complicated affair.

Mix and match some of the solutions that we have discussed to create a sound that works for your vehicle. As well as the equipment that you invest in, you can also make some simple adjustments to the way that you are playing your music.

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