Show That You’re An F1 Fan With Your Own Car


Show That You’re An F1 Fan With Your Own Car

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If you’re a huge fan of Formula 1 or any kind of motor racing, it can sometimes feel a bit annoying that you can only be a spectator.

While it’s possible to get into racing in various ways, most people don’t have the time and money, even if the only racing experience you’re going to get is a day on a track as a special treat – you can still show your love for racing using your own car.

Of course, you probably want to do so without making yourself look a little bit silly and fortunately, there are still some ways in which you can modify your car without making it look like your ego is bigger than your driving skills and here are a few ideas to consider. 

Install Nice Seats

Getting some good seats in your car or upgrading the upholstery is a surprisingly good way to improve your vehicle – even if you’re not a motorsport fan!

It can offer you a few different benefits, from increasing the value of the car slightly to just making the car look smarter, cleaner and neater overall.

You need to take a look and ask for advice about what will look good in your car – taking into consideration the age and the model too. Nice seats don’t only improve the appearance of the car – they’ll also improve the comfort of the ride as more often than not, over time – seats start feeling a little bit uncomfortable so it’s worth looking things over and making the necessary modifications. 

Get a Personalised Number Plate

OK, what happens if you want a way to tell people about your love for F1 in a more visible way? You might want to consider purchasing a personalised number plate – this could say a lot of different things and be something meaningful to you.

In the UK, your personal number plate still needs to conform to a few standards. The most popular private number plates are Prefix Number Plates, which are split into two parts of a letter followed by one to three digits, then three more letters.

It’s all down to you though and you can search for available plates online. Don’t forget that the DVLA also needs to be informed of the change.

Upgrade Your Wheels

This is another simple way to upgrade your car and show off your love of racing while improving it’s performance. Take a look at the wheels – if you replace them with some new ones – you could make your car run and look great.

Don’t only focus on how the wheels look – make sure you look out for wheels that all improve your cars performance and be safe for the roads too

Paint Go-faster Stripes

OK, we know that repainting your car isn’t going to make it run any faster however it can make your car look good and this will also show that you’re a fan of racing.  The design could be something which is inspired by your favourite driver, team or car.

Always have a chat and discuss ideas with the professionals – they will guide you on choosing the right design and also give you ideas which you might not have thought of. You want an elegant car that embraces who you are – not something cheesy so it’s always worth having a chat and discussing ideas beforehand.

Remember to always drive safely and respect the roads – abiding by the rules. 

Make some changes to your car to show your love of racing – Just try to choose sleek and classy options when you can.

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