RACE PREDICTION: 2018 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix


RACE PREDICTION: 2018 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix

Race: 2018 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix

Location: China

Circuit: Shanghai International Circuit

Hello everyone – we’re back with a new race prediction for the 2018 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix and as we saw in last week’s Grand Prix (2018 Bahrain Grand Prix) a lot of things were predicted correctly such as plenty of incidents / accidents taking place (Raikkonen’s pit-stop & injured Ferrari Mechanic), mis-understanding or mis-communication between drivers and teams (Hamilton & Mercedes) and a lot of irritation and frustration throughout.

This week, we’re in China so let’s take a look at the race prediction for this weekend.

RACE PREDICTION: 2018 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix

Following on from the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix – it’s safe to say that many of us loved the suspense and the battles which we saw throughout the race.

 One thing which could play a part in Qualifying & Race Day is the weather so that’s something teams and drivers need to look out for.

On the other hand, the retrograde of Mercury shows us that there will be an issue with communication again so teams and drivers make sure they listen to one another.

This also shows that we could have a surprise within the Top 8 drivers for Qualifying.

Teams and drivers will need to consider their strategy and tyres carefully for the race – we could have an issue with brakes and tyres this weekend so both teams and drivers need to look at things carefully and make sure that they manage the cars in the best way.

Race Day

Moving our focus onto the race – it’s a very, very strange day.

The race will start with Neptune in the 7th house and in terms of the race this could mean that we see some form of stoppage or delay but it won’t last for too long. It could either be from an accident, a water leak, an oil leak but it’s likely that there could be a stoppage or race delay for some reason.

After a tough few weeks for Red Bull Racing, it looks like they could be in the Top 10 along with Toro Rosso and the Haas team.

Away from Racing

At the moment, it looks like the Scuderia Ferrari team are on the up! They had a great start to the season however – we could hear or see issues within the team which could effect the drivers and/or cars but it’s not something which will last long.

Any issues will dealt with quickly.

Greek Translaation – F1 CHINA

Αγαπητοί φίλοι και αναγνώστες του theformula1girl.com σας χαιρετώ.

Άλλος ένας αγώνας της F1 που κατ’ αρχή απευχόμαστε να έχει το σασπένς της προηγουμένης εβδομάδας με τραυματισμούς και ατυχίες (*όπως είχαμε γράψει).

Κατάρχην τόσο στις δοκιμαστικές όσο και στην κούρσα δεν αποκλείεται να παίξει μεγάλο ΄ρόλο ο καιρός. Από την άλλη ο Mercury (*Retrograde) βγαζει δυσκολία στην συνεννόηση και νομίζω πως θα έχουμε εκπλήξεις στην πρώτη οκταδα για την pole position και μάλιστα ίσως να μην δούμε τις θέσεις 1-2 στι χρονομετρήσεις να τις έχουν οδηγοί της ιδιας ομάδας.

Μεγάλη προσοχή θα χρειαστεί στα φρένα αλλά και στα εξαρτήματα που βοηθούν το αμάξωμα να «πατα» καλύτερα.

Τωρα όσο αφορά την ημ’ερα του αγώνα τα πραγματα είναι ιδιαιτερα περίεργα. Η κουρσα ξεκινά με Neptune στον 7ο οικο και αυτό ισως βγαλει διακοπή (*παροδικη) του αγωνα εξαιτιας τρακαρισματος ή νερων-λαδιων εντό της πίστας.

Εχω την αισθηση πως μπορουμε να εχουμε ένα παροδικό STOP στην παντπκρατορία της Ferrari αφου ισως να τις βγαλει προβλήματα εντος της ομάδας και στα αυτοκίνητα.

Για ένα καλό πλασάρισμα (μεχρι εκει που βαθμολογειται κάποιος) εχουν πολλές [πιθανότητες ο Ricciardo, Sainz ενώ καλά θα πάει η Toro Roso & η Haas…

As always, thank you to Karl Heinz Ottinger (see his website here) and make sure you keep checking back for all the latest from the world of F1!

The Formula 1 Girl 🙂

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