QUALIFYING LIVE: 2018 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying


QUALIFYING LIVE: 2018 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying

Location: China

Circuit: Shanghai International Circuit

Session: Qualifying

Weather & Track Conditions: Cold with water on the track following the rain overnight.

Following on from this morning, we saw that Sebastian Vettel topped the time-sheets in FP3 with Mercedes a lot slower than they were yesterday in FP1 & FP2.

Another awful result for Red Bull Racing and Daniel Ricciardo who suffered with a suspected turbo failure – the team are working on his car to get him out for Qualifying which will be starting soon. Ricciardo will also be discussing his contract with Red Bull ace the European races start.

UPDATEFerrari have changed their pit-stop procedure. Adding 2 more members to overlook the team and also making sure all team members stand clear of the car. The team also received a 50,000 fine for the incident.

 The weather conditions are cold – almost freezing. There is water on the track from the rain overnight too.

With 20 minutes to go, the Red Bull Racing team are working hard to get Daniel Ricciardo’s car back out in time for Qualifying. Here’s an image from their twitter profile.

Red Bull Racing – Image from Twitter. Team working on Ricciardo’s car for Qualifying.

It’s cold and extremely windy however we’re getting ready for Qualifying. Red Bull Racing are still working on Daniel Ricciardo’s car – they may just get Ricciardo out in time for Q1 as it’s a long session.

Daniel Ricardo has just made his way to the garage. It’s bitterly cold and with the added wind – the weather conditions will play a part in the results.

Drivers are now getting ready – Max Verstappen getting his race-gear on. The new engine which was supplied to Red Bull Racing from Renault wasn’t even built up which is the cause of the delay.

Lewis Hamilton is now in his car – seat belts are being fastened and everyone is getting ready for the start of Q1.

GREEN LIGHT – Pit Lane is open.

Q1 – QUALIFYING LIVE: 2018 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying

 Sirotkin is the first driver out on track.

Christian Horner: “They’re really going for it – hopefully we will get him (Ricciardo) out there before the end of the session. We have 14 minutes to get the car ready and get him out the garage.”

At the moment, it’s Vettel, Raikkonen, Bottas and Hamilton.

Daniel Ricciardo is getting into his car – it looks like he will be out on the track and joining the pack for Q1.

Magnussen reporting a little bit of rain on track.

Charles Leclerc spins – he’s continuing but saved the car from going into the barrier.

With 3 minute to go – Daniel Ricciardo is now OUT on track for Q1.

Team to Ricciardo: “Ok Daniel, you’ll get 1 lap – 1 lap.”

Daniel Ricciardo makes it through to Q2 – well done!

Q1 Knock-Out Zone







Drivers are now back in the pits and getting ready for Q2.

Q2 – QUALIFYING LIVE: 2018 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying

GREEN LIGHT – Q2 is underway.

 Both Red Bull’s and all the other teams are on the UltraSoft tyres. The only teams who aren’t – Mercedes & Ferrari.

Bottas has just set the fastest lap time – Hamilton in P2.

The Ferrari’s are now making their way round the track and Raikkonen now takes the lead. Vettel in P2.

It’s currently Raikkonen, Vettel, Bottas and Hamilton.

Teams are now thinking through their strategies for the race.

Hamilton: “Tell me about my sectors”

Drivers are now back in the pits and getting ready for the last runs in Q2.

Hamilton radioing his team and asking for information about other drivers and the circuit.

Hamilton is the first car into the 1:31’s

Ferrari both came into the pits – they will be starting the race on the softs as they didn’t complete their run on the UltraSofts.

Q2 Knock-Out Zone






Disappointment for McLaren – again. Mercedes topping the timesheets in Q2 but we still have Q3 to go and all the teams will want to deliver.

Pierre Gasly: “This morning we were struggling a lot and it looks positive but I struggled to have the pace. I almost crashed twice in FP3 and in Quali it was difficult.”

Lance Stroll: “It wasn’t easy but tomorrow is another day. It’s not as good as it was in Australia but maybe it’ll be better than Bahrain here – anything is possible for tomorrow.”

Charles Leclerc: “I’m happy today but the spin cause the problem but luckily we could get away with it. For the first time I am happy with my personal performance but it was difficult to push on the stints but a good session overall. Our race pace looks better than the qualifying pace.”

Q3 – QUALIFYING LIVE: 2018 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying 


Raikkonen really looking after his tyres as he makes his way round for his lap – 1:31.200 in P1 – Sebastian Vettel can’t be a his team-mate at the moment in P2.

It’s Ferrari with a 1-2 at the moment.

Christian Horner: “Ferrari is looking very quick – Mercedes seem a little bit off them today and it’ll be a tall order for our guys to get to them. It’s all about getting the perfect lap. I can’t describe the effort and work from Daniel’s team for getting his car out on track. “

Drivers are now back in the pits.

Mercedes brakes are smoking – unusual but the car is in the pits so the team is overlooking everything.

Hamilton now makes his way back out onto track.

Hamilton aborts his lap.

VETTEL on pole for the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix with Raikkonen in P2.

Bottas in P3, Hamilton in P4.

TOP 3 – Vettel, Raikkonen and Bottas

Sebastian Vettel: “I was happy with the whole lap – the car was really amazing and it just kept getting better. In some laps, I made some mistakes but I was a bit beaten up but if I had a good lap then I knew I could push.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “My drive was OK but not good enough – it’s not exactly what I wanted but we have tomorrow to see what we can do. I will try and improve tomorrow and stay out of any issues.”

Valtteri Bottas: “For us, it’s quite straightforward but we need to understand the tyres – we couldn’t get the right amount of grip today.”

Lots more on the way so make sure you check back for all the latest on The Formula 1 Girl 🙂

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