Kimi Raikkonen Explains The Shanghai International Circuit: 2018 Chinese Grand Prix


Kimi Raikkonen Explains The Shanghai International Circuit: 2018 Chinese Grand Prix

Location: China

Circuit: Shanghai International Circuit

In the space of week – the scenario changes! From Bahrain to China for the first back-to-back race weekend in the 2018 Formula 1 season.

Traffic, Smog & Charm

From the rocky desert of Bahrain to the giant metropolis of Shanghai. The Scuderia Ferrari team get ready to face China following their victory in Sakhir from the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix.

The majority of the team travel straight from Bahrain to Shanghai to make sure everything is set up and ready for the weekend whilst some members of the team stop of in Maranello.

The injured mechanic (Francesco Cigarini) underwent a successful operation on his left left and is now back home – relaxing.

Do Sakhir (Bahrain) and Shanghai (China) Have Anything In Common?

They both appeared on the Formula 1 calendar in the same year – 2004. Both resulted in wins for the Scuderia Ferrari team with Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher respectively.

The tracks themselves are completely different – China puts the front tyres under a lot more strain which can lead to understeer.

About The Shanghai International Circuit

The Shanghai International Circuit is shaped like the Chinese symbol “Shang” which means “to aim high” and also has one of the largest straights on the calendar. This means that top speeds and the use of DRS are both important factors.

The circuit is located quite a way out from the city centre which is where most of the hotels are located. The team has to factor in an hour of traffic, travelling to and from. There’s never much time for the teams normally however the city is worth a visit – which has a strangely European feel.

The Weather

The sky tends to be grey because of the smog – this weekend, it could be grey down to the rain which is forecast for Friday and Saturday.

If that’s not enough – make sure you check out the video below where Kimi Raikkonen explains the track himself!

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